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The Logbook: 120 Mining, 2.1B Total EXP and BXP Results!

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Large front page update:

  • Dedicating this blog mainly to UCA now and will largely not post updates about Syh
  • Syh now has his own blog hosted on Wicked Fury's clan site, linked below
  • Plenty of new things added and changed. Check them out!


Welcome to my Goals and Achievements Blog!


This opening post is a quick summary of my current goals and some background information about me. It will be updated occasionally, but not horribly often. To see my current progress always check my latest post on this thread!



Front page lasted updated: February 24, 2015



About me and my accounts:


I am Etjien and I am a skilller. I'm a veteran computer gamer, starting with the first Diablo and Starcraft. With all games I have played, I always had three things I enjoy doing: grinding, strategy planning, and multitasking. I think that is why I've always loved Runescape so much. It combines the long term grinding aspects of leveling with the strategy of planning out your money and your income. Until recently, Runescape was almost always multitasked with another games. Ranging from SWTOR to Diablo 3 to Pokemon. But with the recent change to multilogging and allowing me to actually play multiple Runescape accounts at once, I've reignited my joy of skilling in Runescape.


Multitasking allows me to keep entertained while being overall efficient. Not in the way some people aim to be, as in never wasting a tick and going for the most experience an hour. I've never been one to give 100% attention to one thing for long. Instead multitasking allows me to aim for multiple goals at once and fends off the boredom of just one goal at a time and honestly keeps me hopping around goals.


In real life I'm a chemist. Currently I work 3rd shift at a company that makes very specialize coatings that range from organic zinc corrosion primers to fire retardants that spray on I-beams in skyscrapers to the landing pads for aircraft carriers. Sadly, I often have to put in quite a bit of overtime, currently ranging from 48 to 56 hour weeks. Because of that my playing time and updates here can be a tad random.


My Account:






Here are my starting stats for this blog: http://i.imgur.com/bQmRFXu.png























If you're curious about more of my activities here are some other blogs and logs I keep:


My sub-reddit that automatically updates my achievement log for both Syh and my main account:

My blog on Wicked Fury's clan site dedicated to my side account, Syh:


On occasion I do time trials of certain things and post reddit topics or imgur albums about them. Here is a list of some of them


A 10 hour Ganodermic Beast test between air surge and fire surge. It proved that magic is so accurate at ganos that air has the same accuracy as fire. Profit is a bit outdated as flakes and seeds have crashed.

A reddit topic of a 10 hour profit test at Gladii while loafing other accounts. Profit is still about the same:99 Untrimmed slayer imgur album about the profit after using a spring cleaner from 54 to 99 slayer on Syh:An imgur album summary of my 200M thieving end loot from 50 to 200M thieving:An imgur album showing the final runespan points of 200M runecrafting. Along with my 10 year capeMore to come in the future!



Check out my latest post for current goal updates! Always feel free to ask any questions as well.


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You might want to incorporate daily sinks to your daily dungeoneering. It nets quite a lot of exp for only ~10 mins of work. That should bump your daily up to about 450k~500k exp :)!

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be?~ Marianne Williamson


For account help/issues, please follow this link:

Account Help

. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to PM me or post here.

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20 hours of Ganodermic Beasts Results!

Quite a bit of error between the two tests, kill wise. Likely due to my level of concentration. Nevertheless it does show that overall air and fire surge are identical at Ganodermic Beasts. This is likely due to their extreme weakness to magic in the first place, that already puts air surge at max accuracy. This pretty much means that their is no good reason to actually use fire runes there, slightly cutting the cost. More importantly for me it means that I can multitask Ganodermic Beasts with my only cost being the magic notepaper I use. Here is the two time lapse albums of these two tests:
Air Surge Tests
Fire Surge Tests

You can see my basic inventory in the time lapse albums and here is my equipment used:


My only difference currently is the removal of the coin collector in the pocket slot and now using a bone crusher there instead. This is because I am now using the bloodpouncer pet there to pick up drops. I have it set to scavenge everything but Misc. which basically means I only have to pick up half keys, flakes, and spores. Everything else is picked up by the pouncer.

Overall very happy at Ganodermic Beasts on my main alt account. I'm actually slowly collecting all the magic and palm seeds for a 200M farming goal in the future after Runecrafting is done. All money made there currently is being saved for my 200M fletching fund, which I'm looking towards being my next 200M after Runecrafting in December. More on that in the future ^_^

Also have a reddit topic with this entry and I invite everyone to check it out too: Reddit Post!


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You might want to incorporate daily sinks to your daily dungeoneering. It nets quite a lot of exp for only ~10 mins of work. That should bump your daily up to about 450k~500k exp :)!

I've done it a few times and know its the most efficient thing, but I'm a bit antisocial when it comes to groups :s, not to mention working 4/7 days at reset time also puts a damper on things. Still on my to-do-list to eventually do them on atleast 3 days I'm home at reset.




Dang, nice goals and progress and set up!


Thank you! |^_^|


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Where'd he go?!

o.O ohai
It always seem for me when I make a blog that as soon as I have it posted, I get too busy to update it, even though I always take pictures here and there to throw in here.
Well here is a run down of my past month:
- Had two of my sisters visit me and my wife for a week and half
- My work's long range planning is what most places call the weekly schedule. My work schedule has been all over the map!
Luckily the Runecrafting gains are still on track. I've been fairly steady with the 5M a week goal for the past month and actually been averaging a bit over that. For the month of August I got 23M runecrafting experience. Sadly all my trackers are weird currently because I cannot get them to handle my name change :(. So I started a new tracker on RuneZone from here on out that hopefully is a nice fresh start and is reliable. For the month of September I should have pretty graphs to post. Here is a picture of my amazing cat instead to take the graphs' place:
The reason I was able to keep my gains on track even though I've been so busy is because of my Window's Tablet. I honestly don't care for Window's mobile products and normally would never considering getting a tablet by them. But they made one advanced with their newest versions that sold me: they have Java. New Window's tablets have a full operating system which means I can run Runescape off the tablet. No vpn, no teamviewer, the tablet actually runs the client. Now the micro processor in the tablet gets a tad hot, so I keep it where it has air flow and I don't run 3 Runescapes at a time on it, but for spanning at work, it is amazing:
Besides work and Runespanning I've not had much interesting to post. I am excited for DIY (Ironman) mode coming this month, even though I'm fairly upset about treasure hunter being included in it. Either way I plan to make a new account and enjoy it. I'll be sure to add a section about my new DIY account in my opening post when that rolls around.
Along with that I'm excited for the rune nerf coming. Yes, I'm excited for a nerf XD. It gives a chance that runecrafting might be profitable again (well, more highly profitable I should say... I want 2M an hour range). Now I have no intentions of ever crafting runes on my main. But on one of my alts atm I'm runespanning up for the possibility of decent profit in the future. Ideally I might get 91 on it and do double natures, but I have a feeling many people might do that. So other runes might be more profitable. I figure it will take the economy a month or so to drain of the surplus rune supply and I'll see where the cards fall on how profitable actual rune crafting could be on an alt.
I've been slacking on my money making as of late. I need a total of 1.4B for 200M fletching and I'm only about at 300M made. This is largely due to my two sisters getting me into raiding on SWTOR again. I've been multi tasking SWTOR with Runespan in my free time instead of making money on my alts. But I still have three months of runespan left so I'll kick it into gear with money eventually. At worst I make money while fletching or I may push fletching back and concentrate on a skill within the elf city.
I'll try my best to be a bit better updated here than once a month too :D. At the very least I'll throw some screenshots here and there between updates! Until next time, here is a picture of my new computer set up and my version of relaxing on a Friday night:



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Working on my 3rd 50 hour week in a row currently so sadly my gains are still down. Keeping fairly close to the original goal of 4.5M a week, but not over achieving like before. Was really exited about the wax update that allows me to extend my daily challenge. Basically cut my time scale in half. My end date moved from December 25th to October 30th. This will give me 2 months of daily challenges to throw in Runecrafting, which should help move up the time table on it some as well. 


Also love the Elf City that was release Monday, just sadly doesn't help me at all currently. Was looking forward to the top tier teleport to Runespan at the max guild, but it doesn't have a wizard I can buy runes from at that point. So its actually faster for me to still use the mid tier teleport. Hoping the ninja team will hear our cries about that with the next update XD.


Besides that I am hyped for the DIY mode coming out, hopefully, next month. Really respect Mod Pips for striking down any micro-transactions, was unexpected and extremely loved by me. Sadly I'm not sure I'll be able to no life a DIY account, but I'll without a doubt slowly level one up.

My gains are mainly staying up do to using my tablet at work to span while doing my paperwork. Actually made a reddit post for fun on it, seems the community was a bit interested in my using my tablet: http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/2hcltp/weve_seen_runescape_in_class_a_lot_why_not_some/


Only other side project for me is making a subreddit that will display my adventure log updates. There was an amazing post on how to make one recently (found here: http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/2h27nx/how_to_set_up_an_adventurers_log_that_retains/). Hoping to get it set up this weekend. Shouldn't take long, and thinking it should be pretty awesome.'


On a final note, I changed my display name from Ai to UCA. I liked AI, but UCA means so much more to me XD. It is my alma mater, so thinking I'll be anchored to this name. Never really cared for hoping display names that much.


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Interesting blog, I'm very excited to make an ironman account as well. However, I've entirely quit my main (stats in sig) due to boredom and not feeling like XP means much anymore. I have two monitors and like to Netflix while I scape, and I played OSRS and RS3 simultaneously for several months so I know how multitasking is. I find altscaping annoying though - I miss when it was expected that most people earned all their money on one account. I don't want to play other accounts just to fund buyables on my main. -__- I only multilogged OSRS/RS3 cuz I enjoyed OSRS by itself.

noobs crowding hill giants? not on my watch

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  • 3 weeks later...

Introducing nooby ironman: Etjien!

Actually home on a Wednesday thanks to a appendicitis scare >.>. Something I'd rather no repeat, not being able to stand up straight or use any ab muscles sucks. But gives me time to do some photoshopping and no lifing. Got quite a bit of front page update today, so most of entry is there. I'm about 3 hours away from 150M runecrafting experience. Still putting me 2 days ahead of schedule, but because of the long work hours, I'm slowly falling back on my experience gains.
With a stroke of irony, I'm also runespanning on my Ironman, with just a goal of 90, that I'll hopefully get in a week or two. Not really planning on being competitive on an Ironman, just don't have the ability to no life sadly.
Finally, I also included some insight into my money making account and what I do. I have fletching supplies buying for double experience weekend, that hopefully will be done buying in about a week and I'll throw a picture of that in here. Bought about 50 hours worth of supplies, which I'm not sure I'll make it through. But hoping I do, would mean 300M spent, but also 300M saved over the course of 200M fletching.
Major money making goals next are high end slayer gear such as Nox Staff, ect. Thinking I might be looking at slayer after 200M runecrafting, will have to see, since I still have 2 months to go.


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Interesting blog, I'm very excited to make an ironman account as well. However, I've entirely quit my main (stats in sig) due to boredom and not feeling like XP means much anymore. I have two monitors and like to Netflix while I scape, and I played OSRS and RS3 simultaneously for several months so I know how multitasking is. I find altscaping annoying though - I miss when it was expected that most people earned all their money on one account. I don't want to play other accounts just to fund buyables on my main. -__- I only multilogged OSRS/RS3 cuz I enjoyed OSRS by itself.

I completely understand. It is not a popular thing to fully admit that I multilog. But I honestly I'm at the point that I have a hard time only playing one account at a time now. RS3 especially has so many time delays, that it is near perfect for multitasking.


Always been at a loss for funding buyables as well. Without being excellent at merchanting (which I'm not, I can do some, but just really don't enjoy it. Hate having to play with margins when halfway through selling or buying) or dicing/donations I've never been able to feasibly fund more than one or two 200Ms. The idea of needing in the 10B to 20B range has always just been out of my reach. Multilogging has been my answer to that largely


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160m RC, 100M Fletch, and BXP Fallout

Lots and lots of experience lately. Before the BXP Weekend I got 160m RC and a 100m RC counter:





Here was the start of BXP weekend for me and the plan:






The initial goal was 120 Fletching. But work decided that I'd have to do inventory on Friday, so the first 10 hours of bonus experience weekend I spent babysitting people counting skids of raw materials. Which was suppose to only take around 5 to 6 hours, and morphed into a full 10 hour day. I was not pleased.


So I scaled back the goal to 100M fletching, which was achieved with about 50 minutes left to go on the weekend:




Here was my ending BXP counter:





I also achieved 1.9B overall experience this weekend, and here is a look at what I was doing the majority of the weekend:





Currently working on an untrimmed slayer cape on my side account Syh. It is on my to do list to add that account to the opening post and my goals with it, for awhile I just wasn't sure how serious I was about that goal. But over the BXP weekend I was able to get near all 80 combat stats and 86 slayer. So been rolling lately on that character and can expect 99 untrimmed to happen. Main downside to that goal is I have a harder time making money too, since slayer until late isn't very profitable. This also puts my ironman account on the back burner.



With 200M dungeoneering achieved, my primary goal is still RC with my main seondary goal being 99 slayer untrimmed on my side account. No secondary goals on my main account currently. Long term plan is to turn Syh into a money making account, will likely do some long term Gano and QBD logs here from that account and thinking about some frost and rorarii logs too. From there I'm aiming to bank 200m fletching with either broads or possibly mithril bolts (half the exp/hour but much cheaper) and then aim to bank 200M farming from perm warband supply buying, along with tree runs. This will likely make me need another afk skill after 200M rc and I'm considering 200M mining from seren stones for that. Will have to see what the second batch of elf city brings before I commit to another goal though. 200M slayer is also going to be a goal sooner than later.


Oh, and here is the gaming cat:




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Hey I logged in and out on your gamescreen, that was an odd finding aha didn't expect or even know you added me. :3

Gz on insane exp btw. ;3

Lol XD willing to bet I snagged your name for quick hopping. Feel like that is the main reason most of my list has me added too


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