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[WIP] How to do DKs RIGHT as a high-levelled player

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Every time I go into burstinglobs for a DP, I end up with keyboard marks all over my face from slamming my face into my desk in frustration as I watch idiots discuss how best to kill DKs as badly as possible.


Here's how to do it right. 120 KPH guaranteed unless you're mentally challenged.


Note: This guide is being made with high-levelled players in mind. Thus, I am assuming that one knows common abbreviations and know where to look for more information that's more widely-known (Such as how to get there. Screw you if you think I'm going to describe that mess).


1. The reqs


91+ herb for ovls.

94 magic to be able to ice barrage after brewing.

96 summ for a yak.

Near maxed in all combat disciplines.

Proficiency in flashing soul split.


2. The gear


Note: I will NOT be covering usage of Storm of Armadyl until the price stabilises and I gain some practical knowledge of its application.




Tier list


Rapier > CLS (???) > Whip

(Arcane > FKS) = DFS* > Divine > Ely > CKS > Spectral > BSS

Handcannon** > CCB > RCB > Karil's crossbow**

Cstaff > SoL

(DDS + Ddef > Claws) > EEE

Slayer helm > Torva helm > Verac's helm > Neit

Pernix body = BCP*** > Verac's brassy

ACP > K top > Dhide top

Torva legs > Tassets > V skirt

Barrows gloves > Screw you. Go get barrows gloves.

Fremmenik boots 4 (not that I know what they do) > Steadfast boots > D boots

Fury > Glory


Broad bolts*****

Ice barrage


* Defensive bonuses really aren't that important as long as you have the fundamentals covered. Focus on KPH as long as you're not in danger of getting KOed.

** HC ranks top as usual, if you have the levels for it. CCB and RCB both rank above Karil's due to ease of use and lack of ranged weapon importance, despite Karil's dealing more DPS than either. Dealing with that shield flying around your inventory is just a total pain, especially since you'll only be ranging for a few seconds at a time.

*** Torva plate is not an option due to its harsh magic atk penalty. While Rex has epic fail magic def, you'll still want to maximise DPS against him while remaining alive. Pbody and BCP are shown as equal due to Pbody's LP boost being hard to compare to the BCP's def bonuses. If you conclusively know which is better, do explain with evidence.

**** Diminishing returns really set in with regards to atk rolls vs Rex and Supreme, devaluing the onyx ring. The zerker, while normally good in these situations, only adds ~6% dps against what's already the fastest kill out of the three. The RoW is advised due to the small effects of any of the stat-boosting options.

***** Broad bolts are shit. However, we won't be picking up our bolts since we'll use our crossbows only to avoid idle time. There's really not much point in sacrificing a slot for an Ava's switch and picking up runite bolts is just a huge pain in the arse.


Gearing is faster than it seems.




3. How to not die in the first thirty seconds.




Upon reaching rock lobsters, lure rock lobs into a barrage pile and overload, soul splitting the lobsters. Immediately deflect magic go for the ladder into the DKs' lair. Upon entering, immediately barrage rex even if he does not see you. Things could end badly if Rex notices you during cannon setup and gets a hit in. After freezing Rex, move so there there is one tile between you and Prime, setting up your cannon so that it is directly adjacent to him. This ensures that three shots are fired every revolution, which is a essential to getting a good KPH.




Note: The cannon should be set up between Prime and Supreme, rather than on top of prime. This allows you to load/reload the cannon without losing attack turns on Supreme, either due to distance or human error.


After setting up the cannon and starting it, kill supreme as quickly as possible using specs. Time your attacks so that you are able to flash soulsplit by delaying your attack by a tick if Prime is attacking one tick after you. This mitigates the majority of the damage dealt by Supreme and the spinolyps and is essential in all cases. Rex should unfreeze halfway through killing supreme and will be immune to being frozen for approximately two barrage cooldowns, so tank him for a few hits while finishing off supreme. After supreme is down, Rex can be killed at leisure by kiting him between freezes. If Prime has not died to the cannon by the time rex goes down (which is unlikely), spend a few seconds plinking him before Supreme respawns.


4. Post-introduction


After getting a decent foothold and taking down all three at the start, the kings will respawn in the order in which they are killed, eventually settling into a pattern of Supreme spawning towards the end of ordirectly after a Rex kill, Prime spawning halfway through killing Supreme and Rex spawning either shortly after or just before killing Prime.


Supreme - Prime

Understanding spawn times at different server populations is crucial as SS flashing on Supreme actually has a 25% chance of getting you hit for 500+ by Prime if he spawns at the wrong time. Once you get a feeling for when Prime is about to show up, stop SS flashing and resume once he is back, delaying your attack if it occurs one tick before Prime's.


Do NOT misclick your cannon and end up walking Prime. Depending on where you approach from, Prime will walk either east or west. If he moves east, there is a high chance of him moving into a position in which he will only be cannoned twice per revolution. It is imperative that the cannon fires three times per revolution.


There is always a gap between killing Supreme and Rex spawning unless you either did something horribly wrong or were fisting/kicking Supreme. In this time, range Prime but ditch him and go back to letting your cannon do the work the moment Rex appears. Even if Prime only has a sliver of health left, missing three times in a row in the above gear is actually very common and can potentially cost a lot of time. Learn to reload the cannon in advance so that it runs out of ammo shortly after Prime goes down to avoid having to reload for one shot.


Prime - Rex

There, more often than not, an idle period between killing Prime and Rex spawning. Use this time to manage inventory, withdrawing from your yak and ensuring a correct brew:rest ratio in your inventory. I personally make sure there is one full brew and one full rest in my inventory at all times.


While autocast should be toggled on right after killing Prime, your first attack against Rex should not be an autocast. Manually casting circumvents the 2 tick delay that left click autocasting incurs.


If health is particularly low during this phase, do not blood blitz as the loss of DPS is non-trivial. Drink a dose of brew and restore. Restoring is extremely important due to overloads only boosting magic by 7 per ovl tick, preventing the stat from being fully boosted after one brew. Overall, it is best to brew while killing Prime, or directly after killing Rex.


Rex - Supreme

Rex will unfreeze just before Supreme spawns. While killing him, you should move between casts to position yourself in a way that makes rex walk over Supreme's spawn as he tries to reach you. This allows you to autocast on Rex and potentially hit Supreme with a freeze. If this happens, immediately freeze Rex and stand under supreme to nullify his ranged attack. This generally occurs only once or twice per trip but is well worth taking advantage of.


On extremely rare occasions, Prime may respawn before Rex is dead if the last Prime kill was especially fast. If this happens, you'll want to be beside your cannon, which is not possible if trying to deal splash damage to Supreme. Note how much of a gap there is between Prime dying and Rex spawning to minimise the chance of being caught off guard if this happens.


When starting on Supreme, you will normally get some alone-time with him in which you are free to pray ranged. When this happens, equip the defender that you should be bringing for a few attacks. Always be mindful of how much time you have between you must switch back to magic protection and re-equip your shield.

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1) Picture of perfect cannon spot.

2) Abs > cstaff imo.

3) Csb switch > arcane if surging, also use ely. Surge + csb has equivalent base max 6 under barrage if you cast in multiples of 5 which I believe is worth the huge costs savings.

4) Possibly ddef and eee for healing instead of claws - with claws you have higher ranged defence on part of Supreme but with eee covering that you have ddef for higher dps.

5) Longer trips are more efficient.

6) I'd seriously consider row, certainly over onyx. Kill speed on Rex or Prime will not be affected by rings very much at all, and Supreme is a relatively small part of your loot with berserker rings.

7) Fremennik Boots 4 > steadfast

8) Blood barrage might work out to be cheaper than brews (not sure).

9) All I can think of atm, will add more if I think of it.

Supporter of Zaros | Quest Cape owner since 22 may 2010 | No skills below 99 | Total level 2595 | Completionist Cape owner since 17th June 2013 | Suggestions

99 summoning (18th June 2011, previously untrimmed) | 99 farming (14th July 2011) | 99 prayer (8th September 2011) | 99 constitution (10th September 2011) | 99 dungeoneering (15th November 2011)

99 ranged (28th November 2011) | 99 attack, 99 defence, 99 strength (11th December 2011) | 99 slayer (18th December 2011) | 99 magic (22nd December 2011) | 99 construction (16th March 2012)

99 herblore (22nd March 2012) | 99 firemaking (26th March 2012) | 99 cooking (2nd July 2012) | 99 runecrafting (12th March 2012) | 99 crafting (26th August 2012) | 99 agility (19th November 2012)

99 woodcutting (22nd November 2012) | 99 fletching (31st December 2012) | 99 thieving (3rd January 2013) | 99 hunter (11th January 2013) | 99 mining (21st January 2013) | 99 fishing (21st January 2013)

99 smithing (21st January 2013) | 120 dungeoneering (17th June 2013) | 99 divination (24th November 2013)

Tormented demon drops: twenty effigies, nine pairs of claws, two dragon armour slices and one elite clue | Dagannoth king drops: two dragon hatchets, two elite clues, one archer ring and one warrior ring

Glacor drops: four pairs of ragefire boots, one pair of steadfast boots, six effigies, two hundred lots of Armadyl shards, three elite clues | Nex split: Torva boots | Kalphite King split: off-hand drygore mace

30/30 Shattered Heart statues completed | 16/16 Court Cases completed | 25/25 Choc Chimp Ices delivered | 500/500 Vyrewatch burned | 584/584 tasks completed | 4000/4000 chompies hunted

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I don't know the droprates at DKs... how much cash per hour can you expect to earn, and is it better than Glacors?




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You can cast ice barrage with a lowered magic level.


94 magic to be able to ice barrage after brewing.

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Updated. Removed SoA info as I don't understand it well enough yet. Need to update gear image to include DDS + Ddef now that it's pretty much been confirmed to be better vs Supreme. Also need to think of appropriate images to break up walls of text.


Will work on text-breaking images as first priority. Will make inv next DKs task and screenshot.


EDIT: Also updated spec weapon and ring entries in the gear section.

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Why don't you understand about Storm of Armadyl? I always use it at DKs, so maybe I can help you.


Edit: here is some information about Storm of Armadyl (SoA):


Ice Barrage has a max hit of 490 with a chaotic staff. At 100% accuracy, that's an average hit of 245. Since you can cast one Ice Barrage every three seconds, you will deal 81,66 DPS on average.


Storm of Armadyl has a minimum hit of 227 and a max hit of 478 with an Armadyl battlestaff. That's an average hit of 352 at 100% accuracy. You can cast one SoA spell every 2,4 seconds. This means it does 146,66 DPS.


Dagannoth Rex has 2,550 LP. It takes 10/11 casts to kill him with Ice Barrage. It takes 7/8 casts to kill him with Storm of Armadyl.


As for price comparisions: one Armadyl rune costs 1,700 gp on the GE. Ice Barrage costs 1,278 gp per cast. This means you spend 12,780 gp on average per Rex kill with Ice Barrage, and 11,900 gp per kill with Storm of Armadyl.


So not only do you kill Rex a lot faster with SoA, it's also cheaper. You get more Rex kills per hour, which means more profit as well :)

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If runes have stabilised at that price, then what you say is obviously true. I don't want to commit it in writing before runes have truly stabilised though. I have no idea what the new economy will do to rune prices.


EDIT: Added video.

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SoA looks interesting. If I have time to play anytime soon I'm gonna try that method. Also haven't gone DK'ing since prayer restores so that will change it a little bit.



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Really useful guide, haven't been down there myself, but it's good to have some idea of WTF I'll need to do in preperation.


Couldn't help but laugh that the first drop in the video was an unc dstone :pray:


[bleep] OFF HOW ARE U SO [bleep]ING LUCKY U PIECE OF [bleep]ING SHIT [bleep] [bleep] [wagon] MUNCHER



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