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  1. I'm Mackenzie14, i joined tip.it about 2 years ago. I'm f2p with 1310 total. Bye.
  2. I'm f2p too, i get a lot of respect. I just like f2p and thats it and i respect other f2pers a lot.
  3. I'm 4x 99 f2p, i'd like to have that cape also. Then there is a point of making 99 in f2p too, it will force to train.
  4. I'm 99 fish but F2p. :D Fly fishing is like 5-10k faster than lobs, i'd recommend you fly fish.
  5. mackenzie14

    99 hp?

    No, you need more range fpr hp xp.
  6. Buy iron ore or nature runes cheap and sell expensive later. In small bulks you can get 60-80 ea irons and later sell for 100 ea.
  7. Woodcutting-60k+ per hour, Air Rune Crafting-90k+ per hour, Rune Ore mining 300k+ per hour.
  8. For a short conclusion: Baxe deals high hits and scimitar hits fast and stabile.
  9. Baxe gives bigger hits, but scimitar hits faster. For training is scimmy better.
  10. First, f2p'rs have high respect. Second, i don't want to pay for rs.
  11. They woun't make any updates. I was amazed already when they came up with Stronghold of Security, Jagex told that they'll never make f2p updates again.
  12. I think 99 cooking at 1st of July without cook-x and also at the same time f2p total 1100.
  13. 1. A good weapon: dragon scimitar works well. 2. 15-20 bank spaces. 3. Few new spells. 4. Yew bows and rune arrows. 5. Few new teleportation places. *Mack.
  14. This isn't rare at all, i see those armors every day f2p.
  15. 99 cooking and firemaking-i like clicking skills.
  16. I can make 200 yews in hour thats 55k. And 5k airs i nhour thast 100k.
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