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  1. About the w117 dungeon times, i guess since I have no evidence ill just start tracking and logging the times of the dungeons i do with w117 teams from now on, since im fairly sure ive never seen anything remotely close to 30minutes large dungeons. About the whole "w117 can't dungeroneer properly" thing I'm totally fine with it. Try thinking about it this way: the world of RuneScape is largely based on fighting and combat. The world is full of people who can only go on killing other people or monsters for a living. It's no surprise when such brutes wish to get chaotic weapons - since they're the strongest, but can do little besides killing anyone they see in, while in a dungeon. Think of them as mercenaries, they don't think that much.
  2. Allright, so the "nerf" was confirmed to actually be a bug affecting several spells, including slayer dart, thats why barrows was sucking that much lately. QFC: 15-16-770-63224512
  3. 6K xp/h? Can't team? this made me chuckle irl. Never seen a dungeoneering bot in action, huh? Shouldn't speak about things you don't know about and throw around numbers you just made up. On topic: Some people rush, some don't I don't see what the big deal is, people are free to have their preferances. I, myself don't rush because dieing would be a disgrace, i also like to see xp coming in large chunks, get as many achievements as I can while in a dungeon (mmm, beastmode). Also, 1 hour dungeons are slow for you huh? the average you get in w117 is above 1:30mins, and I've gone as long as 4hours+ (don't remember the exact time, was before the timing system was introduced and i wasn't really tracking time). I'm pretty sure that 1 hour dungeons are slow, even in W117. (And even for "nonrushers") Well I'm pretty sure (and I did all of my dungeoneering in w117 minus a few friend/clan dungeons) that you don't get faster than 1hour in w117, at least never happened to me, fastest dungeon i remember was 56 minutes, and everyone were very helpful and cooperative then, heck we didnt even have griefers.
  4. 6K xp/h? Can't team? this made me chuckle irl. Never seen a dungeoneering bot in action, huh? Shouldn't speak about things you don't know about and throw around numbers you just made up. On topic: Some people rush, some don't I don't see what the big deal is, people are free to have their preferances. I, myself don't rush because dieing would be a disgrace, i also like to see xp coming in large chunks, get as many achievements as I can while in a dungeon (mmm, beastmode). Also, 1 hour dungeons are slow for you huh? the average you get in w117 is above 1:30mins, and I've gone as long as 4hours+ (don't remember the exact time, was before the timing system was introduced and i wasn't really tracking time).
  5. Magic did get a slight nerf with the last update. It's nothing groundbreaking, and not really felt when dealing with monsters who have a low magical defence, but in places like barrows, where your progress is measured by how many doses of ppots you used the nerf is felt quite alot. Haven't done enough runs to estimate the ammount of accuracy which was taken away yet, but working on it.
  6. I'm pretty sure you don't need dragonkin remains to tune the bane ore, since you can juse use dragonbane, Dragonkinbane wouldn't even sound right. Oh and also about the skeleton in the wilderness volcano It's there, but when examining it doesn't clarify that it's a dragonkin as a fact, it's more of an easter egg. And about the time travel theory, yeah I thought it was pretty obvious that something like that is gonna be involved after reading Robert's letters. I'm not a big fan of overspeculating and since we don't have sufficient info to work on I won't comment on further. A little offtopic: Buut.. Since we're talking about ROTM (kinda) I was shocked that Nomad's requiem wasn't included as a requirement for it, When you defeat Nomad and he proclaims you have doomed the world I was sure he was talking about Lucien. If not, is there anyone powerful enough to pose a threat to the whole world that Nomad would be gaining power to stop? Perhaps he knows about dragonkin?Or perhaps an unknown enemy remains?
  7. Legit playing? So travelling trough the lands helping strangers on the way and conquering enemies, and basically any other kind of role-playing isn't legit or what?
  8. Heavily implied by what? http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Bilrach [hide=quote] Bilrach did not attend to 18th Ritual of Rejuvination. This suggests that he is either dead, or much weaker due to not getting rejuvinated. If you speak to Ali the Wise after the Ritual of the Mahjarrat, he will discuss the strange power that occurred before Dungeoneering was released. He will confirm that the strange power was "A case of the wrong Mahjarrat being in the wrong place at the wrong time.." and that it was "Such a waste of power." In the quest Ritual of the Mahjarrat, when two other mahjarrat die, a similiar strange power occurs and lifts all humans present at the ritual. Ali the Wise also confirms this phenomenon, saying "When one of our kind dies, all that they were dissipates from their body." -end quote- So Bilrach finds what he's looking for in Daemonheim, but it is too powerful and it kills him (or he doesn't find it but something kills him anyway), this caused the strange power event and allowed us players to enter Daemonheim. [/hide] But how powerful would Bilrach have to have been when he died for his death to be felt so far away? Do any of the seers say anything about feeling the ritual like what they did about the opening of daemonheim? And wasnt zaros's attempt to return to the world supposed to be kept quiet for now? So why did Azzandara start blasting away with god power and shouting zaros at the top of his lungs? Wouldn't that have tipped off the half dozen most powerful zammy followers and some of the stronger saradomin followers that something was up? [hide]Because when rejuvenated he could take on entire armies by himself, Azzanadra is easily the stronegest of them. See zemourgal's notes: they were scared to free him even after he was imprisoned for more than 4-5 rituals. With him at this power level Zaros' rebirth cannot be stopped. Btw since when can a mahjarrat die from a simple wound? I thought they were kinda, immortal? (except for the ritual)[/hide]
  9. [hide] Lol at our player, sir tiffy and that druid guy encoding the coordinates for the stone's hiding place. My character should know better, since he has talked to that Rc guild lady while wearing full robes and the ring of charos, and does know that she has a stone-tracking device, - the great orb project. They dun goof'd. Inb4 they find it and empower the dragonkin even more.[/hide]
  10. In WGS you touched the one stone that was used to shape the entire dimension, which unlocked your hidden potential. Thus massive xp gains. Even if you were to touch the stone in rotm again, you had allready unlocked the abilities deep inside you.
  11. So it seems it's finally here. When WGS was released I couldn't do it, but aimed at being able to do it's sequel on the release, and so I'm here. Oh, and a short reminder: Last time copious ammounts of [hide]NOOBS[/hide] spoiled the quest for many reading this forum. Please use the hide tags when discussing the contents and spoilers of the quest. Thank you in advance.
  12. [hide] I am so tempted to come down to Texas and smack you... well, at least give you what for. If you'd leave it just on the forums, that'd be one thing, but I know (gee, no surprise to you, of course) that you're pissing off your roommate blathering on about something that does not matter in the day-to-day IRL stuff. THAT SAID... and yes, go ahead, roll your eyes already, because I'm referencing the "Andrew threatened a lawsuit story" again. But it does apply to this situation-- his investment in Fen Research is TOTALLY consistent with what he said then. He is NOT a management type. He will never be a suit. He said specifically then that he just likes dealing with code and programming-- and this investment allows him to do that. If you aren't going to trust my word on it, respect Mod Ash's. Y'know, that jmod who has actually been a regular RS player and seems to be in tune with what actual players do. I'm not going to reveal my sources on how he confirmed this to me-- it was through a mutual friend and I don't want either of them to be harassed. Quick sum up: Andrew is doing what he likes and this time he doesn't have to deal with whiny, seemingly entitled players moaning and kvetching to him what they don't like about the game, especially when it was done in a clingy, ungrateful way. I think just about any other person in his situation would do THE VERY SAME THING. It amuses me to recall how bitterly players complained, and now they howl about abandonment. Please. About the other stuff... hard dose of reality. This is NOTHING. I mean, c'mon. C'MON. I mean, I'm laughing again here-- that was the other thing Ash mentioned.: Investment in the game is solid and funding is there for the long-term. Yes, the downside is soulless marketing with cheap come-ons, but hey... that happens all the time in the corporate world. Sneeze twice and this stuff with Jagex was already repeated elsewhere 50 times over with no exaggeration. Own up-- the updates are good, membership IS up. All the players that are threatening to quit-- they obviously haven't, or at least they are lost in the heap. This is real life, ladies and gentlemen. Phhhtt, fine, I'm 37... part of this comes with the territory. You're familiar with Kevin Smith, right? Reminds me of how he admitted in an interview that he finally stopped caring about some random critic on the Internet, especially when one said critic was only 14. He had her in tears and then he finally realized it wasn't worth it. NOW I do hope that what Hugh_Mannity said years ago does come to pass and all this management restructuring brings some better customer support, but... again, c'mon. Much like any other company today, I figure they will go with whatever gets the job done... and not too much more. This is also why I couldn't be more blasé about the Jiblix interview-- and I do mean unimpressed. Streisand effect? Hoo yeah. Way too much dramatics for me to take it seriously and I'm speaking from experience, i.e. I've done my fair share of drama llama crap and I know it makes waves for a while and then the backwash comes in. I'm hoping you and the other kids here come to a realization that dealing with companies-- if you WANT a reasonable response and possibly get your complaint resolved-- you don't carry on with a lot of emotion. I mean, really... you never hung up on a customer foaming at the mouth when you did call center work? Rant at a company and they WILL ignore you. State your complaint in a thoughtful, calm manner-- your chances of your issue being handled well improve exponentially. Heh. Dang. I wanted to comment on "My kind of field" but I'm going to assume a number of eyes have glazed over right about now. [/hide] Yes, when you want a response from a normal company a reasonable and a calm method of action is suggested, however this implies that Jagex are normal, which they are not. Furthermore Jiblix never wanted to communicate with jagex, communicating with them is pointless since they won't listen even if you explain everything in a calm and argumented manner. What Jiblix was/is doing is raising the public awareness of how bad the situation really is. And that is a very good thing. Although I do think that noting that Jagex didn't desreve the golden joystick this year was asking to get demodded. I think Andrew fully understood what was going to happen once he sold his stocks. If he willingly wants to see his masterpiece get detsroyed then i have no problems with it. Let him enjoy his debt-papers. I was going to write a long-ass moral on how/where runescape should have been going all this time but I don't see the point now.
  13. Noticed the official guide part tooo. LAME. God i can't even express how lame it is.
  14. Yes but only inside the mini-games. Outside they are statless. ? where does it say that? All I saw in the Kb was that they provide extra 15% damage aplifier when in minigames if using the full set. EDIT: nevermind...I was being blind... "Hybrid armour can be obtained from various minigames. These pieces of armour are entirely cosmetic except for when they are in the following PvP minigames"
  15. Hm, just noticed the battlemage full set provides +27 str bonus, which means I'll be getting it sooner or later.
  16. I lol'd. But seriously, so this is the epic hybrid armour? Unobtainable by casual players? great thinking, jagex....
  17. It's official. Jagex has officially admitted to RWTing. "As for the difference between Jagex RWTing and RWT companies doing it is that we do it without negatively impacting on Runescape and use the revenue generated to make Runescape better." ~Mod Mat K Quick find code: 254-255-115-63134042; Page 4, Post 7
  18. They're just really stupid :P They are very stereotypical and flat right now. I'm hoping more quests change that but eh, in the meantime, I'll take my cheap humor where I can get it. I don't want humor in my quests, especially in ones that are supposed to be rich in detail and lore, like rotm. If they're in that quest I'm legit killing myself. Leave me your rs account in your will please.We need SOME people to defeat Lucien, and this seems conveniet timing for them to appear. Ill hold you to your word. Oh right, lucien is perfect to kill them off, considering they're weaklings compared to people like sloanne and Duradel, who became the most powerful slayer master overnight,and were still 1-hitted
  19. Xenia is right, if a global crysis came along only raptor and the seventh hero, out of the signature heroes could do anything worthwhile. And that's considering raptor isn't all talk, since we haven't actually seen him do anything. --------------------------- Now the question is: what global crysis could come? ( WGS, Temple at Sennisten, dungeoneering journals spoilers further on ) [hide] The dragonkin: Appereantly by finding/touching the stone of Jas we did something to free the Draginkin, since once you unlock the strange powers the touch awakened (get the xp reward) you see a cutscene with the dragonkin speaking of power resonating and that they will "wreck pain and sufffering upon lesser races" . Which implies a full-on war. What do we know about the dragonkin? Since their population is very limited they created dragons to protect themselves, so having the power to create dragons they could wage a pretty good war against the human kingdoms. Zaros: As those who have done Temple at Sennisten know, Azzanadra has restored the communion portal and is now plotting on how to revive the Empty God. Feared by many, the zarosians are truly a faction that could deal alot of damage if they came back. I'm not saying Zarosian rule would be bad at all, considering how splendorous his kingdoms were pre-godwars, but i doubt the current human kingdoms would submit, and a war would occur. And we all know how warring Zarosians goes. Lucien: Currently risen from a simple mahjarrat to unimaginable power, an antagonist which couldn't even be scratched by the great team of heroes we assembled, Lucien has now got the Stone of Jas, an item which the godwars were fought for, and which Guthix used to create the runestones and shape Gielinor, he is now fully prepared to attend the ritual. Many think that we will defeat him during ROTM, but what if we don't succeed? what if Lucien actually becomes a god, and his faction wages war to control the lands? Another great threat. Zamorak: Bilrach, a mahjarrat who is presumably second in power to Azzanadra (and Lucien now, that he has the staff of armadyl and the one stone), has been digging a dungeon towards an unknown goal. genetically engineer whole races of slaves who think that pain and fatique is good so they work until they die, then another generation continues the work. Bilrach is delving deeper due to his beliefs that he can ressurect Zamorak by reaching the rift below daemonheim. However he was most likely tricked by the dragonkin to releasing them. [/hide]
  20. Pretty much this. Would be nice to know what the real situation is and what they plan on doing with it. Doubt it will happen, though.
  21. hm, upon further inspection,it does seem the t2 timber plot gives more logs now, however the overall speed was reduced since they added those stones and I can no longer run a full lap around, and have to spend several seconds going back to the first roots again. Also it's strange it's not mentioned in the KB:
  22. more roots, check out the knowledge base, it has all the info on skilling plots. Higher tier=more roots/more ore veins etc. basically the same grind.
  23. Don't the resources get spoiled each building tick, or is it possible to save them somehow?
  24. Heh, it also seems jagex pulled the same trick they did with dungeoneering, appereantly t3 citadels require 17.5K timber and 15K stone to be upgraded from t2, now with the storehouse at t2 the limit of resources per person is 1200, which would make 27 people working full limit (and a 0.08K more). The visitor requirement is 15 though. What will happen at higher tiers? 40 people needed to visit = 70 people fully working? I don't get what jagex wanted to do by this and why was this done....
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