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  1. If you read my last post, I made full run in 78 minutes. That was about 1400 arrows with picking some of them up (when eating or changing places). In one hour its was 1076 arrows then. I think I picked up about 200 of them, when full powering, probably 1300-1400 arrows per hour, 112-120k coins per hour.
  2. I tested both arrows at spiders. Mithril - 38,8k Addy - 45,4k I didn't think that difference would be so big. Well, then will addy arrows be the right choice. Addy arrows are almost same speed as melee. I assume that's without picking them up? What is the cost per hour difference between the two? About 3.06x with current prices. Edit: To Water I did Ranged xp test with addy arrows. One full run with banking. Food was anchovy pizzas. 15.07 - --- - - 7 504 277 16.25 - - ----- 7 552 629 _________________________ 78m --- -- - - 48 352 Xp per hour 37,2K. I have to admit that I wasn't paying full attention. Actually I was making food in the kitchen and then eating that also at the same time. Banking time was about 3 minutes. 40k is definitely possible.
  3. I tested both arrows at spiders. Mithril - 38,8k Addy - 45,4k I didn't think that difference would be so big. Well, then will addy arrows be the right choice. Addy arrows are almost same speed as melee.
  4. I was bored and thought that I'll make some calculations that how much money iI need to get 99 in every skill. So it might be useful for you too I guess. Everything is quite rough though and Dungeoneering doesn't cost any money. Ranged - 5570k xp needed Powerrange in lvl 50 spiders: 198000 mithril arrows at 24 gp each - 4,8m (assuming my average hit is 70) 3100 anchovy pizzas at 470 gp each - 1,5m (assuming I can make 50k xp per trip) Prayer - 10048k xp needed 670000big bones at 340 each - 227,9m Mining - 8086k xp needed Powermining in hobmine with low alch and urns: 192500 nature runes at 115 each - 22,1m 4095 urns at 500 each - 2m Runecrafting - 10318k xp needed Making air tiaras with Varrock teleport: 412720 air talismans at 148 each - 61m 31750 law runes at 185 each - 5,8m 412720 tiaras at 20 each - 8,3m Total amount - 333,4m coins Lucky for me, I have managed to acquire enough wealth to cover all of that. But I don't have enough time or patience to do that quickly, probably will take about 2 years.
  5. I have to agree with Central_Keeper on this, although improvements have been quite little. To me my pre cook-x lvl 99 is still my greatest achievement. I currently there isn't much skills which require this massive clicking (except prayer). This also meant that you had to find raw lobster sellers (no swordfish because they were very expensive cooking wise) from forums because getting 100k or more fish screaming in varrock was very slow. Then getting rid of them etc. But I still respect all 99ers. Just for fun, I'll add a picture which shows quite low ranks and stuff.
  6. Why aren't you using urns? You could get over 60k per hour.
  7. Actually superheat is almost twice as fast as high alchemy. Alchemys max is 78k per hour but with superheat I've got 136k per hour.
  8. I just checked that my rank is 159 already (between 180 and 190 like 5 months ago). My history: I was added to top 100 f2p 6. July 2005 by Danesi. In 2006 my rank was mostly in the 50 to 60s region. In 2007 I achieved total 1337 with highest rank of 39. After that a quit and fall until now.
  9. Low alch is better choice, High alchemy interrupts fishing.
  10. Achieved 99 smithing yesterday, this is my 11th 99 skill. I don't know what to do next.
  11. I'm doing currenty 3,8 gp per xp without scroll (dungeoneering isn't high enough).
  12. I've done some extreme mining xp with iron ores and low alchemy (50k minig xp per hour). This situation might hold me down for doing that anymore, which is quite sad. Setelimas story seems very legit to me and I hope you'll get your account back with no rollback.
  13. Hi hi, good luck training skills. I've been doing smithing due to cheap addy bar prices and fliping some santas to get spent money back. 97 will come probably today.
  14. I'd suggest making tiaras. 6,5 gp per xp using air talismans. Combine this with varrock teleport and you will get 17k per hour. Meanwhile merchant something and you'll earn lost money back.
  15. Adamant bars are so cheap, that high leveled accounts should stay away from Artisan. 3,8 gp per xp is very cheap plus 170k xp per hour.
  16. But that's completely wrong, I can say at least 233 is possible.
  17. I was wondering that how many music tracks is possible to unlock in f2p?
  18. I'm almost always public off, because all those talkers make me read what they wrote and this messes everything up. I think that I have been public off for a month straight easily. I got addicted in 2007 I guess.
  19. Hi there! I've been doing prayer lately due to low bone prices and planning to train it slowly to 99, probably will take a year or so. Let's make it 2 years because I will be in the military soon. Smithing 99 will ve easy, and then I will have only 3 skills left. Dungeoneering isn't my cup of tea (level 44 so far), mining will be a challenge also. Probably will powerrange with mithril arrows to 99 ranged.
  20. F2p is really crazy. Every time I turn my public on, I smash at least 5 spammers into silence. I can't even stop them fast enough.
  21. Haven't bee in rs or here for a quite some time. But as I graduate tomorrow, I have more time now, checked things up. I just realized that one can now auto make tiaras, this is excellent. Air tiara + teleport method is 17,5k per hour, but for long term like 16k. Seems good enough to me, about 9-10 gp per xp, tiaras seem to be very expensive currently.
  22. Oldschool ranks Also this video is quite interesting.
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