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  1. Just a simple question... how many times are you able to loot 25 each day? I've heard people say 3 times every 8 hours or 3 times every 24 hours. Also, any advice would be useful as I've never played before. I already know that it's wise to use King Warband as the friends chat. Thanks in advance!
  2. I wasn't even aware of this feature until now!
  3. Since Sinkholes I've been ranking up Dungeoneering tokens faster than ever. I now over enough tokens to get ahold of my first chaotic weapon, which was going to be the maul. With the dual wielding changes, is the maul still the best first-weapon? Thanks in Advance!
  4. Is the playercount on the main RuneScape homepage for EOC alone? Or both verisons of the game?
  5. Do you get experience for the floor completed or the floor ticked off?
  6. When selecting different scrolls I wish to seek on the Port Management interface, does it change the likeihood of coming across a scroll-rewarding voyage?
  7. I've taken into consideration what Pingouin mentioned. In some sense it was directed to why you're using a Chaotic longsword instead of a godsword :razz:
  8. Couldn't I just use a godsword as a slash weapon though?
  9. So the Chaotic maul is the only chaotic weapon that's worth getting altogether?
  10. Having trouble deciding which one to get first seeing that all monsters have different weaknesses now and require different weapons. I'm also debating whether chaotic weapons are even worth spending tokens on anymore?
  11. Go to his stock interface and the option to repair should be accessible.
  12. 1. May be a question that I've already answered myself, but confirmation would be nice. So furnished floors are from 18 to 29. If I had only ticked off floor 29 and repeated floor 29, would it tick off floor 18 (the lowest furnished floor that hasn't been ticked)? f I had only ticked off floor 18 and repeated floor 18, it would tick off floor 19 but I would only get xp for floor 18? 2. With EoC, what hierarchy and focus should my binds be? I know that I can bind 10 items. Thanks in advance!
  13. If I'm already paying my membership with credit card and I get the gold membership, will it pause my current subscription? Or will I have to manually cancel my current membership as I don't want to be charged for two rolling memberships for one account! Also, does it reset your loyalty point streak? Thanks in advance!
  14. So I just achieved 99 Summoning which means I can now use Steel Titans. I was wondering, now the Evolution of Combat has pretty much changed most things, what are the efficient uses for the Steel Titan? What monsters does the titan deal high damage to? Thanks in advance!
  15. And what about Attack and Defence? EDIT: And Magic and Ranged?
  16. Ever since the release of EoC, a lot of players have been saying that your accuracy, max hits and defence are strictly determined by the equipment you're using. In simple terms, if the best weapon was to have a stat of 1000 damage and required 85 strength to use, would there be any point of training strength beyond 85 for the sole purpose of increasing the damage per hit? Are combat stats just for the purpose of being able to use better equipment or do they will maintain their effects before EoC? Thanks in advance!
  17. As the title suggests, here are some questions about the Evolution of Combat: 1. Is it still worth getting 95 Prayer for Torment? I don't know whether the bones are dropping in price because of less people willing to train prayer or if its because of bots. Either way I may take advantage of the bones low prices! 2. Are extreme potions/overloads still effective? 3. Has Slayer been adjusted for faster or slower experience? I know kills are MUCH faster now but I heard there has been drastic reductions to the exp they give when slayed. 4. Which items have had the most drastic price increase/decrease? 5. Which items are now better or worst after the EoC changes? 6. Are chaotic weapons still effective? Thanks in advance!
  18. Thought the Pack Yak banked all items it held, not individual items... will it still be worth getting it? Only kind of noticed this at 92 Summoning! Thanks in advance!
  19. I've only just started training my way up to 80 Dungeoneering/200k tokens and I was planning to obtain a Chaotic Rapier for slaying. Obviously when EoC launches to the live game I'm guessing all weaponry will change. Does anyone have any knowledge about how worthy Chaotic weapons are on EoC Beta? Thanks in advance!
  20. Can't really get my head around the way social slaying functions in terms of how slayer points and experience is shared. Is it worth slaying with a friend for better experience? If not, are there any other benefits a part from socializing with a friend that make social slaying compared to solo slaying? Thanks in advance!
  21. What is the reset time to obtain more tickets? Is it the same as Bork/SoF reset?
  22. I've started playing Fish Flingers this week and as a part of the improvements we should be able to obtain 2 tickets per day. However, I received 10 tickets? That's a loss of 4 tickets. Why haven't I received 2 for each day? Thanks in advance!
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