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  1. Hazelmere's prophecy went something like this: 8 will go, 2 will return, one on the path of the Slayer, the other of the Warrior. And you, you will be dressed amongst the enemy, but you will not be one of them. Thanks : But are you sure the part about the player being disguised was in there? I believe it was, just not in those exact words. Maybe it was, I was still hung up on the part about you dressed in robes of evil but serving guthix. I don't know if that was the exact text but it was something along those lines. Your absolutely right, Hazelmere even described the colours of the Dagon'hai robes in his vision.
  2. Although I'd like other people proofing this, too, he's not such a new member, at least when you look at the registration date. Just has a low post count.
  3. I'm really looking forward to the fremmenik diary. On the other hand, I hoped for Mobilising Armies to be released soon... :( Oh well, maybe they get it good enough that it doesn't need to tweaked later.
  4. Hm, Hazelmere did foresee this, at the end of path of glouphrie (not 100% sure) he predicts eight heroes fighting an evil in the north and only two of them survive. The survivors would be Harallak and Mazchna. The thing he drops could be a grand tree seed, would be interesting though why and if it was destroyed with him. Maybe it was not and this a link to the next quest where we could meet glouphrie or at least enter his hidden city.
  5. yoru character is NOT part of that party, it's Harralak Menarous and Mazchna who survive Thanks for clarification. As I mentioned, I haven't done the quest yet.
  6. I'm not really good at his, but I'll have a try. 8-) Some people of which I haven't heard of yet are dead, one of them drowned, maybe in the north. Or Muspah refers to Musah point? Is the blinking eye the eye of Saradomin? Is this a Zamorak follower remembering the assault on Zaros? Maybe the curse on them (see the Ghostly Robes minquest) is going to be lifted? This could alos relate to the shifting of shadows in the first passage. cha0sx already explained the meaning of Raktuber above, so this is when it is happening. Also, the possibility of a peace between the goods disturbed by Bandos has been brought up above by Dullmage. The land talked about here could be either the Wilderness or the goblin land of Yu'biusk, which is also corrupted now. Not sure about the soul of the slayer - either this is Zamoral who slew Zaros or the souls of the dead slayer masters return. Red and green could be Zamorak and Guthix, or red and green dragons - this would point to the Wilderness again. The mad, dead man is maybe Zaros, who rambles again. A darkening universe could also point to his return. The reptile could refer to the dragons again or maybe even the dargonkin. But that's all just my humble speculation. Maybe you can make something better out of it.
  7. In my country (Germany) not giving back lost items or money worth more than 10 not their owner or not bringing them to a Lost-and-found office is considered theft. You may claim a reward of 5% of the items worth or even ownership after a certain period of time. To your scenarios: 1.) If i saw somebody die and be able to catch their name I'd try to contact them and give the stuff back. If I can't, my luck. This wouldn't count for droptraders, though, since they are/were breaking the rules, so keeping their stuff would be a kind of punishment. I have given back items several times before the trade restrictions and have been given back also. 2.) I real life, I would also try to give lost items back - they don't belong to me after all. Of course, this is practically impossible if you find a bill on the ground, but anything where the owner can be identified should be returned or at least tried to via lost-and-found.
  8. Just wondered while reading this thread (couldn't resist although I haven't started the quest yet): Didn't Hazelmere once make a prophecy about a battle of eight heroes versus the mahjarrat, and only two of them survive? So this would be Mazchna and your character. I'm just not sure at the moment where I heard this and if it was connected to a quest. Somebody else remember this, maybe?
  9. Nice find, but I still hope - at least until this is really confirmed - the next diary will be in the fremmenik area.
  10. Entrana would be an obvious contender, as you cannot bring any weapons onto the island, although I think that the Monastery should be included, since you can kill the Monks/Priests. You can kill the animals on Entrana, too, so fighting is not totally disabled. Saradomin/the monks just tell you not to fight, so the Monastery could be a place of peace, too. But then again, the whole thing is just a guess and you maybe right - especially since the monastery is inside the "dangerous" world while Entrana is a bit excluded and travel there is controlled by the monks.
  11. Don't think gp would become absolete - only way I'd see this would be Jagex allowing an item for item exchange at the ge. And still, I think it's easier to get the necessary amount of gp to buy a certain item (maybe not rares) then hoping for 3rd age drop. The reason the Stones of Jordan in Diablo II became some popular was, as far as I remember, that a Diablo-Char could store only a limited amount of gold, depending on their level. The highest possible amount was 990k in the bank chest, if I remember correctly (been a long time since I played), though you could carry more with you. But carrying around large amounts of cash is too dangerous there, 'cause you loose part of it on death. So, if you wanted to pay more, you had to use items, i.e. Stones of Jordan here. We don't have such restrictions in RS, only maybe through the coding of the game, but what I've heard of that, you may have 2 bill gp safe in your bank and this not depending on your char-level.
  12. Entrana, the island of peace, could be a safespot - although it would bekind of useless without a bank there. If Entrana is declared non-pk-zone for saradominist reasons, then maybe also the Monastery, Harmony Island or even all churches/temples.
  13. Was playing on an old, slow comp in university a few days ago while taking a break from work... Stood in Neitiznot alching jewelry and lost connection three times, no problem. Lost connection the fourth time and thought, well let's leave it and get back to work. Next time I logged in I found myself in fally. Lost 400k in coins, 300 saphire bracelets (yes, i make and alch them), 300 nats and a glory (mystic lava staff protected over it). I never play there again, only work! :roll:
  14. Schedl

    Gun Control

    So you're trying to tell that states which have anti-gun laws like England, Denmark or Germany are not democracies but police states?
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