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    Thanks for believing in me. :)
  2. Well since English is the most prevalent language of the world, it is the most readily available to learn and pickup on. The fact that it is so common makes for more opportunities to learn the rules, but the rules themselves do seem to be counter-intuitive compared to other languages a lot of the time. As far as arguing what is overall harder, I don't think anyone would get very far. It's still a great mystery how exactly we integrate our native language into our minds.
  3. Zierro


    Calm down, H2PM. No need to be so blue.
  4. What? That analogy is completely flawed. People go fishing, expecting to get fix, and guess what? They get fish. They repeat the action, and guess what? They get fish. Same action, same result. The analogy lies within the fact that fishing is a game of chance. Sometimes people go to a lake fishing all day and catch nothing. Sometimes they do. It doesn't really matter if they change their fishing tactics as much as it matters how lucky they get.
  5. Yeah, otherwise every person that went fishing would be an insane lunatic until they successfully caught a fish.
  6. I believe that, while Halo and BF do have their flaws, CoD just isn't what a First Person Shooter should be about. The stages have too many twists, turns, nooks, and crannies for such brief combat encounters that it creates a dimension involved in way too much luck. The hit detection has slowly been improving, but is that really saying much when they just now, after how many attempts, got the head shot and lunging mechanics to a decent level? The killstreaks are a story within themselves... I will give that the lower ones do add a bit of fun to chasing streaks, but it quickly becomes overkill with the choppers and such. The only pro I will give CoD is the variety in their weapon loadouts.
  7. Because saying Halo: Reach is a gimmick being milked for more than it's worth is retarded troll logic, right? I don't want to begin to imagine how butthurt you'd be over my opinion if you were a CoD fan. :uhh: I guess it's a completely different story that you make "retarded troll posts" like these:
  8. Yeah, we all know you're useless, now stop posting. Checkmate.
  9. Halo - milking a gimmick CoD - mad geniuses and demons from hell gathering together to concoct the most diabolical gumbo of slop humanly imaginable as a social experiment to see how misbegotten and uncircumspect of a job it takes minimum to pump out the product at an efficient rate
  10. 80 WPM with my pointy fingers. I would argue that I type at the most ideal speed for a human being. Any faster and your eyes wouldn't be able to catch all the mistakes. Or maybe you're just a cheater.
  11. Yeah, I don't think she'll be too thrilled about how you tried to RACK UP another soul mate.

  12. Zierro


    I am, therefore I think.
  13. If it's such a good game then why can I write an irrefutable five paragraph essay proving that it's the biggest detriment to society since the explosion of the underground gangster culture? Ahh, love the smell of inductive debating in the morning. Then you deserve to get a taste of your own medicine, in my humble opinion.
  14. Well, not my taste as far as looks go (not that she's unattractive per se), but anyone who can drum Parabola knows what the hell they're doing with their lives. And then we have these...
  15. Because they finally found a group they can relate with. I mean seriously, zombies have always been popular in films but now we've reached a new turning point where anything zombie-related gets the same sort of recognition. OMG zombie pajamas!!
  16. Finally starting to get used to the flow of the game. Got some pretty nice kills with the pistols and machine guns, but does anyone know if there's still a gravity drop on the sniper bullets? It seems you had to aim quite a bit higher in BF:BC2 to get the headshot off.
  17. Zierro


    Got bored of myself so I went through another metamorphosis today.
  18. Zierro


    At the risk of sounding like a dick, your social life can be summed up with that one line. And now I'm going to sound like a psychiatrist, but you're quite frankly juggling inner peace with what others expect out of you in order to try to achieve absolute harmony. I think you knew that trying to please everybody would end up pleasing nobody. Being alienated from others does suck. It's painful and humiliating. It makes you seem weak to them. But being alienated from yourself is more painful and humiliating - it makes you seem weak to yourself.
  19. People who think they are Jesus [bleep]ing Christ just because of the fact that they smoke/do not smoke. Actually, let's just simplify to, "People who think they are Jesus [bleep]ing Christ."
  20. Greasy men with their stained high-waters and mullets.
  21. While I will admit that Call of Duty is more of a wildcard than Candy Land, pretty much any form of competition is ridiculous from the start because of all the luck factors we not only have to face in a simulated realm, but everywhere in life.
  22. You do know what milk does to cats right? Doesn't it give them leukemia or something?
  23. When you're taking a test and the choices look like this: "How would you BEST describe the president's speech?" A. Optimistic B. Upbeat C. Confident D. Positive Dear test makers, I don't know whether this has ever occurred to you or not, but that word "BEST" implies opinion - in which a short response answer is the most accurate way of seeing if someone knows what the hell they're talking about or not. Not asking them to differentiate between synonyms, [bleep]ing geniuses. :wall:
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