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  1. I'm still kicking around Haha. Well..I just logged on then for the first time in a while lol.

  2. Probs a phone. PS2's are pretty awesome. No need to buy another console until you can really afford it
  3. Speaking from the real world - No. You won't start a charity, sorry bud.
  4. There's no real point in buying a new car unless you can really afford the repayments. If a used car has been kept in good nick then go ahead and buy. Check on www.redbook.com for the pricing of cars and see what their price is compared to the normal. Buying an old ute is the perfect first car. 4x4 Hilux or Navara or whatever are heaps of fun.
  5. Man, those riders must know the meaning of life. There is no way in the world I could ride those distances, those inclines day after day..
  6. jemathonical


    Dark, made any progress with any job apps? If push comes to shove, probs just have to work as a checkout chick or somewhere crappy while you wait to get a career going
  7. Hopefully an election is called this year...Keen to put my boot into Labor
  8. Why not a fan of the Henry tax ? I work in the mines, it's pretty obvious why I don't like it. A lot of jobs have already been lost since Rudd announced the proposed tax. Companies have shelved plans and haulted drilling which has costed people their jobs.
  9. Good riddance Rudd. The Mining Rax was his downfall. Not really a fan of Gillard or any Labor party if they still want to pass the Mining Tax.
  10. I'm about to leap off the Australia soccer bandwagon for another 4 years.
  11. Mirror mate! How's it going old chap? Yeh the land down under is going pretty good. Living it up down here making the most of my youth etc lol.

    Faaaarrk it's been a while since I've been on Tipit, has anytihng changed lol. You're still running the whole joint yeh?

  12. I only really drink coffee when I'm out at work. Normally at around 5am and then at lunch when I start to get a little drowsy at 2pm. It definately helps
  13. Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty. ;)
  14. I drink beer when I'm sitting around with mates and spinning yarns. And every Queenslander must drink XXXX. Summers Gold When I go to house parties always take an esky full of Rum and Cokes. Can't go wrong there. If I want to get paro - Jungle Juice 2 bottles of Passion Pop 1 bottle vodka 1 bottle champagne 1 bottle of ginger ale Orange Juice Whatever else you want to chuck in. For some reason I only wake up with a hangover after drinking Vodka.. It always comes out tasting like punch but rolls you. Good times
  15. I watched a few games out at work this week. I saw Raina get his century which is pretty amazing for a T20 game. India have an elite team
  16. I like to mix it up. I can't really use the same tootthpaste for months on end. I need spice it up with some spearmint flavour every now and then, maybe even some triple protection if I feel fancy. Currently using some Maximum Cavity Proection while I'm at home, and Colgate 12 hour total while I'm out at work.
  17. Sweet, a league topic! My teams are the Cowboys, Titans, Broncos and Storm - (Queenslanders). I think the Dragons and Storm will be the top teams. I'm hoping Souths do well this year, I've always wanted them to do good and this year they have a strong forward pack. Taylor and Burges will hopefully start finiding some form and run amok. Favourite players?
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