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BBeh's Trip to 85 Slayer

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Yup, i'm gonna try it, i'm gonna try and get to 85 and kill those abby's :o




I basicly just use D-hide armor for monsters that use magic, and full rune for the melee tasks.


I now have a black mask which goes with me whenever i can use it.




Current Slayer Level: 57






Str 70/70 << GET!


Def 65/70






1. 75 Pyrefiends


Noteable Drops: Steel boots, 1k fires, level 2 clue




2. 150 Bloodveld


Noteable Drops: Nothing,


slayer level 53, str level 68




3. 150 Trolls


Noteable Drops: Addy Med Helm, Rune Warhammer, Toadflax seed, Belladona seed, Irit seed.




4. 168 Fire Giants (o.O)


Noteable drops: Half Key (Loop)




5. 145 Lessers


Noteable drops: Rune med




6. 212 Turoths (Skiped)


6b. 20 Dogs


Noteable Drops: Lol bones.




7. 216 Blue Dragons


Noteable Drops: A lot of hides.




8. 12 Bronze Dragons


Noteable Drops: Nothing <.<




9. 214 Jellys


Noteable Drops: Rune Full Helm, Mith Boots




10. 142 Lessers


Noteable Drops:




Clue Rewards:


1. Level 2 Clue: Addy Plate, 54 Fire Runes, 46 Mind Runes.

Check out my blog at:


Still alive and kicking turoths! :D

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Good luck.




OFF TOPIC: When I saw your name, I freaked.




I got a mate called James BEAGLEY




didnt know bbeh and beagley are similar :-#




ive got an itch he was talking about BAGLEYboy :lol: OT ~ good luck on 85 slayer, gonna take a loooooong time, nack aiming for 70 str and def, you'll most likely get something like 90 90 90 getting 85 slayer.


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Good luck.








OFF TOPIC: When I saw your name, I freaked.








I got a mate called James BEAGLEY








weird their was a player called that whom played for adelaide in the afl a few years back

Wondering what to do with life .....

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Why does it say you have tasks over over 199? You can't have more that 199 creatures per task. :shame:


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