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  1. Just got 84 Farming and 100m Overall Xp :)
  2. Thanks for pointing that out :thumbup:
  3. Leoo

    The Poll

    Well, there enabled now and there is thousands of possible questions. There has been decent discussion value so far, I don't understand why you have to post an attack on the thread. It's not an attack, it's a legitimate question. As ALG said(forget his display name atm) topics tend to become made that are just for the purpose of the poll, which in turn stifles discussion. I don't think there's a better example than this topic, which is basically a gigantic survey. Its off topic so I doubt its really going to have a huge affect. The 'Today...' topic that I posted a few years ago is still active today and follows the same principle you've stated with the difference is that its one question. Like I've mentioned, if a Forum Moderator feels that this thread is unnecessary then they have the ability to lock it which hasn't been done yet and even a Forum Moderator has posted too so I doubt that it will not be locked without a taster of what discussion value is created within this topic.
  4. Leoo

    The Poll

    I believe polls were removed as it reduced discussion value and such results would ruin the community. Just think of everyone voting and not replying to the topic. A whole list of topics with 0 or 4 replies.
  5. Leoo

    The Poll

    I didn't understand what the public option meant. I thought it'll show the results of the poll, not revealing members options. I will infact make each poll after this one anonymous.
  6. Leoo

    The Poll

    Now that these forums enable normal members to host posts, I thought I'd give it a little play around with. Wheres the best place to do that? The Off Topic Forum! I've created many successful Off Topic topics such as Today... and Reveal Confessions, Regrets and Secrets so I thought why not try a third. The theme of this topic is to take part in the poll which I'll try to make a daily thing. I'm hoping that we can cancel polls then manage a new one using the same topic but we'll see. The polls may be completely random, but a poll is a poll. If you have suggestions that you want to be featured as a polll, please send me a private message with the poll question along with possible answers (no more than 5). I want this to be a fun thing where Tip It Forum users can just quicky pass and vote but it will be great to try make this into a discussion thread rather than a topic with no replies as this was the mean reason why Tip It didn't have the option to allow us to post polls due the fact it decreases the level of discussion. [hide= Poll #1 - What is your relationship status?] [/hide] [hide= Poll #2 - How often do you exercise?] [/hide]
  7. Should of mentioned that is the first thing on my list and to mention I already have a Black mask. Would you say to train 68 Summoning using a faster charm drop rate method or to just to train Slayer for now and save up the charms?
  8. After several years I haven't touched combat. I don't know why I haven't trained combat but its most likely I'm more of a skiller. I'm seriously behind with my knowledge of combat which I want to start training again. My combat stats are currently as follows: Attack: 77 Consituation: 78 Defence: 77 Magic: 83 Prayer: 70 Ranged: 75 Strength: 75 Summoning: 62 I know these are pretty awful statistics, I'm aware of that. I'm looking to train Slayer to boost my meele areas. However, here are some points: - Completing Smoking kills is the first thing on my to do list - My Slayer level is 72 - I haven't done Smoking Kills - I have a Fighter Torso, Black Mask and Abyssal Whip - I would rather train Ranged and Magic outside Slayer - Got about 8m cash Here are some questions: What meele gear should I buy? I pratically have nothing as I sold a lot of my meele equipment to train other skills. How should I train strength? Which Slayer Master would be most suitable for me? And at which levels should I change my Slayer Master? What areas in Magic and Ranged would be good for killing particular Slayer monsters? Okay this questions might raise a few eyebrows but I've never seen it been explained. With Equipment Bonuses, lets say what would every 10 bonus contribute to have an affect in combat? For example, if I had a a Strength bonus of 5, how would 5 have mathematically have an affect on how high I hit? Or is it all random? I'm happy to read any advice involving combat. Even if its to train my prayer or train a combat based kill using faster methods other than Slayer or to obtain Dungeoneering items. I'm looking for getting my Slayer level in the mid 80's for now and I'm hoping to make a few million on the way. Thanks in advance.
  9. I get at least two messages via PM everyday from some random player pestering me to join merchanting Clan Chats! I then add the player and they aren't even in the same world as me...how do they find me?
  10. I voted for 'Alright' simply because I do enjoy the bonus experience, but hate the way it unsettles prices in the GE which takes weeks to recover back to normal.
  11. Skiller... as I use a skill based Stealing Creation based clan (World 99). I gain much more points this way.
  12. If I traded in my Penguin points from Penguin Hide 'n Seek during the Bonus Xp Weekend, would I get bonus experience points?
  13. Thanks for your help. Any tips on what cape to bring?
  14. I know that Jellies are weakened by slash/crush attacks. Would a Dragon Scimitar or an Abysssal Whip be more suitable for this task? Additionally, what helmet would help out for slaying Jellies? Note: I'm not assigned to Jellies as a Slayer task; I'm trying my luck at obtaining Clue scrolls.
  15. Thanks! TBH I was only bothered cause I saw your awesome Fishing one D: +1 (It's Magicplayak... just noticed I'm able to change my forum name now).
  16. Please ignore my inventory (especially the shorts). I'm abit of a random player.
  17. Are you able to obtain Commendations faster with Conquest or is Pest Control still faster?
  18. That's actually supposed to be the number of heroic statues, since F2P can't beat WGS. That's strange, I thought everyone was supposed to be able to do this event, but it wouldn't surprise me if Jagex has messed up again. Anyways, here's the square in case anyone had problems with it. Should put a hide tag on that. Anyway, the rule is to make each vertical, horizontal and diagonol line sum up to 175.
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