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Dear Mr. President,


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This is a very simple game...basically, you just add on three words to my three words and continue on to make a story.






So here I go:








Dear Mr. President,



Acinonyx jubatus - binomial nomenclature for Cheetah!

10th grade OVER!!!

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so i love

Back by popular demand!

And I guess I just wanted to tell you, as the light starts to fade, that you aree the reason, that I am not afraid, and I guess I just wanted to mention, as the heavens will fall, that we will be together soon if we will be anything at all.

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Here is the story so far...




Dear Mr. President, you lied to all of america about the freaking oil, you son of a gun. so i love processed chicken spread on a big plane which is about to be eaten by ogres who are very good on chicken pie. You killed my mum, incidentally while making out. I wish you'd stop being a raw turkey eater because I hate turkey. Especially raw turkeys. Their radiation causes my skin....






to ooze chocolate...



Presto instant eggs.
i have the solution to "goblin diplomacy"...kill wartface and bentnoze.

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