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  1. Nice to see your thread is still alive. :)
  2. What are you talking about? There was never a quest called "Perils of Ice Mountain". http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Perils_of_Ice_Mountain
  3. What was Zamorak looking for in the cutscene?
  4. A couple of things they can do to ensure the boss can only be killed by a group, and not by 2 - 3 players after a couple of weeks: - Give the boss a Berserk timer. What this means is that, if a boss isn't killed within, say, 5 minutes, the boss will go Berserk, drastically increasing its damage, basically one hitting players. - Balance the boss' health at how much damage a group of players can do within a set amount of time. An example: Let's say the boss is designed to be killed by at least 10 players with T80 equipment. Players with said equipment will deal... 1,000 DPS. The boss has a Berserk timer of 5 minutes. Over the course of 5 minutes, the players will deal 3M damage. So to prevent the boss from being killed by only 2 - 3 players, or by a group of players with below T80 equipment, they could give the boss roughly 3M HP, with a Berserk timer of 5 minutes. This is just a rough example, of course.
  5. The KK is such a clunky and glitchy boss. I really don't like it.
  6. There isn't actually a cap on magic damage, damage is simply scaled to tier of weapon. For instance using t80 spell will tier 75 weapon does t75 spell damage, in the same way lower tier range weapons can't use t80 ammo. Really? That's a new thing, then.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xF31wjtjwH8 Aww...
  8. I'll give the new training method a week before it becomes dead content, like most game updates nowadays. They should consider making it F2P. They could definitely use an update like that.
  9. I didn't mind it. It was more "fun" than mindlessly using the same abilities over and over.
  10. Not OP, considering you get a 25 - 50% damage boost if you use fire spells at glacors.
  11. Pre EoC required a good amount of attention too. You had to refill your cannon, Soul Split flicking, positioning to minimize loss of attack turns due to movement (for Melee), positioning of your steel titan and constantly have it change targets to prevent overkill, special attacks, Prayer points, overload. It required a healthy amount of attention. PvP required a great deal of attention too.
  12. I wouldn't mind if they kept in the adrenaline system, but got rid of all basic abilities. Auto attacks only should generate adrenaline, and should be consumed by using treshold and ultimate abilities. Treshold abilities could have a 1 minute CD, and ultimates 3 or 5 minutes. Give some weapons their own abilities to make them stand out from the rest, like Godswords. That would make combat so much more enjoyable for me.
  13. Potions gave an invisible boost for every boosted level. They've nerfed potions a lot in terms of damage.
  14. Does anyone know how potions work now? Using Dismember and a super strength potion (13 levels), my damage was increased by 24 only.
  15. That is a pretty cool trailer for RS3. :thumbup:
  16. Hopefully. I'd like for them to get rid of abilities, bring back special attacks (but rebalance them) and bring back the old way they statted weapons and armor, with a bit of tweaking.
  17. I miss the old combat system. It had its flaws, but I enjoyed it a lot more. I hope they will put it back someday. It's been around eleven months since the EoC was first put into beta, and it's still an unbalanced mess. It brought some good things, though. Like super potions for range and magic, Anguish and Torment, new range and mage armor and some other things.
  18. Did some runs at Automatons earlier, and void with dual drygores allows Soul Split to keep up with the damage received. Overall, I think you could see the "nerf" to SS as a buff. You hit above 2,500 very often with drygore weapons, so you get more healing in return now, than you did before the update. I like the change, and am glad they removed the cap. I hate it when they put a cap on something. That's poor balancing, IMO.
  19. Soul Split heals you for one life point for every ten damage you deal.
  20. 39 unnoted crushed nests? lolwat? Can you tell me Kree's combat level on hard mode?
  21. http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Hit_chance Wiki page on how hit chance is calculated.
  22. Nooooo...! Critical hits on abilities no longer guarantee a max hit. This is going to make theorycrafting a pain to do.
  23. Aw. I was going to take screenshots and post them here, but I guess not.
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