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Is your RS name an important thing to you?


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Ive always liked having a "good" name on games like this. I am currently thinking of making a new main as im very bored/hate the name of my 106 because its weird and has a number OMG.




Who here has the same issue as me? I am finding it really hard to find a name I know I will want to keep. Please tell me which name you think is best, and post why if you like too!? Thanks.




The names:


Holymyth, Wisefaith (cut out the other two, just vote on these two!!)

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Wisefaith sounds awsome.


My main was called Blade8422


but so many numbers, and then it got hacked and locked, forcing me to make a new account.






I dunno why i chose it, i like it though. :P


Just started my new account.

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Yeah my rsn name is very important to me.




It's the name of an old celtic warrior who fended off evil in time for the void of life to begin anew.




I believe that it's everything that symbolizes my character.

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My internet name is very important to me. I think it's original :D and I came up with it too. (not saying that I was the first) but I don't know any other Pigsteins :D

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holymyth sounds pretty cool, so thats the one I would use. I've had this name (phy reaper) for about 3-4 years now? that i've used on another game, so I made a new name for rs and it's the one I use now :)

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my mains name comes from a finnish world "silppuri" which means slicer, and then ppl started calling me slurpy and slippery so i took the slurpy but it was used so i decided to take slurpy17 :) i usually have some story behind my names :wink:

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Holymyth.....sounds cool




i like my name (kudman) theres no numbers in it hehe.


Kud is the name of the lead singer fom mudvayne for there first album L.D 50 (his real name is chad.) mudvayne is my favourate band so it made sense...

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mines sir micbar .... mmm, i never thought about the importance of numbers when i first made it, but now i understand and would have hated if i did make a account with numbers.

Main Account - Max cape achieved 10th September 2011
Noob Account - 2300 total and climbing 


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well my user is coolpokemon




i got flamed and cursed at when i was lvl 40 now im lvl 93 yet


i still get that stuff


but i wouldnt change my user cause its origanal : p




if i would change my user id go for




lt killer or something...

A dragon is only a lizard with a Diploma

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