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Now what on earth is this?


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I think its something for future updates. I believe I saw a picture of this (or something similar) when the skill was released.








EDIT: I guess it was for that quest eagles peak, I haven't done it yet so I wouldnt know. :(

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you see the door above it? thats where the eagles are, its not FOR eagles quest, but you can use a lasso on the eagles and go to the main eagle place, where you can travel to each of the different hunting grounds. You can only use them after the eagles peak quest though. You need a teasing stick, use the teasing stick on the vine, then in about 20 minutes it will grow to where you can climb it and go in the entryway.

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i use that quite often, its the fastest way to piscatoris if u cant use fairie rings,(i can \' )








duel ring to duel,walk to gnome fly to grand tree, from there to fealdip hills(requies completition of a small favour), walk a little bit south west and enter the cave, lasso a eagle,




go out from cave climb down rockslide and run north








btw. u can travel to all hunter areas if u unlock them

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