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how 2 make 1mil in less then 3months


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ok all u need is a pickaxe(usually rune but use the highest 1 u can use) and at least a mining lvl of 30.mine tons of coal straight 4 atleast 4 1 week trust me it works even though i never did it be4 but if it does work tell and my runescape name is well...........devilrzar ok peace out 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

hi i am a lover of runescape like all of u.i am the godfather and so if u deny that i will come 2 ur house and kill u myself.im not a nice kid

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There are far better ways to make money than mining..




RCing for example, I get 250k per hour RCing nats. So that's only 4 hours to make 1 mil :XD:




Merchanting is also way quicker :boohoo:

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there are faster ways. I sell redberry pies to a guy for 20k each. :D


I dont know what he does with 200 redberry pies every week.




I'm sorry but that just made me laugh very, very hard.




I can make 1m a day fishing sharks.

I'm back?! No wayz!!!


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I calculated that if you are a member, and you have done Throne of Miscelania and Royal trouble, you get 100% effort on your island.


Then you put 2.325 Mill in the coffers, and you wait for 3 weeks.


You put 10 people on maples and 5 on flax and you end up with:


17549 maples


175 bird nests


12306 flax


20 herb seeds


and 750k (left in the coffers)


You'll make 1.4105 M profit, exclusive bird nests and herb seeds in 3 weeks of doing nothing... (and it will be even more if you log in each day to keep up your effort)

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Pff , I can earn 1 mill in about 10 days by mining gold, onlky things you need are:




-one heck of a mining lvl, let's say 70 or so (most in crafting guild mining gold are about 50-60, which is no challenge)


-a good buyer, this is the hardest part, preferably a permanent buyer




-runepick of course.



Achieved quest (07/08/2009), woodcutting (28/06/2010), attack (21/07/2010), strength + constitution (07/08/2010), defence (26/09/2010), summoning (13/01/2011), herblore (03/03/2011), cook (31/08/2012), firemaking (01/09/2012), magic (08/09/2012), prayer (16/09/2012) and ranged (29/10/2012) capes.

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