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  1. Guess I could of googled that... thanks though!
  2. Just read their closure post on the thread and it seems they have gone all secretive? Where do they operate now (website)? Thanks in advance!
  3. I did most of the methods that you have explained. I'll be sure to use a Spirit kyatt for my next attempt! This, I do not understand.
  4. I've had around 4 attempts at killing Nomad over recent days and I manage fine throughout the fight until the end when he begins to use magical melee. One of the factors that probably allows Nomad to defeat me is the panic of dying so close towards the end of the fight; I can't seem to keep up with drinking potions whilst trying to attack him at the speed of his attacks. I've attempted to use a method that involves stepping one grid away from Nomad, attack him once, move directly to him to allow him to hit me once and repeat. This is to prevent the entire battle to restart. I've came close to killing him but I managed to mess up the pattern. Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone could provide additional advice of how to get through this part of the fight. Might be worthwhile to take these factors into consideration: - I'm using range (79 Ranged, 81 Constitution) with Rune crossbow with Ruby bolts (e) and Diamond bolts (e) along with full Armadyl with Amulet of Fury, Dragon boots, Archers' Ring, Ava's Accumulator and Barrow's gloves - I use War tortoise which allows me to store 33 Saradomin brews and 12 Super restore potions (remaining slot is used for bolts) Thanks in advance.
  5. Has anyone been to the hotspots for bots? The players online seem to be pretty high still compared to pre-nuke.
  6. 4-5m per hour gathering the dust or actually making the runes? Do you have any idea what price the dust is buying at and what the runes are selling at?
  7. I'm simply going to say yes as I wouldn't exist and be who I am today. My mother is white and my father is black and have been married for 19 years. Whoever thinks you have to be selective with which race you have a relationship clearly has issue and have backhanded a few people in person who have questioned my parents relationship. There was a time where me and my brother was at the beach with my mum and a stranger said, "are those you're kids?", her reaction was odd when she discovered we were as if she swallowed sugar for the first time!
  8. Haven't played RuneScape for a few weeks and was just wondering how profitable is runecrafting Armadyl runes at 99 Runecraft? Want to see if it's worth completeing ROTM. Thanks in advance!
  9. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out, but I'm sure there will be some way around it for the scripters? Although I have no idea how botting software is programmed and what the update is going to do, but I'm just thinking positive. Hopefully raw materials will become much more profitable again!
  10. I actually find his Spreadsheets really confusing to understand.
  11. I've never done MTK before and I was wondering what's the best method, in terms of assigning workers to gather certain materials, for the best profits? Thanks in advance.
  12. Has anyone noticed the chickens falling from the sky? I'm guessing it has something to do with CCF3.
  13. This is the message provided when attempting to play RuneScape on Firefox... "Unfortunately, RuneScape currently does not support Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox 4 on Mac OS X. If you are a member, you can continue to play the game in fullscreen mode, otherwise we recommend using a different browser such as Safari. If you wish to proceed to the game using Chrome or Firefox 4, please click the link below, however, you may experience slow performance and erratic behaviour."
  14. SwiftKit works great! I used to use it on my Windows computers. Anyway it doesn't freeze or crash when playing around with the window dimensions. Now I just need to get used to playing on such a big screen!
  15. Didn't think of Swiftkit actually... and the RuneScape client only uses [Caution: Executable File] files.
  16. I believe Google chrome also doesn't really work well with Macs.
  17. I've just managed to get myself a 27inch iMac (very high specs) and I can play RuneScape at full screen in the highest details. That would be great if only Safari doesn't freeze or crash RuneScape when I adjust the window. Other than Firefox, are there any other browsers that are good for playing RuneScape on a Mac? Firefox and the official RuneScape client does not work with Macs.
  18. Regret: Asking my friend who is also the girlfriend of my closest friends, as a friendly-outing, to go Nandos without. Got accused of flirting and trying to ruin the relationship!
  19. Firstly, you can't assist Hunter so there wouldn't be no point to begin with. Just get the required levels to make things easier.
  20. I completely forgot about Scroll of Life #-o
  21. I have enough information to use and would like the say thanks again!
  22. You have +64 invisible strength bonus. So when you punch, you're actually punching with +64 strength bonus, not +0 strength. So if you have +64 equipment bonus, you're actual strength bonus is +128, and you'll do double damage. triple at +128 equipment bonus, quadruple at +192, etc. Your damage goes up 100% of your punching damage every +64 strength bonus. +12.5% of your punching damage for +8 strength bonus. Just keep in mind that the above equation doesn't account for the +5 Rounding Error Relic. And don't forget to credit Obliv for researching the equation. I never knew that and makes much more sense. Do you know how the equation for your Strength level that reflects on how high you can hit?
  23. For example, the Amulet of Fury provides a +8 for Strength in the other bonuses section, how does this caculate? Does it mean I can hit 80 more? Thanks in advance, Leoo
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