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  1. I found this bug from my other computer, date was 19. october 2005.
  2. I voted yes because then I can accept free stuff from my friends and also I hope that the prices of raw materials will fall due to rising number of botters.
  3. Nice Isthatok I didn't have such a situation, because I didn't know about f2p top 100 before I was added to there. Still 65 ranks more and I'm out of the highscores. About the same time Isthatok's vid was taken I was holding my highest spot on the highscores. Currently I don't have any time or motivation to raise my levels, so let's drop even more.
  4. Most of my xp from 85-97 was made doing gold amulets. Why gold amulets? 1. Exremely easy to buy bars and sell amulets. Just buy 35000 gold bars and start making, no need to think. 2. Crafting 27 amulets takes a lot of time and I can surf in the web same time. 3. I don't have time and consistancy to know how's the market (mostly gems), and I might lose a lot of money. 4. They actually give a pretty neat profit, about 40-48 gp each amulet. So doing 1 000 000 xp guarantees you about 1,5m profit. 5. Xp is quite acceptable, 30k per hour.
  5. I'm currently working on 99 Crafting 2050k to go. After that probably I will have my usual depression time. Then my ranged 91 and magic 93 are getting some xp, at my speed these will not be 99 in a while. With magic also smithing will raise, probably I'll get that also 99. Then only 4 skills left. Prayer seem impossible at my bank worth, mining is just so tedious, runecrafting takes for so long. I don't know much about dungeoneering. In few months I'll eventually fall out of f2p top 250 table, but it is my destiny. As for dungeoneering, these fast 35-45 levels will be a desert for me in the future. :rolleyes:
  6. The list is only for overall level, individual stats are not taken into consideration. So you have to make yourself to the table and then your crafting will be on the list too.
  7. [spoiler=Events]Christmas 2006 Halloween 2009 Easter 2010
  8. Login screen 28. Dec 2005 Login screen 14. May 2006
  9. Let's see. For me the best thing is that it's totally free (I'm f2p). The 2 main things because I'm f2p is that I promised myself 6 years ago that I will not pay Jagex my money and second, I play only occasionally, once over 2 days and so on, so there is no point for me to pay money while being offline. Quick calculation shows that I have saved about 450 dollars of imaginary money. If I would play another game, the money could be 2 or 3 times bigger. So much win from here. Actually I can't divide by zero, so actual money save is "error". The other thing I like about runescape is the highscores. I'm not sure if many other MMO-s have same thing but I like it. Let's pretend that I have rc 99 with 100m xp, which probably gets me place in top 10 rc-ers, it makes me proud. Runescape let's players to be unique and famous, instead of WoW, where mostly anyone are lvl 80 (I'm sorry if I interpreted somehow wrong, I haven't player WoW, my "facts" are based on readings). Here I can be anything. Most of the people like browser based thingy also, like me. Play runescape and browse web. If runescape wasn't browser based then I definitely wouldn't play it. In the end anyone plays what he likes and that's it. No need to make contest and fights which MMO is best.
  10. I didn't know he was a member of Tip it forum. Only time I ever see him was at one of the world making air runes. You think those old legends would come back at least once in a while to do holiday event or something. He definitely had an account here. He was occasionally selling 1 000 000 air runes in the market area here.
  11. I have highscore picture set from 1. august 2006. I also have few f2p top 100 sheet pictures from 2005 and 2006 as well, so if you are interested, let me know.
  12. Does anyone remember Mendark 9 tip.it username? He was active in Arenascape section in 2005, but I can't remember the name.
  13. I wanted to say hi and good luck to everybody. My levels aren't exactly growing fast. 110 levels in 3 years, 73 levels if I remove those stinky 37 levels of Dungeoneering. I'm still hoping to achieve few 99-s in few months and years. Crafting, Magic, Smithing maybe, we'll see. Currently rank 177, best rank in 38 in 2007.
  14. You're right, they have 15 unranked xp. Maybe it's from a P2P glitch in dungeoneering? No, like a year or so ago already someone found out about the p2p xp. It's not from Dungeoneering.
  15. Yeah, mine was taken around Dec 2005 because when you create an image it says when it was created in the properties. I didn't really take any screen shots until my combat was lvl 100 plus since there was no point at the time. I started to keep record of leveling after that just for interest purposes. Since I started around May/June 2005, I didn't know I only missed intro of slayer by few months, the only thing I regret missing was actually the rubber chicken, lol. I think I spotted many other future to be top F2P when I was training, especially around Ice cave or Remmington WC area. Too bad I forget to get screenies back then because I wasn't aware of Top F2P list. Actually, cook x shouldn't be introduced until mid 2006? I wasn't really sure because I still remember the day of clicking on fire and fish to cook one by one and annoyance of people standing on top of the fire. Cook-x came in 2005 september. I remember it, I got my 99 cooking in June and few months later everybody else, who couldn't click enough started training. I saw Ho234234234234 once in rsc, he was 116 then. I couldn't remember he's name and I searched the hp highscores (att, def and str wasn't the in highscores), and then was about 50-60 people with 99 hp.
  16. No, mine is 13. january 2006. Highscores didn't show unranked stats then.
  17. I have a picture from about the same time. Not many people had high firemaking then and the cooking rank was still pretty good then, although cook-x already came.
  18. Hmmm, I saw Mendark in early 2006 with blue phat. Soon after that he quited. And Galaxyg quited in 2005 already, most of current f2p players obv don't remember him. /this scamming thing, I don't think Mendark quited due to that, he was too consistant about skills and sold millions of air runes in tip.it forums, I think he would have made easily money again. Anyone remembers he's outfit? He always walked around with blue phat, priest robe and bottom, black kiteshield and air staff.
  19. I still think, that Mendark 9 is the greatest f2p player ever. He was just incredible.
  20. I would add f2p equivalent of Zezima - Mendark 9
  21. Seems like Mauranius is like another ex-player who thinks, that all rs players are nerds and noobs. I've seen several people like that, immediately after quit they start flaming Jagex and rs players, yeah, it's very immature.
  22. Why should you be removed from the list? Even tho you quit, your stats will remain forever and should be in the list for younger F2p players to beat.
  23. Anyone know, if I can make myself a member today and get to rsc, it's 25th november, but I've seen two dates, 24 and 25, so which is the last day to access rsc?
  24. Yes it was, 100 at the first, then 120 for a little of time and since then it has increased rapidly. I was added to the list in june 2005 by Danesi. He was then the updater, I found it on the old RuneHQ forums.
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