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  1. I'm planning to start training Slayer again. My melee combats range from 76-79 (I've neglected combat for a while) and my Slayer level is 74. I'm looking for equipment that will speed up training and experience rates. I have 60m to spend. Thanks in advance, Leoo
  2. You need 45 herbs in total (from all five patches) to make any profit from Torstol seeds which is extremely risky in my opinion. 45-50 Herbs will only currently profit about 150-320k which is not far above from Snapdragons, not to meniton picking 50 Herbs is pretty slim even with Juju farming potions.
  3. I was just flicking through the Database and I was wondering does are the 'Total Trade Count' figures counted per individual trade or how many of that item has been traded over? For example, the Fire and Nature runes have the highest traded items stating a 1.2b count, does that mean 1.2b trades have been made or 1.2b of the runes have been traded over. I know this is a rather stupid question and I doubt all trades since RuneScape has existed has reached a billion but just something that pickles me when I think about it. Thanks in advance, Leoo
  4. It's the same for every graphic mode. I changed user and it seems to be working fine now.
  5. Computer runs fine with other games and that. It's always when I don't seem to play RuneScape for a while it always goes wrong when I attempt to play it again (on my older computer, which plays other games such as Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 fine). I've installed the latest Java...could anyone give me any other tips to try fix this issue? For the record, this is my first ever account which I don't use.
  6. Figures taken from The RuneScape Wiki Obviously you do not need to buy Water or Earth runes if you have a mud staff, which costs around 12m with or 16m without.
  7. After doing some calculations of some examples of the number of herbs I could get harvesting all 5 patches, Snapdragons do profit more (for the time being) which I feel stupid for not really testing with other seeds.
  8. Regarding a similar topic, I read that someone stated that Snapdragons are more profitable than Torstols which I wasn't really aware of which led me to question. I have access to all 5 herb patches, obtained Scroll of life and use Juju farming potions; so which herbs are currently the most profitable to grow? I assumed Torstols were despite the seeds have a high cost but so do the herbs themselves. Thanks in advance, Leoo
  9. I believe with Scroll of life and Juju farming Potions, with the required level of 85 Farming, Torstols actually provide more profits. The type of seed does not affect the probabilities of the herb's growth reaching a diseased or dead state despite the new Remote Farming spell that can easily prevent major loss of money. I agree that Torstols does grant a higher risk, but the money loss is normally recovered with the Scroll of life and secondary herbs picked using the Juju farming potions. Otherwise, lower levelled seeds may be more profitable.
  10. Went to see The Roommate and Scream 4 over the weekend. Both were far better than I thought they would be and provided loads of scares. Scream 4 has got me back into the serial killer craze. Anyway, I recommend them both for horror film lovers and for those who have seen the classic Scream films.
  11. I wonder what happens if the "None of them" option wins.
  12. Simply because the supply is constantly increasing as mentioned. More and more players are reaching the level requirements in order to kill Frost dragons which only means the supply will increase. However, I believe the demand of all types of bones are currently falling as the Bonus Xp Weekend has had a learn term affect.
  13. ZMI is currently the fastest training method for Runecrafting as of now. The higher your Runecrafting level means that you have a higher chance of crafting higher level runes which means more experience. I'd advise to only use ZMI if you have 75 Runecraft which allows you to use the Giant Pouch, as well as using the Abyssal Lurker to carry an extra 7 essence. I've posted a link before which shows a guide by Phoenix Odin which you may find useful.
  14. Doesn't really matter what level you start with unless you are using potions. Just make sure you don't repeat the same level requirement more than once, even if you fail.
  15. Great, just try not ruin it for legit players making them having to right-click everything.
  16. Thanks for that. I had a feeling the bushes and herbs would have similar times to normal produce.
  17. I've noticed the supplies in order to train expensive skills such as Herblore and Prayer and gradually decreasing everyday since the end of March which obviously means the demand has suddenly decreased. Perhaps the previous Bonus Xp Weekend has had an impact on the costs. Do you think the costs of supplies will continue to decrease or increase in the next few days?
  18. Does anyone know the average growing times of Vine flowers, bushes and herbs? Thanks in advance, Leoo
  19. How long does it take for herbs to grow from the time the seed is planted to when it's ready to be picked? Thanks in advance, Leoo
  20. I play the Easter Egg Game, more chance of winning!
  21. Does anyone know any free screen marker software? And is it legit to use them for RuneScape? Thanks in advance, Leoo
  22. Are they're any good tips in terms of making money with free trade? I know you sell the item(s) you brought for a higher cost, but the whole new concept of the G.E is somewhat confusing by finding the prices the items buy and sell for. I'm just generally insteaded as person have seem to make millions within hours. Thanks in advance, Leoo
  23. Having a hard time selling them, does anyone know a good price for them right now? Thanks in advance, Leoo
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