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  1. No, that was the point of my post. Although I have not used it yet.
  2. It's somewhat similar situation like in 2005, when addy arrows and stuff was made from p2p to f2p (although then 100% of us didn't even think over ignoring these like nowadays) . Just a update for f2p also, we have become so afraid of updates due to the rarity of these events.
  3. From today, free players can train almost every members' skill up to level 5! This permanent expansion to the free game replaces the old two-week free trial previously offered on new accounts, and is a great way for free players to get a taste of the amazing content that membership brings to the game. Free players must still log on to free-to-play worlds, but on those worlds it is now possible to train every members' skill (with the exception of Construction) up to level 5. On top of that, we've opened up Burthorpe and Taverley to everyone. These two towns make up the Troll Warzone - which is an excellent introduction to the members' game - and contain all the training spots and items you'll need to sample the first 5 levels of the members' game. You'll also have access to four members' quests: Death Plateau Druidic Ritual Let Them Eat Pie Wolf Whistle Seems like training p2p skills to lvl 5 would be the right choice. Although training 1 skill to lvl 2 would be quite disturbing. New, low-level potions have been implemented for the 1-5 Herblore level range, and these have adopted the non-prefixed name (e.g. ranging potion). So we will have attack, magic and ranging potion. Summon spirit wolf As a conclusion, there won't be anything useful except potions. And for me individually it doesn't make playing easier at all.
  4. You're starting with a fresh character on '07scape, so you might as well create another account to begin with. That was the intended plan. No way I'm going to make my pure f2p account a member.
  5. Has anyone thought over playing rs 2007 with "f2p" account. So you will not use any p2p gear and visit p2p areas. Ofcourse the we would have issues with proofing that, but as for the player himself, it might be good playing experience.
  6. I went to try mining. At first I tried to click "C" to drop iron ores, sadly it didn't feel right. The I remapped my mouse so right click is now "C". Now I just have to click both mousse buttons at once when mining iron ore and have other hand free. Seems more efficient to me. I could do it better, but I don't want to get into trouble with use of macros.
  7. So I bought 26,3K big bones for bonus xp weekend. What are you doing?
  8. One year, 350 000 arrows and 5 000 anchovy pizzas later (only 12-13 M coins). My 12th 99. And I also found this thread :D : http://forum.tip.it/topic/136042-total-1337-f2p/
  9. 04' joiner here. Do you remember when there was huge Arenascape section below. Actually, I'm pretty sure that I found out about this forum via Arenascape. There was a link to "forum" at their page and that redirected here, that was back in 2003.
  10. There is only one mining place to consider - Hobgoblin mine iron rocks. All other pretty much pale in comparison. Or is there any other place where 55k (short term) per hour is possible?
  11. I put some pictures online, so if any of you wants to check them out, here is the link: http://s46.photobucket.com/profile/Mackenzie14
  12. Great stories, I can find many similarities. If someone could post any pure f2p players friends chat I would be thankful and maybe sometimes join to chat.
  13. My daily average dungeoneering xp is 130 since the beginning. :)
  14. I still have one goal to achieve. This is getting a partyhat. I had initial goals to achieve 1337 total in f2p, this was really utopic at that time. Goal was perished in 2007 already. Now I have my ups and downs, trying to get more money. Still a long way to go, but that's no problem. Meantime i will probably train all my f2p skills to 99.
  15. I got 20 spins due to being banned by accident + 1 for a day so total of 21 spins. I thought that I would share the outcome. Double spin ticket x 1 500k x 1 1K x 5 Members medium lamp x 2 Somekind of members skill pendant x 1 5K x 1 Mining xp lamp x 1 Small xp lamp x 10 49190 prayer xp 5923 mining xp
  16. I'm banned also. Can't log in or appeal ban. Never-ever botted in my life. Just spiced my evening up, permanent ban would make my year.
  17. Nice stats! I'm currently trying to max out my ranged, 4 lvls to go. Also trying to make some money, too bad that Jagex messed old flipping system up.
  18. Anyone else has infernal urns in bank? At first they were "member's object" but now they have been changed to urns. Sadly I can't do anything with them. Never been member in my life.
  19. On the main page there's a record of 8 99's in one party, but Killer15 did 10 few years ago. News about f2p highscores returning actually may bring many hibernating f2prs back.
  20. Hi there Haven't been here for about 8 months. I have a pretty big collection of pictures since 2004. Ima check my hard drive. What kind of pictures are you looking for?
  21. Hey, good luck to you all. I'll be going away and will be back by Christmas.
  22. Seems like I have pictures for every occasion. :D
  23. It's about 220k per hour doing addy plates. Everything else shoud be slower.
  24. Actually bots don't bother me much personally. They have only made my life easier due to low raw material prices. Only bot-infested skill left for me is mining and I have done most of my 89 levels in wilderness without any bots. Everything has become cheap. If we compare different sill costs to get 99 - prayer is now 2x cheaper, with 250m coins saved. 250m is alot money in f2p. I think maybe 0,1% of f2p players even have that kind of money. Wc might be tricky, but I managed to train it 99 before bot invasion. Although I admit that bots are big problem, but there is many positive effects at individual level.
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