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I heard we need a total of 42 story line to complete the voyage story lines.


Currently I am @ 39, and I have no idea which ones I am missing, and it seems I am no longer getting the stories.I have added the telescope and totems for a better chance of getting them.


How do I finish these or better yet how do I even know which ones I am missing? I am getting just resource voyages or a exp book voyage.


Help ????


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You need to have kept track yourself of what stories you've done to know which you are missing :(


Most likely you're missing three trio voyages. When adventurers come into port, check which stories you've completed with them by choosing the "View Previous Cutscenes" option when talking to them, then going through the list.


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Awww crap I never kept track! :sad:


O.k. thanks! Btw do you have the list of all the story lines?




Edit: I know I did see one trio voyage come in.... Can I just stay in Prince to get the rest of them, or would I be better off doing some of the lower areas?


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All trio storylines are pincers ones, so you'd be better to stay there(atleast for the time of reset, anyway). And as gwyn said, just look up which one(if you've already completed one of the trios) you are missing and adjust your icons accordingly. You need 2 of the 3 to show up in your port for you to get a trio story, so it might also take a while(if you've already completed one trio you have a 25% chance assuming you always get 2 adventurers).

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Stories are fairly easy to track:

1 Story voyage per adventurer per region.

Plus 6 trio voyages at the end.


By your stats you have all the adventurers, so that right there is 36 single voyages.

Then the trio voyages are:

Occultist, Assassin, Whaler

Biologist, Missionary, Convict


To get them you need 2/3 of the relevant adventurers in port.

Since you have 39/42 I'd assume you've done 1 set of trios, probably the set you happen to be luring in via the totems.

But it is possible you've done 1 of one story and 2 of the other.


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Also, your focus have no bearing on any of your Special voyages, so you won't miss them.


the Two sets of Trio are Convict/Biologist/Missionary and Whaler/Assassin/Occultist. The Trio story only show up if any two of the same set of trio appear in port, and like double adventurer voyages, if you use one, the story dissappears, if you do the storry, all other special voyages dissappear for the day.

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If you want to know your progress, talk to an adventurer in the bar while they're visiting. They'll tell you which of their missons you've done.


Keep in mind that story missions are completely unaffected by the region you've chosen to focus on. If the adventurer has a story mission available, it will always show up while they're in port, and they'll always go in order.

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