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  1. Mendark has been hacked for a very long time. http://forum.tip.it/topic/255987-the-f2p-general-discussion-thread/page__st__2860__p__4743241#entry4743241
  2. Yeah, that was my plan also, banking time is actually about the same, that I predidted, maybe a little over 5 minutes. And wilderness mining is better with 1000+ player worlds, then you don't have to wain for ores. And I'm thinking, that via dungeoneering teleport and varrock teleport, it might be even faster banking. Pkers aren't a threat also, there is practically no way that I can die there. Only if 5+ hi level different combat type player try to kill me, but that is highly unlikely. Lower levels might be in danger though.
  3. Hobgoblin mine iron ores. Lots of mining urns and nature runes. Low alch ores during mining. But this is only theoretical, because you can only hold 22 urns which is 1034 ores and then you need to bank, which takes at least 5 minutes and crushes the 55k pace. Without urns its 45,8k per hour, also very good. I did some calculations and if the banking takes 5 minutes, then you can get near 50k per hour. I'll have to time banking time to be sure.
  4. I'll add fastest mining xp to my list: 55K per hour Currently: wc = 72K Fish = 62K Mining = 55K
  5. Here you go 30x24h=720h 3-4h downtime = 3 cents, congrats, you are rich now.
  6. Btw, who the hell holds 50k bones in his invetory?? Sorry, but I don't buy your story.
  7. You have some advantages, that most of us can only dream about - Near infinite money. You also have motivation. So good luck beating me.
  8. N0valyfe has played after that, he has done some dungeoneering and I think he logs in to do christmas and so on stuff.
  9. Only skills that bot can ruin is woodcutting and mining. I mean like slow your xpd down or just annoy. Due to the fact, that I'm already 99 wc and mining can be done at wilderness, they don't bother me at individual level. And when I did wc, then were very little bots at Maze. //I'm really unsocial and like to do my skills alone and at my own speed, that's why I hate dungeoneering and all of my 44 levels are soloed.
  10. //2014 - RuneScape comes to mobile I think this may come in 2012 already.
  11. You missed that world is going to end in 2012.
  12. Low alch is there for a reason, it doesn't interrupt fishing. You just have to start fishing and alch right away and you can do it as long as the spot stays there without reclicking fishing spot.
  13. why bother with the alching, just drop them as you cut them. Uhh, actually I totally didn't think about urns, as they are so new. With urns I estimate max xp per hour to be at 72K. And alching is at least easier than dropping, probably faster too. It will cost a bit, but I think there are few of us, who doesn't care about the money and this means 28k magic xp also. And fragile fishing urn gives extra xp for salmons and using this will increase the xp by 4600 in hour, so 62-63K for fishing.
  14. I did some testing and calculations to figure out fastest xpd gains in wc and fish. Woodcutting - willows and low alching = 61-62k per hour Fishing - Barbarian and low alching = 58k per hour
  15. player cheater would just be forced to enter the ids of the objects manually. That wouldn't fix anything. Every 6 hours account automatically logs out and that means IDs change. Cheater would have to check every 6 hours and change 30? IDs to get it working again, seems to me a pretty hard work. Also most botters are quite childish and want to bot 24/7, not spend many minutes every day trying to figure out ID changes and type them again. I would see this quite effective against most of botters, but not all.
  16. Is there a way to get runescape items excel spreadsheets, for example armor. Name of the item and then stats after: def bonuses, att bonuses etc.
  17. Just timed it, every item takes 9 seconds to make, so 15 game ticks. Make your own conclusions. Max xp per hour is 44400, but in reality 40k.
  18. It's not 130k, actually about 40k per hour. Very slow, but 1,63 gp per xp is amazing.
  19. If anyone remeber, Jagex used to send thank you messages when you submitted a bug report but this was quite rare. I remember getting few of these in 2005-2006. Now I recieve a lot of letters. Jagex has recently again broke some of their promises and sent emails also.
  20. Well, I started off with Green dragonhide chaps (g), Bought like 10-30 at a time. It's important to put the right price, I've seen that about 1 in 5-10 minutes is the best. If they are coming too quickly, you are paying too much, If not coming at all, then too low. Same thing with selling. Later I did chaps and strength amulets (t) at once. Made my money up to 80m and bought santa and started to flip that only santa. 100-200k flips are very easy. If i remeber correctly I managed to get 10,4m out of one santa in one day. But that was a day when santa was crashing and panic sellers were doing their jobs great. There isn't any magic, just try to find the right buy and sell price. Then came second santa and speed went up like 20%. Now I have 3. I've also seen that holding santa for more than 1 day isnt wise. Have tried masks also, but santas work better, probably because there are lots of them and demand is also quite high. As for plans, probably at one level I have to start collecting something also. Due to fact that ge has a 2 item limit. 3 santas currently works, maybe 4 also, but 5 is too much. Remainder of money has to be somewhere else. I don't like screaming at market, so I mostly use Ge only. I have a crown and you probably know what that means. These are my thoughts.
  21. Did gold amulets 85-99. Still making money via fliping. 210M made, not stopping until I have 1000M.
  22. Too bad, that was the only time I took the time to take lots of pictures. Now I'm thinking, that I should have done this more often. Not many similar videos in youtube.
  23. Old Runescape highscores As we can see, top lists have changed alot.
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