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'Alch X' ~ Pictures ~ 2 Ideas


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Ever been bored stood by the wildy in world 18, farming or watching a good brawl in the duel arena alching? Cast Hi-Lvl Alchemy -> Yew long. *Gling, gling, gling!* and thought I could do something a lot better with my life? Then this is for YOU!




What would happen is when you 'Alch x' you would get half the money. Therefore people wouldn't instantly get 200m xp and would require some thought.








You get no cash, so therefore not everyone could get 200m xp and still have half there bank left.








Magic List-






Enter Amount-






Please post what you think and what idea you favour.

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ok...who cares about money :shame:




people who use alching for profit would be the only ones who do it manuallly :?


otherwise certain rich people would easily get 200mil xp with the sacrifice of around 100mil which would be nothing..


true less gp would enter the game but to many would find 92-94magic easy to get and would lose its superirority


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No, lol. A lot of people high alch for levels, not for money.




Would also destroy the mage place north of dueling arena.




Perhaps an alch x that worked much like cooking, where it takes the time, but you're not just mindlessly sitting there. The randoms would also keep you at your computer, focused, which is what Jagex wants.



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With alot of *rich* people, money isn't an issue whatsoever with them. Alching X option would make mages levels go up ALOT even if they lose money, which doesn't matter to them because they either cheat or have the skills to get their money back. It'd be best if Jagex didn't, because too many runescape players would be high level mages. \'




If you want to get mage up i suggest buying a mud staff and using Curse...hehehehehe that's what I always do... \'

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I'm not sure on this one. Maybe, you can only High Alc maximum of 10. No Alc (X). You get the same XP, and the same money, and it takes the same amount of time, but, you don't destroy you hands with endless clicking.

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i would be good if u clicked on high alch then right click alch x in your inventory on how many to alch.




so you either normally manualy click noted bows or whatever




or u can alch 27 bows (nats) per time in inventory un-noted






this way u cant get super exp just means like other skills u get 30 second break while trianing it each time or u can manualy do as many as u want in the same spot under the alch button



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Alch x will probably not be allowed but we could get away of something like Alch 5 or Alch 10 (A bit like how you can only sell a max of 10 things of an item to a general store at a time)

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This idea is ok, but what we really need is smith x




we do have smith x. in both smelt and forge


for the smelt bit, click on the furnace first




no hes right when you're using an anvil you can only smith 1, 5, or 10


and i, too, wish for a smith x on the anvil





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the problem with the anvils is that once you start a make 10, you cant stop - you can stop at any time with a make x by simply walking away or viewing the skill level tables by clicking on the skills

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Even though I was recently forced to high alch 3k yew longs (which I know is nothing compared to those with 9x mage), and I know how boring it can be, this is a HORRIBLE IDEA. I am in no way insulting you, I am merely saying that it would too greatly impact the economy, pures (x.x, teleblockers at lvl 3 please), and.... well everything =0

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