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  1. Nice avatar. The Ghost in the Shell series was really good; I loved the Laughing Man storyline. :)

  2. Dead topic is dead, 4.2 today/tomorrow. Woo... Firelands, won't do it. Previous raids nerfed, won't do them. Quit Cataclysm to twink 80's and do Wrath content again. Working on Herald of the Titans. I miss faceroll puggable content.
  3. Wow. Should inform the "vocalist" that we can't hear crap. Maybe not cupping his hands around the microphone and screaming into it might help. I like metal, I just prefer it when I can hear words. :wink:
  4. Is God real? Post your thoughts. Oh God... Excuse the pun. Why won't you people just leave this topic alone, I guess this is going to be another one of those 150+ page crapfests that'll I'll see every single day on Off-Topic for the next 6 months until someone eventually has the nuts to lock it. To answer the question of the topic. No I don't believe there is some sort of superior being who has made the universe and everything in it. I believe it has evolved over several billion Earth years and we are alone. Simple as that. Next! :|
  5. Not exactly a hard question. :P CPU: 2x Quad core Intel Core's (Extreme Edition). Whatever's the fastest. Memory: 8 - 16GB DDR3 (Depends on board). GFX: 4x ATi 1GB 2900XT's. (X-Fire). Storage: RAID 0 1TB HDD (2 1TB HDD's) (For the OS) & an eSATA external 4 - 10TB HDD. Whatever you can get... Monitors: 30" TFT Monitor & a 1080p projector. All the other crap that goes with it, PSU (1KW), high spec soundcard... Etc. Obviously an expensive mouse and keyboard. That should set you back a few grand.
  6. Chris


    21. From September 2001 to ~October 2006 (on and off). WoW is what finally got me to quit. Never going back. Ever. :P As for being on this board, some of us like the community, it's quite small and friendly(ish). Most of us technically grew up talking to each other and we don't want to let it go that easily. :)
  7. It doesn't matter what card you have, you'll have better than a SB16. If I remember right the orignal SB16's came in an ISA slot format, which is REEEEEEALLY old. :P Assuming you have a semi-modern PC (One with at least an AGP slot to make sure) you'll be alright. If you happen to have a really old PC you can purchase any PCI soundcard for around $10 - 20? From just about anywhere. It'll have SB16 support at least. :)
  8. *shrugs* My mum made me a list... ... I lost the list. :wall:
  9. Ask for the speaker thing seen as you actually appear to want that... And ask for an IOU to be redeemed at any point. :P Jailtime? Use the IOU. Need a new left testicle? Use the IOU. iPod breaks down before your next birthday? Use the IOU. Lots of things can be solved with an IOU.
  10. Chris

    First Car

    3.0L Automatic for a first car... Try your best not to kill yourself. Like Merc my first car was a 1.1L, it was a mark 3 Ford Fiesta. Cheap to fuel but expensive to insure... Being only 18 years old and living in Britain that's normal though. Second car was a replacement car as I crashed my first into some trees. 1.0L Peugeot 205, lovely little car but incredibly slow. :P Third car was a 1.4L Peugeot 306, was a fun little run about until I crashed into the backend of a parked car... Fourth car was a 2.0L Vauxhall Calibra, BIG IMPROVEMENT. But a lot more dangerous for me to be driving in. Caught twice for speeding... Got fed up with having to repair it... So I got a small loan from the bank and have now got a 2.0L V6 Mazda 323F.. Not much faster than the Calibra but a lot nicer and smoother to drive. Let's hope I don't crash this one because I might not survive. ;) So that's 5 cars in 3 years... Every one of them has been a lesson and a gradual one at that. Admittedly the jump from 1.4L to 2.0L could have been made a tad bit smoother... But I got used to the power fairly quickly and didn't kill myself in the process. :wink: But seriously. 3.0L... FIRST CAR?! Your parents must be insane or they want you dead. :uhh:
  11. So is this why you never came on Skype with me and Andy? If you don't stutter when you sing, could you not.. I dunno pretend to sing a sentence? Yeah that doesn't make much sense. Sing it first, repeat it a few times and then gradually go to talking? I know what you mean about kids being cruel... Had a friend in High School called Andy who had a terrible stutter. First few years it was quite bad, but it gradually went away. He still stuttered occasionally but it wasn't as noticeable. We called him A-A-A-A-A-Andy... Luckily he had a sense of humour and took it in good spirit. In fact he was a very nice kid. Kinda wonder where he went... Think he went to work on a farm. :/
  12. If I was re-rolling with a friend to just do 2v2 arena I'd have went Warrior/Paladin. :P Let's hear it for... PLATE! :D But if you are gonna stick with a Rogue. You have to try out the Sub tree. Hemo spec, cheat death, Imp sap. Ish imba for PvP. The only two classes that I have a problem with is Paladins and Warriors. Everything else I pretty much tear through like a wet tissue. Unless of course they're in much better gear than me. Which isn't hard when I'm cutting about in greens/blues. :P Like you, I'll be gearing up in Season 1 Arena gear. Got 26.5k honor so far for my mainhand and offhand. Then I'll be working on getting the Vindicator's Leather set then the Gladiators armor. :) Locking down a caster is pretty easy though. Start with a Garrote, before the silence wears out you'll have 4/5 points for a KS, Be careful with energy but try and do as much damage as possible for the duration of the KS, garrote, restealth, re-open with CS, 5 points, Cold Blood, Eviscerate, should finish off any caster apart from maybe a well geared lock. Although I managed a 3.5k Evis on a 70 lock yesterday... So maybe. :P Any other class, open with a CS and do the same. If you want you can use blind aswell for extra energy and healing. Warriors and Paladins are a problem because of their armor and they have ways of getting out of our stuns. Especially annoying is that god damn bubble. -.- Blizzards idea of a joke... Let's make an already near invincible class completely invulnerable. :x DPS buffs for Paladins too... So even if you didn't want to heal your warrior friend you could still DPS well. :P
  13. Taking out and consequently chasing a level 70 warrior and mage out of the crossroads with a level 70 Rogue in fairly average gear. (Green quest items for instance). Sapped the warrior, killed the mage within 10 seconds. Flipped on Evasion and took out the warrior in a little over 15 seconds. Warrior logged out after that and the mage tried to get away but was being killed by a level 70 Undead Warrior everytime they rezzed. :P Another from way back in the day was a headshot killing spree in CS:S when it first came out. Out of 100 and odd kills 80 odd were headshots. I was psyched. :P
  14. Chris


    I use 1680x1050 as it's my native resolution on my TFT's. Set everything to high and put 6x AA on... I reckon at a guess it was running at around 3 - 5 FPS. Very laggy and stuttering badly. My "rig": AMD Athlon X2 4400+, 2GB PC4000 DDR, 512MB Radeon X1900XTX. It works fine on medium settings, no AA @1680x1050. It also looks mighty fine too. On par with HL2 @ Highest settings (1600x1200). Lovely game visually, fun to play to an extent but not my sort of game. I just downloaded the demo to test out my new GFX PSU tbh. :P I'll give it a 85% :thumbsup:
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