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  1. I would personally make it like still 1000 world, but in f2p I would only count f2p skills. Or make even higher lvl world, 1200 for example, all f2p lvls will count. That would be very good.
  2. I'd like to log in too, but I'm f2p. Last time I logged in was early 2005, when Rsc was still open. I should be lvl 58 there.
  3. Let me gratz you before it happens, I would like to come, but I can't. You are great skiller.
  4. F2p is like Darwins evolutionary theory, weaker lose and stronger win. I, as a f2p player, don't care about the noobs shouting crap, ignore all the way. Probably the reason why members only see whine is that higher players mind their own business and ignore anything else, like me for an example.
  5. I have been F2p since 2003, I had a thought in 2005, that I should make myself member, but I didn't. I got cooking 99 soon then and I realised, that people respect my works more, if I'm F2p. Soon orher 99-s and so on. I must admit, taht Rs is boring, but there's no point in making me member, because I don't play much, sometimes a couple of hours in a month and it would be onlt a waste of money. In my country many older players know, me because I was one of the best f2p-s then, 1300 total in 2006 was not so easy. Now I'm 1366, just logged in to do that Easter thing.
  6. We will continue to improve the free game and, crucially, make it as fun as possible because we know that this is the way that everyone first discovers RuneScape. Yay to me!
  7. What's the point of posting random and uninteresting achievements here? I think most of us doesn't care.
  8. Positivity or negativity depends which side are you, training and struggling to log out while pkers are chasing you or the other way.
  9. Strange blinking lights seen from Stronghold of Security's first level.
  10. I was just thinking and thought a skill named Exploring. Just like in old medieval times possible connections with herblore, construction, agility and so on.
  11. Does anyone have Danesi's old excel tables left? I would thank you to heaven, if you post the ones you have here. I found top 100 Table by Akm, from 27. feb 2006: http://img78.imageshack.us/my.php?image ... 27rdv7.jpg You can see me 64th place. I have been in the table since 6th June 2005, i was then below 1100 total.
  12. I have a question. Well, if older f2p players remember before the online f2p top 200 came, was a excel table with all the data, made by Danesi. I kept them in my computer, but format C deleted them all, so I'm asking you to upload and put these here if you have.
  13. Incredible stats, but i'm 68 behind you. Bank is almost like mine. 10p.
  14. My god, give the phat here or else... 10p, nothing to say.
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