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  1. You might want to consider Remote Farm (spell unlocked from Livid Farm) for herb protection.
  2. Extremely looking forward to the Dungeoneering updates. I've always wanted the skill effectively, but the finding good teams and keyers were a pain. This is definitely going to make training a lot accessible to less experienced players, which is about time too. Can't say I'm not looking forward to the huge pouch too, as long as it doesn't take too long to get. I wonder if it will have an affect on rune prices though if more are being supplied?
  3. I just unlocked the Disruption Shield spell from Livid Farm. I just remembered that there was update that allowed players to use it in Duel Arena. I'm asking to see if there are any methods of utilizing the spell during duels and if there are any limitations? Thanks in advance!
  4. It will be quite time-consuming to obtain, but it will allow you to check the status of all farm patches (whether they are healthy, diseased, fully grown or dead). Any diseased patches can be cured through the spell and eliminates the requirement of you constantly travel to each individual patch to see if they are diseased or not, especially if you have expensive seeds planted (herbs). It's only useful to herb patches as you can pay nearby farmers to protect other patches (trees, fruit trees, etc.). It will take 16.5 hours to obtain the spell at livid farm. You'll need access to the Lunar Spellbook, so Lunar Diplomacy will need to be completed. You'll also need 70 Magic, 60 Agility, 61 Crafting, 60 Farming and 60 Construction. Remember you'll need to consider the cost of runes which are required for the spells. Greenfingers simply increase the chances of your harvest. from 3% at tier 1, 5% tier 2 (Greater), 7% tier 3 (Master) and 10% at tier 4 (Supreme). The first two tiers will cost a total of 26,000 Loyalty points.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I brought Jack of Trades seeing as it will provide additional Summoning Xp for me each week. I'll be waiting on the new batch of auras releasing this month as advised.
  6. This Appart from that, couple of tier 1 ones are quite "useful", reverence for example. You can always try getting the most expensive ones, but honestly, since they have limited use, you can live just fine without them, at this point they are nowhere near mandatory for any activity. I was tempted to get 'The Awesome' title because of this. But then they would only release titles that require more points to spend or new amazing auras with better and frequent use!
  7. It does seem as a wise choice. I believe I would get around 6k Xp for Summoning at level 81. That's over 42k Xp each week, excluding the Xp from my weekly penguin points.
  8. Don't quite understand the Castle Wars update. What was the minimal time of involvement to be classed the rewards, before the update? The graphical update is generally impressive. I'm hoping the untouched armour will get attention soon. I'm happy that the gnomes finally fit in with the graphics of the game, too.
  9. I have 70,000 loyalty points and i just can't decide what to spend them on. I've been looking at most of the Auras and the affects are cool, but the cool down time really put me off. However, I really like the cosmetics... but I'm wondering what auras are really add benefits to your game-play over cosmetics/titles. I've considered purchasing the Jack of Trades as it seems to be the only one that gives Xp to a skill of your choice. This would definitely towards Summoning; it's the skill I want to level up the most, but gathering charms are tedious. Is Jack of Trades is actually worth it though? The Xp seems to be really low. I would appreciate any opinions about Auras, and which ones are worth it and what aren't. Thanks in advance!
  10. Far from being able to use that. However as I'm 99 Runecraft I can craft my own Armadyl runes.
  11. I've done that quest. Aren't you able to use Storm of Armadyl with the Polypore staff? And would Ahrim armour be effective?
  12. What equipment/spell would you recommend?
  13. I'm currently assigned to slay 80 Steel dragons and as my melee stats are very low it means it takes long to kill one at a time. I haven't attempted to use Magic (or Ranged if that's effective) and wondering if people could provide advice when it comes to killing dragons or is it worth just to cancel/block the task altogether? I'm aware of the Ferocious ring bonus if used in Kuradal's Dungeon. Here are my current combat stats: 71 Prayer I'm less than 20k Xp from 79 Strength 80 Attack, Defence, Ranged and Summoning (quite a balanced player) 81 Constitution 96 Magic I have or can afford most equipment so if you have any recommendations would be great! Thanks in advance!
  14. Not really a 'Help & Advice' question but more to understand what is going on with the market right now. The update has given the chance of people to get double loot from the Barrow's chest and there are so many players doing Barrows at the moment which would probably remain the same up to the end of the week. I thought this would meant that the supply would overtake the demand of Barrow items but the Grand Exchange shows they are in fact increasing in price still. Why is this? Thanks in advance!
  15. I have never used fighting familiars and was wondering if anyone could give some advice in terms of using fighting familiars for Slayer tasks. Are they worth the replacement of healing/BoB familiars? Do they sufficiently speed up tasks? I'm currently 80 Summoning and not sure if my level is high enough to be considering this. Thanks in advance!
  16. What are the buying limits per 4 hours for Dust of Armadyl? Thanks in advance!
  17. After all that I just realized I've done the quest already!
  18. I need to kill him once so I can start While Guthix Sleeps but I've heard people say you need to complete What Lies Below to have access to him whereas other people say you just need to start the quest. I just need a simple answer. Thanks in advance!
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4NRWP2Cx3U Not completely dead then...
  20. Hate the fact now we can't judge our lost or gained ranks by either gaining experience, wheras if someone's membership has ended/started now plays a major factor. Overall I think the website was fine the way it is, it's too overcrowded with information and sub-links. I'll still be using Rune Wikia over the official Wiki, though.
  21. Seemed to change to Software back to Open GL and it somehow solved the issue..
  22. Every time I travel through certain areas such as the Citadel portal or entering a door during Dungeoneering, my screen begins to flash black for about 5 seconds. Is this a known issue that can be fixed? I'm on a Mac and have experimented with all detail settings (Low to High). Thanks in advance!
  23. What level does training become more easier in terms of finding better teams?
  24. So as followed by my previously topic, Dungeonsweepers seem to have gone extremely meta-game and I lack in requirements in order to join. I'm just wondering as new methods of training are constantly being explored, what's the best way to go training Dungeoneering from level 65? Since there is double experience, I want to take the opportunity to try gain a few levels. I heard World 117 is extremely is very bad in terms of looking for teams, any alternatives perhaps? . Any tips will be grateful! Thanks in advance!
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