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  1. Strange... I was about to ask the same question!
  2. Considering I'm a skiller, that's pretty good.
  3. Interesting training method. How long would you say it would take to get a reasonable amount of Swordfish gloves and Morphic tools (clay harpoons)?
  4. Update #18 // March 16th 2010 // 69 Slayer Not much to really say other than I got 69 Slayer yesterday.
  5. Cooking is a afk skill so surely it isn't as boring? Perhaps try watching a video or chat with friends whilst you're cooking. In other words, you might as keep training until you have reached your goal otherwise it will drag on.
  6. Congratulations on your Mining and Agility levels. I can't stand Mining so you'll have to train with me one day :thumbsup:
  7. Yes, I do remember you. I actually thought you didn't remember me. How are you anyway? Haven't spoken to you for ages!!!
  8. Hai there <3: Update #17 // March 15th 2010 // 80 Agility Yesterday I used the reminder of the bonus exp weekend training Agility. I managed to get 80 from 77 which means another goal has been completed (to get all skills to level 80 or higher). The next skill im going to be focusing on to get to level 80 next is Mining (I'll be Fishing during the week if I'm doing coursework).
  9. Update #16 // March 13th 2010 // 86 Fishing + 82 Farming This is the first update for 2010 as I stopped playing after the new year. However, I'm please to say I'm back again (now known as Leoo in-game). I've been spending most the week Fishing whilst I do my coursework and manged to 86 Fishing during this period. Also got 82 (from 80) Farming on Friday (12th) by taking advantage of the double weekend exp. I planted 5 Magic trees, 5 Palm trees and a Calquat tree. I'm now using the double exp weekend to get my Agility level up. This means I'll be able to finally get level 80 within this skill (yes, my goal is to try and get all my skills to level 80 or above).
  10. I pay by phone monthly (or when I want to renew my membership) so it's about £5 each month.
  11. Around 2.5m Ape Atoll (to train Agility) Bank doesn't need particular arrangement Yes, I just need to plant my tree saplings. Saturday evening. I'll look for worlds that are less crowded although there is not much I can do to control the crowds. I'm just hoping lag isn't caused!
  12. I'm going to focus on Agility. It's a slow skill to train and requires a lot of attention and doesn't require competition to get resources/monsters such as training meele or Hunter. This means I don't have to prepare which is also another bonus as I don't have to spend money and manipulate prices of many items.
  13. What skill were you doing? Fishing What is your level in that skill? 85 How long before your 1st/2nd rock? 1st rock obtained after fishing 5th/6th monk fish in my 1st inventory and the 2nd rock was obtained after my 7th/8th monk fish in my 2nd inventory. How much xp (or other rewards) did you receive for creating a statue? 7155
  14. I'm slightly confused. I've read comments such as a certain period to complete the finished 'statue'. Do we only have a certain amount of time to complete it, or complete it at a particular time such as the upcoming weekend? On the other note, I recieved my first rock after fishing about 5 monk fish.
  15. Whatever the skill is, I just hope we are able to work together rather than being competitive. The whole thought that the skill was going to be a game itself catches my interest, but could this have some sort of relation to MechScape?
  16. In my opinion I don't see the point. Buying raw materials from other players or gathering the materials independently isn't going to make any difference in my opinion. In the hiscores, it's not going to state 'this is a self-made player' nor will it in-game. Other than trying to gain respect from other players (even though anyone can say they are a self-made player); it's time consuming and pretty much pointless in my opinion. Of course, if you want train certain skills such as Woodcutting or Fishing, then burn them or cook them afterwards; that's pretty smart. But I wouldn't want to spend more time playing the game than I really have to.
  17. I'm renewing my membership later today. As I've had a lot of spare time on my hand recently I've decided to come back to RuneScape. Although most of my friends have probably forgotten about me, I'm still going to continue with my blog. I'm going to raise my Fishing for the next couple of days whilst I do my coursework (multi-task for the win!). So... ASH IS BACK!!!
  18. It's just an advertising method. A very successful advertising method. I highly doubt anyone new to the game would instantly become a member. Most of the people play F2P to get the feel of the game. Although I dislike how Jagex state the F2P section of the game IS the game when it's clearly not. That's like saying giving someone a photo frame and saying it's the photo. It'll be far more appropriate to say that the F2P game is the original piece of the game, where all the history of RuneScape started and how the RuneScape world has expanded as it has today. It's simple and it's something not worth to debate about. You play RuneScape's free content to see what it offers. If you enjoy it and wish to discover more of the game, you become a member and if not, you are most likely to stay as a F2P'er or move on to another game. Sticking with the topic, Jagex are entitled to state RuneScape is a free game because it is. New players will discover that Jagex offer's more of the game when you become a P2P'er which seems to be a fair and an effective move. Personally, I'll never pay for a game I've never played or heard of and I'm confident that most other's wouldn't either. Why do you think other games such as World of Warcraft advertise a free trial version of their game? I see F2P as a never-ending free trial of the game and some see it as the game.
  19. Yes, the skill might be F2P. However, there will probably be more content accessible to members like all current F2P skills such as Woodcutting and Fishing. I'm hoping it's a resource or a character development skill rather than a skill where the resources required to make items are more expensive than the finished item itself like Herblore and Smithing.
  20. Thanks, I'll try not to :) Update #15 // December 27th 2009 // 77 Agility Not much to update other than I got 77 Agility last night training from 75. I hoped you all had a wonderful christmas.
  21. http://www.rune-tips.net/hosted/rune-tips.net/ExchangeInvesting/Chapter1.asp
  22. Hey thanks, I hoped you enjoyed your christmas :) Thank you, I sure will as soon as I get back on :)
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