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  1. Oops... :oops: I can never tell the difference. They're basically synonymous at this point.
  2. Going to take my Biology exam right now. I hate this class. It could be interesting, but instead we just learn a bunch of random facts that have no structure to them.
  3. Zierro


    If the meaning isn't an irrational fear of ghost doctors I will be so mad. The fear of the contour of a male's genitalia through one's clothes. (i.e. 'is that a banana in your pocket...') What kind of person doesn't fear that...?
  4. Just let 'em try. Nothing can stop TEN THOUSAND FISTS IN THE AIR!!!
  5. Zierro


    Studying the detrimental health effects in detail. That was enough to keep me from ever getting addicted to them - I only smoke cigarettes on special occasions, like when I'm visiting an old buddy.
  6. Well, it might be our natural animalistic tendencies leaking through, but that doesn't make it justified. Our primal instincts can get in the way of the greater good, and as human beings, we also possess this strange compulsion to triumph over nature's faults. A big reason I was drawn to the forums is because I thought it was a bit unnatural how passionate some people can get over bullshit. Maybe if I were very persuasive, it would get people to consider their position. Nope, it usually just makes them feel uncomfortable with how the evidence is going, and so therefore they end up hating me. :P tl;dr: People who do that are animals. Wanna fight about it?
  7. That's why you have a pistol, situational awareness, and reconnaissance tools. Recon is not Assault. Huh? I get close-ranged Sniper Rifle kills all the time. It's not very reliable, but when you are in a quick pickle, it can be a life-saver. Now, if you're purposefully running around corners with a Sniper in hopes of looking pro amongst your peers by no-scoping somebody, that's another story.
  8. Maybe his point was that, when you take into account the time it takes to gather the money for that many chins, PC would've gotten you to 99 faster. I don't know the rates or prices nowadays, so chins are probably still faster. Either way, I love when people divert the argument into a battle of credibility... You know by doing that... you're revealing yourself to not be a very credible source. :unsure:
  9. Zierro


    4/8 exams completed this week and I'm feeling fairly confident about how I did. I might even be able to pull off all A's this semester. :ugeek:
  10. People that get mad at you because they bumped into you. Go be grumpy behind your Subway counter all you want, but when there are thousands of people trying to get somewhere, have some [bleep]ing respect for a human being that isn't you for once.
  11. I think it's funnier when people show me how desperate they are for my attention.
  12. So my voice has been heard, after all. :-P Way to melt it down. Firstly, it's not just necessarily tutors, but professors who have had firsthand business experience too. Secondly, it's not just because they said they're wrong - it's because they explain what is wrong about it. Thirdly, why do you think we learn applications in school in the first place? To give us something to do or to prepare us for not making career-threatening mistakes? I understand the field will have a lot more complexities and anomalies than any business simulation could ever prepare you for, but this case is actually rather plain and simple: Jagex is being cheaper than usual and this severely effects how their customers and potential customers see them as a *cough* gaming company. And let us not forget that people usually played F2P before they made the decision to convert to P2P. But for now, I'm just gonna wait and see what happens when Jagex takes out a big reason why F2P played their game.
  13. Zierro


    You always reminded me of a passionate lawyer. Art dying? It's merely evolving - more application is needed for it to be useful to society. All those historic painters we read about were esteemed for their simple murals because they weren't simple at all during that time. They were crossing new territory and it excited people, sparking the feeling of romanticism. You just need to find your place.
  14. The maps are finally starting to grow on me. Certain stages just aren't fun with certain game modes, like Kharg Island + Rush. One complaint I have is that the Support's suppression doesn't seem to be doing it's intended job. As opposed to blinding my field of vision, they more often than not just sparkle at me and reveal their location. But one thing I really appreciate is that PISTOLS STILL [bleep]ING OWN. :thumbup:
  15. Zierro


    Really? I always thought it was January because then there's not even anything to look forward to.
  16. Zierro


    I have a total of eight exams next week. Time to play Battlefield.
  17. Americans seem to have stronger psychological problems than other countries whether guns are legal or not. Oh and asking for a ban in America is never really an effective idea. The problem doesn't lie within the rules - it lies within the culture.
  18. Not if your goal is posting on TIF while simultaneously venting anger! This basically. Anything can be your goal intrinsically (e.g. you want A for the sake of A alone). Some things can also be your goal as a means to an end (e.g. you want A because A leads to B). If your goal is to be inefficient there are efficient and inefficient ways to go about that (although don't ask me what they are because that's not quantifyable that I know of) which is an interesting paradox. Which is what I never understood about efficiency campaigns. Unless the desired goal is specified otherwise, it is impractical for there to be a "right" way to play in an Online Role Playing Game.
  19. Zierro

    My Rs Friends

    Either that or show him you demand mutual respect or else there won't be a friendship. It sounds like you are afraid of him or something.
  20. Yeah, that's for sure. I guess I just came off a little too strong in this thread - I'm just shocked because Jagex seemed to be one of those companies that were more dedicated to maintaining a solid fan base than pushing their real life statistics as far as they can go. Maybe it will be successful, maybe it won't. Either way, this is just another prime example that business and ethics do not mix well. Seems to me like you're the one giving your best effort to evade the actual discussion at hand. I provide you with explanations behind my claims, inquiry you to provide some of your own explanations about your claims, and by default your response is that I'm clearly not even trying to have a logical discussion with you. Who's the one posting baseless assertions? At least you're wise enough to realize you're running out of traps to hide behind.
  21. I have. You just didn't bother to read anything other than my direct responses to you or look between the lines. My point is that Jagex sucks - they had great potential and now even a large portion of their paying members show distaste towards them due to this update. Of course the "worst-gaming-company-ever" thing wasn't meant to be taken to the absolute. I never came here and said I was going to write an essay about Jagex's marketing tactics - I simply wanted to express my dissatisfaction with an idiom that I didn't expect to be jumped on like it's candy. So if I make a mistake in my reasoning, this enables you to commit however many logical fallacies as you wish to support your point? You don't fight bad logic with more bad logic. You are making the claim that, "Ten years ago, everybody knew that Blizzard and Sony were going to be ruling the market." You did not provide one piece of reasoning or evidence and I doubt you can with such a powerful assertion. Despite complaining about my style of logical reasoning, how I say I don't like Jagex's company policies on a subjective level without pouring every detail about my cognitive reasoning out, you consequently proceeded to make an objective claim (that speaks for everybody) without even a shred of evidence.
  22. I already said I didn't want to derail this thread to the point of explaining every little flaw about their marketing perspective in detailed format. If you want to think I'm unjustified in thinking Jagex sucks as a company, go ahead. I've already provided you with more than enough points in my previous posts to figure it out though. You know, for people who complain about needing to support baseless assertions you'd think they would have the courtesy of at least presenting a non-fallacious argument in return to set a good example. :lol:
  23. Most other MMO's didn't get the opportunity to thrive and flourish in a time with absolutely no other competition, aside from Everquest whom they trumped by making their game more easily accessible to all gamers rather than just the serious ones. Jagex had online gaming by the balls, and they let it get away. They have went from one of the best to one of the worst - was my point. I'm not too optimistic that they are going to bring a radical combat/skill change to Runescape that's going to fix the current problems without opening up a whole new can of worms (like how they tried combating bots by ruining parts of their game for legitimate players, which merely pushed the bots to other gold-farming strategies for a while until just recently), but we'll wait and see. I don't see how this follows at all. Everyone knows that in order to maximize profits, you have to please the potential customers. Not only to give them a product they want to put money towards, but also a company they want to put money towards. (I can't tell you how much I hear people say they won't buy something just off the basis that their commercial is annoying or one of their company policies are ridiculous.) I'm sure by the look of this thread that not too many P2P are happy with the update either. They are free to do what they wish with their own hard-earned assets, but I am free to contend that I will do a better job when I'm the one with a position in game design since I have the advantage of learning from their mistakes.
  24. Zierro


    The killer's breed or the demon's seed The glamour, the fortune, the paaaaaaain Go to war again, blood is freedom's stain But don't you pray for my soul anymore Iron Maiden has a knack for sounding misleadingly evil to outsiders, even though their songs are just what we learned about human nature through history.
  25. Well, I don't want to derail the thread too much, but I will comment that they started out with a good formula for an MMORPG. The idea of training one specific skill at a time and unlock more abilities gave merit to the competitive, individualistic atmosphere that any Role Playing Game needs. They also kept their world simple, but yet every aspect was intertwined in order for you to build your character up to a self-sufficient one-man-army. The F2P -> P2P transition was also very... natural. Players were intrigued by an online realm with tons of open-ended possibilities. You already had your hands pretty full with trying to achieve that full Rune set. If you wanted to take your adventuring a little more seriously, you had the option to pay for more content. Now, not only have the skills and equipment become unbalanced, but Jagex explicitly snatched away F2P hi scores from anyone with the impression that their legacy would remain with the Runescape world even after death. It just goes to show that Jagex is much more concerned about making money than making a respectable, longstanding, nostalgia-invoking computer game that fans can appreciate for a lifetime.
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