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  1. This is an example to train Runecrafting: 1. Kill all the monsters (other than the boss) and pick up the items and coins. 2. Go back to the Smuggler and sell all the items then buy all Rune essence (they are stackable and priced at 50gp each) 3. Go to the altar and craft all the rune essence into the most highest level rune you can make So imagine I managed to pick up 50k. I would be able to buy 1k runes and make 1k blood runes. Wouldn't that be around 10k Runecrafting exp in the time of 5-15 minutes (depending on the floor level). I'm aware that you must fully raid the floor in order to recieve all the experience gained...but you are training a wide range of skills whilst training Dungeoneering. Does anyone else found new training methods that may become every sufficient in the future?
  2. I know I haven't updated my blog for quite some time but I've been very busy. Expect an update later today or tomorrow :)
  3. I'm aware that the limit for buying runes per 4 hours is 25k. However, does limit take place for all types of runes you buy within those 4 hours or just for each type of rune? Example: I am able to buy 10,000 Law runes and 15,000 Nature runes per 4 hours OR I am able to buy 25,000 Law runes and 25,000 Nature runes per 4 hours
  4. Update [hide=#20 // March 23rd 2010 // 74 Smithing]#20 // March 23rd 2010 // 74 Smithing I said yesterday that I'd use the Morphic tools I gathered from Stealing Creation on Mining. However, I've decided to use half of term on Smithing to keep my levels balanced. I had about 20 Morphic tools in total and I've used around 7 on Smithing so far (3 more to go). I'll then use the remaining 10 on Mining then I plan to collect another 20-30 Morphic tools. I think playing a mixture of Stealing Creation and training the actual skills themselves are much more fun so I'm keen to follow this method for other skills such as Construction in the furture. You may also point out that I'm currently playing on Standard Detail mode; this is because I'm lagging quite hard in crowded places at the moment. Anyway, I was mean't to post an update last night but I really wanted to get to bed. In total (so far), I got 3 Smithing levels last night and 1 today (I'm planning to do some coursework now, without fishing in the background). Additonally, I've attempted to merchant Infinity Boots (10 to be exact) because of the new update (able to change colour of the Infinity items). I'll post the lost/profits as soon as possible. I'm pretty low on cash at the moment as I brought 5.1k Mithril bars to train Smithing. [/hide]
  5. Hello hello :) Thanks for liking my new blog; took me ages to try and get the colours and composition perfect (I love everything perfect, did I mention?). Hehe anyway, I would like to get 99 Fishing but I'm just gradually training it whilst I do other things, so who knows? <3:
  6. Got around 18 morphic tools from Stealing Creation which I hope to use soon for Mining. Right now I've gone back to Fishing!
  7. Leoo


    I haven't seen any good guides or tips for training Smithing so I thought I'd ask here. What do you recommend me to train on from 70 to 80? I'm looking for fast exp (money really isn't an issue). Thanks in advance.
  8. Got bored of the yellow font then, eh? :mrgreen:
  9. Update [hide=#19th // March 21st 2010 // 87 Fishing]#19th // March 21st 2010 // 87 Fishing Today I got 87 Fishing! I'm going to be playing Stealing Creation for abit and get some Morphic tools for Mining. [/hide]
  10. I'm sure I posted on this blog the other day; congratulating you with your new Fishing level. Guess I must have posted too soon after my previous one :) Anyway, I'll post again. Congratulations on 94 Fishing. I see you have been working hard since I've been gone. By the way, loving the rainbow theme :) <3:
  11. Your blog has such a good layout and looks like it's going to be a good one. I really hope you manage to keep your skills even as it generally gives your character an advantage in most areas of the game. Good luck on your current goals and I'll be looking forward to be seeing you in-game one time. <3:
  12. I've recently heard that there are many worlds on RuneScape where players play Stealing Creation to get more points per game than some of the ordinary worlds. Could any provide me with information of same of the best worlds to play Stealing Creation on to collect as many points possible per game? Thanks in advance.
  13. Does he have screenies of his collection?? I'm kind of interested. ^^ It was posted on this topic in the pages 80s... Anyway, here it is ;) 6953 tasks :shock: With over 155m Slayer exp, it makes sense.
  14. You are doing very well, good luck on the last stroll to 99 Woodcutting! Have you thought about what you're going to do afterwards?
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