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  1. This is exactly what happens when people become too scared to challenge the norm. I warned yall, but noooo.
  2. To constantly improve yourself is contagious.
  3. I came onto the internet as someone who would abbreviate everything possible, but then I slowly shifted towards grammar and punctuation simply because it feels more natural and looks sexier.
  4. My question about agnostic atheism: Why is there a need for such a redundant label? It is already establishing the relation with a god/lack of god into your life, which sheds some sort of importance onto the subject. It's almost like calling myself anti-Twilight because I don't like Twilight. The message is technically true, but the vibe you get from it just seems a little unnecessary and misleading - like I'm going out of my way for people to distinguish what makes me stand out as opposed to just living my life by not liking Twilight. That is to say, if you consider your belief the default, then there is nothing to "stand out" from and the theists should be the ones worrying about the labels they crafted upon themselves - not the ones who merely choose to walk away from other people's wild idealistic terrains. How can we achieve a more secular society when we are constantly talking about god?
  5. Zierro

    KONY 2012

    Well played. :thumbup:
  6. Competitive games like Pokemon will always have that factor of luck. Plus it's still a gamble for the trainer to rely on such chancy methods, especially when there are ways to turn it around on them.
  7. I somehow dance to Tool. Parabola's drumming just gets me into the groove!
  8. Very dependent on situation. I find it's convenient to keep the habit of going for headshots, but if someone is barely visible (like strafing through obstacles) then you just want to get what you can take.
  9. I'll be interested in buying whatever version allows actual Pokemon battling online. The random Wifi crap just gives you 10-year-olds that leave as soon as you kill one of their Pokemon, and the "pro" Nintendo rules are ridiculously biased and render Pokemon that are dependent on stat-reducing moves completely useless. I can't use my Starmie that has Scald, Recover, Cosmic Power, and Minimize off the basis that it's too unfair, but IV-hacking a Chandelure that can one-shot everything is fine? I mean, there's moves like Haze, Mind Reader, and Sheer Cold for a reason. /vent
  10. Last match I went 13-0 in Team Death Match by sniping on top of a low building with enemies flanking me from literally all four directions. Slowly but surely gettin better. :shades: EDIT: Oh, and I want to give an overall thumbs up to the developers for making such an unpredictable competitive experience, but at the same time isn't nearly as luck-based as Call of Duty. They could've done a lot better with the bugs though... especially given the fact that they charge you extra to play online. Nonetheless, still the best FPS I've played to date.
  11. Currently playing/researching: World of Warcraft, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (3-heart-challenge), Final Fantasy 8, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Super Mario 64, with the occasional Halo or Battlefield matches thrown in here and there. My friends and I got a bunch of expensive game making books from a former Valencia student... for free! Now my excessive gaming and over-analyzing can be put to good use since it qualifies as a stepping stone in career-building.
  12. For me, being reminded of this basic fact is actually a nice thing. I was kind of in shock when I first read that, but thinking harder on it, it is oddly empowering. The fact that we even have a chance to [bleep] about unfairness at all is a miracle. On topic: Dubstep/Techno/House. I can't even explain why - it's like an intelligent mosquito that knows precisely which buttons of yours to push.
  13. Zierro

    KONY 2012

    I thought it was a noble cause until I saw the prices for the "awareness kits". Good luck. The internet already exploded and scattered into sects of unwavering vigilantism and determined skepticism.
  14. The fact that, despite how long you research or how hard you push or how patient or courteous you are, you're still just the same rag doll as everyone else when it comes to nature.
  15. Because it's what gets you social relationships which leads to food, water, shelter, and a job. A little self-consciousness and self-criticism can go along way, but remember that you can never please everybody.
  16. Zierro


    Old Smuggler Scotch. $20 for 1.75 L of 80 proof = :thumbsup:
  17. But what some people deem to be politically correct is just absurd: "Don't ever say the word fat, old, black, gay, little, etc.". I'm a believer that you cannot let others make you feel inferior without your consent, but obviously there's a line between harassment and insensitivity.
  18. I'd rather miss a few days of class than be responsible for spreading the germ, unless it's an exam day.
  19. While I won't deny that it's hypocrisy by definition of the word, it is also taking advantage of the fact that people are generally self-centered and it implores them to realize the negative repercussions of the thing they've been dealing out to others. Sometimes it can be a great problem-solver and sometimes it just makes matters worse, and this fact comes to life when you read the links Furah and I exchanged. I think it's just a matter of personal preference of what constitutes as true moral integrity. I think it's justifiable to get your hands dirty if it's done for the greater good, whereas some see it as betraying your own code.
  20. What about video-taped evidence or a confession? If there's any sort of lingering mystery at all, I surely wouldn't want someone to be punished, let alone killed. Same here. TIFers just can't make it in the big house. What is a "just" murder?
  21. But prison still has other inmates, guards, and the chance of escape. They're not quite out of society yet. I know prison homicides are rare, but it does happen. (Warning: Not for the weak-stomached.) http://www.newsobserver.com/2011/03/31/1093569/autopsy-reveals-details-of-prison.html http://www.villagevoice.com/2001-04-03/news/anatomy-of-a-prison-murder/ What's worse is some criminals verbally admit to liking it in there - some even purposely put themselves in there. Hell, some criminals are socialized into being better criminals in there. Overall I just think we have a lot to work on when it comes to the most important matter of our lives.
  22. Then I will be just as lazy and post another cherry-picking site saying it does.
  23. I believe it's more cruel to knowingly allow serial killers another chance to kill again than to use the death penalty, as cruel as it still may be. The problem arises with proof, but what we need to focus on are the many cases where it's clear who the offender is - they'll even taunt the public about it in order to embed their "legacy" into our minds as they walk to their refuge. And the saddest part... they "won". Thus why the premise behind capital punishment is that it deters the incentive and willingness to commit atrocities more than any other sort of lawful operation we can come up with, unless there are any takers? Anyone want to argue psych clinics steer the bad guys away? (Notice I am speaking specifically of individuals who make an "art" out of killing random people - not just aggressive confrontations that escalate into violent crimes of passion. Which are still obviously terrible, but I only think the death penalty should be reserved for those who live to put other lives at their mercy, and there is direct evidence of their offense and motive.)
  24. Zierro


    I prefer to call it Business Corruption Day, but maybe it's because I'm a cheapskate.
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