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  1. I'm striking to know why people are buying and selling them for millions all of the sudden when they are obtainable from the Gnome Restaurant mini-game. Do people think they're rares?
  2. Thanks Swed. Yeap, I seem to just to try do a lot of work during the night when I've done anything during the day :thumbsup: And Merry Christmas to you as well, hope you had a good one :)
  3. Probably a bug, report it. Are you able to dig up the current tree?
  4. Hey Jimmy, just writing to wish you a happy a christmas :)
  5. Leoo


    As '010jonathan' previously mentioned, as you increase your Hunter level you'll find that you'll be able to catch more Red Chinchompas per hour.
  6. What is War of Legends? Is it going to be a Funorb styled game or a completely new MMORPG (like Mechscape was planned).
  7. Leoo


    If you are looking for fast experience at your level, your best alternative is Red Salamanders until 80.
  8. Let's just be greatful those won't metal blades.
  9. Update #14 // December 24th 2009 // 80 Hunter + Merchanting Log I'm very happy to say I've completed another part of my goal, which is to get all my skills to level 80. I've got 80 Hunter and now I'm planning to get Agility to 80 next. Also, I've now added a Merchanting Log section to my blog which shows all my investments and profits (mainly for me to look back to see what has been successful and what hasn't).
  10. Thank you very much, merry xmas and a happy new year to you to :) Ahh, what's the 'right' way to train ehh?? Merry xmas to you to <3
  11. Do this, but with wines instead.
  12. They are all useful, that's why it's better to keep them equal.
  13. Thank you :) And yes, slayer is better than hunter :)
  14. I like your blog :) Couldn't understand what your current goals are though :P
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