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  1. Making big gains in short time is not something that can indicate ban. 1. Recently jagex relased new skill. Some people had 200m xp after couple of days, XP rates were abnormally high. No one was banned. 2. "too good to be true" is very subjective. For players with 10m gp: 5m gp/s is high For marchanter with phats and 2,1b it will not be as high. 3. Power creep is how jagex handle game. Every content is better than previous. If something was 100% legit in past then players should be safe to asume it is safe with new content. Otherwise every new content could give you ban.
  2. Grotesque Souls were relased on 27 january. Players could get them from Treasure Hunter or doing slayers tasks. Players could trade them on GE, between players and in general store. GE medium price was: 7000 Store price was: 2100 Real market price (player to player) was lower than 2100. Some players found out they can buy souls from other players and sell souls to general store for good profit. Couple hours after relase Jagex removed ability to sell souls to General Store and banned players for bug abusing who were selling souls to shops. Jagex mod said on reddit about bans: In past there was TH promotional items that players could sell to store: pinata sombrero: https://embed.gyazo.com/057875982bfeb5d0ea13b59f5fa4c26b.gif pinata plushie: https://embed.gyazo.com/0873bb48f653f90e28f275cb59f568ab.gif relased: 14 December 2015, still sellable on 02.02.2016. So there was no way for player to see it that selling Grotesque Soul to shop was bugged because it followed rules of old content that was 100% legit at time of Souls relase. This create situations where players can be banned for playing new content and be banned because of jagex mistakes. Why there is no bigger discussion about Grotesque Soul Bans?
  3. I hope new CEO will see future for Runescape not quick cash grab
  4. I have found that having vertical window much better for playing runesacpe - camera is far away from character (game windows is still horizontal)- tabs does not overlap game window- you can alt-tab and still see what is going on in game full screen:
  5. i hope they will not need lower lewer weapon to upgrade it to lvl 90.
  6. then don't vote. skillcapes rework: i dont care. I don't wear them. design documents: yes. good updates > more updates
  7. It is only if you want to be efficient
  8. ppl who are going to use legace screen size are masochist
  9. I can't wait for ninja team to become main developers. 1. spend 20hours on f2p getting 6m 2. save hundreds hours with inceased xp/cash hourly rates on members 3. quit 4. come back
  10. 1. we're going to be able to obtain all three crystal weapons anyway, so I don't care 2. - combined potions, because 8 dose would pobably kill normal flasks
  11. 460k active runescape accounts. How many players this could be?
  12. familiar can carry more than 30 memories. It will be worth to keep bag full of summoning potions and pouches
  13. after talking with Zaros after quest I'm waiting for this:
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