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Monster Weakness Advice

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I don't currently have all weapons of a particular tier, so I'm trying to determine the best dps based on the equipment I currently have (while also deciding which to save/work for).

1. If I'm assigned a Slayer task with a monster weak to stab, which would do more dps: Chaotic Maul (tier 80 crush) or Zamorakian Spear (tier 75 stab)?

2. If I'm assigned a Slayer task with a monster weak to thrown, which would do more dps: Sagaie (tier 72 thrown) or Royal Crossbow + Royal Bolts (tier 80 bolts)?
If the answer is Sagaie, what ranged off-hand should I partner with it? I don't have an off-hand Chaotic Crossbow and the off-hand Karil's and Dragon Crossbows (along with their ammo) are a little pricey. Are there any good alternatives? Is there an effective off-hand thrown weapon?

3. If I'm assigned a Slayer task with a monster weak to arrows, which would do more dps: Crystal Bow (tier 70 arrows) or Royal Crossbow + Royal Bolts (tier 80 bolts)?

Thankfully Magic is much simpler. ;)

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Weaknesses are usually not very relevant (especially within a combat style so, range/mage/melee) and you can just go ahead and use the highest tier equipment available to you. With the way defense works, if you're above a monsters "tier" in terms of equipment, defense is not really an issue. For example, drygores (melee) are similar in kph to mage at glacors, (mage weak) as drygores tier 90 accuracy is accurate enough to almost always hit.

The only slayer monsters where accuracy should really be an issue are probably mithril dragons, who you probably want to mage.

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When doing slayer without drygores, chaotics are the best choice, don't bother with specific styles. The accuracy on chaotic weapons is easily enough to tear through defense, even without slayer helm bonuses. :lol:

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I would use the following guideline: for every step of weakness, add or subtract 2 levels to the weapon's power.

For example, a monster weak to ranged, you have t80 ranged, equivalent to t82 mage, equivalent to t84 melee (because range > mage > melee versus mages).

Theoretically, that should work. 2 levels is about 10% accuracy and also a bit of damage.
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Just FYI, Drygore destroys mith dragons as well. Someone was getting 183 kph on a blog here in void with them, so slayer should theoretically be even more, lol.
I took abs to them a few months ago to help my girlfriend tailbone hunting. Could barely kill 3 or 4 of them using ss+anguish without almost dying. I was wearing Gano, so it shouldn't have been my armor. Whether or not it's changed since then, I don't know.

Just for op and my own personal question, what about something such as grifaloos or anything else in polypore dungeon? I know it's half (or is it ~4/7 like in fight kiln?) damage otherwise, so would chaotics/Drygore be sufficient if someone didn't want to use mage?

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Polypore dungeon has a even bigger penalty for non-mage attacks iirc, last time i tried, it barely did any damage

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