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so...... I have a question


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Iam lvl 50 smithing and i have been for almost a year well mostly because i didnt want to hastle with making a bunch of mith daggers :|




and making steel full was getting boring well cuz i was making money faster just selling coal and i can wear rune so the steel was not very fun anymore :?








but i have a question ( 2 part 2 questions if you want to be specific )








first is selling coal more profitable than making steel plates and selling them ( i know this wouldnt be hard ot figure out but iam lazy and hate math)








and second since iam 50 smithing would it be faster to smith mith daggers




or steel plates to get to lvl 52 smithing this is gunna take forever either




way but wich way will get me there quicker :wall:








oh one more whats the fastest way to get from 50 to 55 smithing in general ( cant wait to make those cute little mith swords lol ) what would be the best things to smith in what order to get from the tretcherous lvl 50 dagger making crud to the glorious swords lol












thanxs to any replies

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1)making steel bars then sell it is better...








2) use the best metal to smith for best xp.. but since 27 mith bars take longer than 5 steel plates... steel is better

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Are you mining your own ores? Are you P2P so you can use ring of forging? Is cash or smithing levels more important to you?








Selling raw materials is more profitable since you sell it to players. Players tend to pay more than alching/selling to shops gives you, since the players are paying for the potential experience in the items they buy.








For cash - sell raw materials to players.




For fast exp - make plates and alch




For both cash and exp - make items players want, which is arrows/knives/darts, or cannon balls.




If you do mine yourself, and have several rings of forging iron *may* be an option since it is a lot quicker to mine than coal. Smith either plates, knives or arrowheads depending on patience and how much cash you want out of it.

Please think before you ask a question. If you ask the right question, its much more likely you get the answer you are looking for :)




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steel is faster because you only need 1 iron and 2 coal, mith takes 1 mith and 4 coal.

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If you're a member and you don't intend to train mining, you may want to consider buying steel bars and making them into cannonballs and reselling them.








If you're f2p, then the other posters have answered the question for you.

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why not make iron bars into iron knifes. Supllies are cheap and you can breakeven and possibly make a small profit.

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It really depends whether your mining the ore or just buying it. If your buying it, mith would be faster because it takes 1 mith bar to make a mith dagger and it gives more experience than making a steel platebody. If your mining, I would recommend steel because it takes 1 iron ore and 2 coal ores to make a bar unlike 1 mithril ore and 4 coal ore to make a bar.








So as you can see, it does matter. So are you mining your own or buying?


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