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  1. Just got over 40 kills in Living Dead. Why is this even allowed...?
  2. Zierro


    Today I'm having some chili that's been simmering all day with a bag of Chili Cheese Fritos. Perfect thing to conquer my sickness.
  3. I think it's because context quite literally changes the way we see things. Imagine you see a breathtaking woman, wind fluttering through her curly brown hair, a cute face, and a fit body. Then you see a child come up to her and say, "Grandma!" Suddenly, she's not so breathtaking. If I find out an attractive girl is a real [bleep], it magically turns her physical attractiveness down a couple notches.
  4. I second that. Sounds like she's just attracted to whatever is flashing in front of her eyes at the moment. You definitely deserve better than that, even if she does decide to "shape up" which she probably won't.
  5. Yeah, the game definitely needs to be more fluid than it is. One time I got killed immediately after a medic revived me - I didn't have a weapon for my next spawn. I couldn't do anything but run around and die. Other than the glitches, I'm happy with how they balanced the classes and weapons. It makes sense to give Support some of the good explosives like Claymore and Mortar.
  6. Zierro


    What the hell do they put in that J├Ągermeister? I swear, I feel kinda high when I drink that stuff.
  7. You're saying it was a success because there has been an influx of new members right around the time when school gets out? You know, there was also a large decrease in activity immediately after the update, but we'll be here all day if we just point at the rates every time it moves. Runescape is one of those games people like to keep coming back to, so I wouldn't think the long-term effects would kick in until about a year when most of the player base finds out the game has been downgraded. My guess is just that Runescape will deteriorate faster than it already was, but how can you really measure that? Plus I'll still stand by it being a sleazy, underhanded business tactic whether it helps Runescape or not - because it's just that pathetic.
  8. WOW. Just joined two matches where our team loses before I even get a chance to spawn. Then joined an actual match, started kicking ass, almost destroyed the last two stations, and then "Disconnected from Server". Great lobby system.
  9. I'm just talking about the people who argue "Lol, you're illogical if you cut trees that give less xp." There's a difference between assuming constants for the sake of an experiment and disregarding factors to appear infallible.
  10. People who think there's no such thing as a valid excuse. I understand that people like to find the most convenient cop-out to justify their laziness, but some things are literally out of a human being's control. And as a side note, [bleep] those people who ruin it for others. God I love this thread.
  11. Zierro


    Same, but I'm having a terrible vacation so far with the flu so I can't even celebrate.
  12. Precisely my point. A couple months back, I remember many threads where some folks straight up disregarded any other factor besides tangible reward and objective effort. Yes, their math was correct. What they didn't realize was that some people don't enjoy doing it that way for a number of reasons (I want the personal satisfaction of getting 99 Runecrafting without touching the abyss or ZMI, I want 99 Agility at 3 Combat), which is the entire allure behind RPG's. If said goal is clearly quantifiable, such as 99 Runecrafting as quick or cheap as possible, then it is logical to measure the efficiency of contrasting methods. Therefore slayer xp is money. Untradeable money? That doesn't sound very useful. Slayer xp =/= money Time is money Time is slayer xp Time is fm xp Time is whatever you make it. ??????????????????????????? Use time that would otherwise be spent slaying to make money = turning slayer xp into money. LOL THIS IS ROCKET SCIENCE And what the hell is up with this? Lol.
  13. The damage is pretty consistent on the basis of distance but not accuracy. Sometimes it takes two shots if you're not spot-on. My favorite would have to be the Flechettes though.
  14. Nevermind... Got nothing but Helen Keller 3-to-1 matches after I said that. <.< Seriously, this week I've been getting so many match-ups where I'm a magnet for people who spit on the concept of cooperation. It's unreal.
  15. Damn I play so much better drunk.
  16. Most of the Cracked authors. Some of the articles can be interesting and actually have scientific evidence backing them, but it's usually just smothered by millions of random allusions that aren't even funny. Oh, and when the inside of a car is messy.
  17. Exactly, I've even posted something similar to this in another thread: Everyone knows that in order to maximize profits, you have to please the potential customers. Not only to give them a product they want to put money towards, but also a company they want to put money towards. (I can't tell you how much I hear people say they won't buy something just off the basis that their commercial is annoying or one of their company policies are ridiculous.) I'm sure by the look of this thread that not too many P2P are happy with the update either. Jagex explicitly snatched away F2P hi scores from anyone with the impression that their legacy would remain with the Runescape world even after death. It just goes to show that Jagex is much more concerned about making money than making a respectable, longstanding, nostalgia-invoking computer game that fans can appreciate for a lifetime.
  18. Zierro


    Some "friend" he is. <_<
  19. Zierro

    Were my gray hairs really that notable?

  20. Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

  21. I'm really getting sick of the Call of Duty-esque "Oops, I turned the wrong corner" with some of these levels. When you're the only 5+ year old on the team, there's not much you can do but hope to get lucky and not have their entire team focused on you while your entire team is focused on a blank wall. Agreed.
  22. Because, more often than not, it is for the sake of being a rebel. What else can we expect?
  23. Zierro


    Something's been going around over here too. It's amazing how I didn't get it yet, even though my immune system is crap and I'm around so many sick people. In other news, I got some of my course grades back. Straight A's so far, but I still have a monster of a math test to survive...
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