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  1. No fair...someone got two of their questions answered... :unsure:
  2. Using Farming JuJu potions, I've lost 426,950 from Farming Torstols. I brought 10 seeds for 2.9m and my 70 herbs sold for 2.56m but one of my patches died. I'm I doing something wrong or was it just because one of my patches died? But thankfully I made about 600k back from the Scroll of Life (making up for loses). Is it just luck?
  3. Just a few questions relating to making Farming JuJu Potions: Which Jakindos are the fastest for gathering Ugune seeds? How long does it take for Ugune herbs to grow? Any other tips and advice would be great! Thanks in advance.
  4. Do you know much you lose?
  5. Do you keep returning to make sure they aren't diseased?
  6. It seems I read a lot of people talking about loads of profit from Farming which has interested me to try a follow any methods of making money from farming. I'm aware that Herbs are the main source of income. Is it profittable from buying the seeds then growing or only when you gather the seeds yourself (drops etc). Which herbs are the best to make money from? I'm currently 85 Farming. Thanks in advance.
  7. It has been confirmed that the GE buying limits will remain.
  8. Are fansite questions mixed with RSOF users on the Q&A threads?
  9. It's really luck when joining team to be honest. You'll find experienced players, idiots and clueless people whilst you train. I recommend that to try build friendships with good teams and possibly add them for future references. Even a duo or trio is much faster than a solo raid. To mean, it's the quality of players and not so much the quantity. I'm not sure if this advice will be useful from an average Dungeoneerer, but it's up to you if you want to solo and enjoy yourself or be in a team where you become frustrated although you are gaining faster exp (if you complete the dungeons that is).
  10. 225,000+ online. Took me 20 minutes to try get into my playing world.
  11. Hey you, long time no speak :)

  12. As a team, do you regret making the changes in the first place back in 2008 and how excited are you to bring the original aspects of the game back? How many old inactive players do you expect to make a return? Will there be any form of player favouritism between whose who have cotinued to play to those who stopped playing after the 2008 changes? How do you plan to welcome older players back to the game? Will there be special news posts that lists some of the major additions to the game since 2008 so they are up to date with anybody else? Do you plan on adding new updates which will help Rune/Ore companies ? (assuming they will return) Do you plan on adding new items/resources into the wilderness to attract gatherers into the wilderness? Are you still going to follow the route where you inform how dangerous the wilderness is to players but still making it temptating for them to enter it or will you follow a new protective route by trying to keep those who aren't entering the wilderness with the intention of killing other players out? Will Coinshare and Item Lending be removed or changed to encourage players to use this more protective systems rather than trust between players? Will there be any changes to updates that were planned before the annoucement of the return of Free Trade and Old Wilderness such as maybe moving monsters in/out of the wilderness? Other than the return of FTW and the increase of bots, can you find another negative thing about the return of Free Trade and Wilderness?
  13. This year, I decided to instead of having to ring every month to renew my remembership, I'd pay by my card not to mention it's slightly cheaper. When entering my details I noticed something...the only form of security detail they request for is the cardholder's DOB - which can be easily attained from other stolen documents that came with the credit card. Not sure if it's the type of card I was using, but nearly every other website I've used to purchase something always askes for my password. What I mean by password is the security password to confirm you are the cardholder which normally requests specific characters of the password - normally provided by the secure system of your Bank. This did not appear when I purchased my membership which I was quite suprised about. Other than the DOB, every detail that is required to be filled can be seen on the card such as the cardholder's name and the expiry date. By adding the passwords to the checkout process, could this reduce the number of membership purchased through a stolen credit card - or even any other product you can buy from the Jagex store. I repeat, I'm not sure if it's the type of card I'm using but I can confirm that my Bank does have a secure checkout system that is promted on all other websites where I've purchased online.
  14. Leoo

    New Zodiac Sign

    I refuse to change my display names to Cancerr.
  15. I'm currently been working a lot on my assignments and decided to fish in the background. What would you suggest I should fish out of Monkfish or Cavefish for experience at Level 87?
  16. I'm guessing your in-game name is Anonymous4x? No, my username is completely different from my forum names Odd...just thought it would explain why you have soo many Death runes!
  17. I'm guessing your in-game name is Anonymous4x?
  18. I have to make a presentation based on the Golden Ratio (also known as the Golden Rectangle or the Golden Section) and I just don't understand it. I get that it is some sort of mathletical movement to achieve pleasing proportions in architecture but if anyone knows anything about it could you give me some help? I just need information what is presentable and be used to inform others. I know that Phi is 1.618, but what do you do with it? Thanks in advance.
  19. Solo medium map sizes at which complexity?
  20. So raid Floors 1-10 on Complexity 1 (small) on my own with prestige 21, then from 10 I should team with a higher complexity and larger map size? To be honest, I would just do them solo med. Nobody will be making larges until past floor 20. Plus, solo med will help you learn to remember doors and use gatestones, both are skills that will help later. Just read numerous of similar questions to my own. Many stat to rush all floors (1-25/29) and begin doing larges at Floor 30. I'm guessing its possible to team up with people who are also rushing to speed things up?
  21. So raid Floors 1-10 on Complexity 1 (small) on my own with prestige 21, then from 10 I should team with a higher complexity and larger map size?
  22. I've raided through all floors (1-21) on Complexity 1 to quickly increase my Prestige. I'm now 21 Prestige at 42 Dungeoneering and - although I made a topic yesterday asking for advice - need tips on what to do next; especially finding decent teams. Do I now need to reset my progress and start at Floor 1 again? But this time 5:5 on a large map (1-highest floor I can do)? I'm looking for fast experience! Thanks in advance.
  23. So should I start at Floor 1 again and do all the floors until my current highest then repeat? Also, what does the figures of the ratio indicate? I'm guessing it is something to do with complexitiy? And is World 148 for high Dungeoneerers?
  24. I have a new goal which is to reach 80/85 Dungeoneering and I have no clue where to begin training the skill using efficient methods for the fastest XP/H. I've been trying to look for guides that explain how to train the skill fast rather than informing. Does anyone know any good guides which meets for what I'm requring? Or could give me some advice and tips. Thanks in advance.
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