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  1. Today I brought some seeds in preparation for the Bonus Exp Weekend. It took me all day to gather these seeds at maxium price. Some of them were Palm tree seeds to be exact. However, it appears from my observation on the updated GE database that the Palm tree seeds have decreased in price (only slightly, but alot if everyone was buying at maxium price). This goes for several herbs that were brought out as soon as the details of the Bonus Exp Weekend were released. Some of the herbs have also decreased slightly. Shouldn't the prices skyrocket if the demand is well over the supply in terms of the situation of the Bonus Exp Weekend 'rush'?
  2. I'm now able to play RuneScape in high detail (full screen). I'm wondering when using the custom settings you are able to use the drop down menu to select different options. What does the options in blue symbolize? For example, when using the 'Remove Roofs' selection, 'Always' appears in white and 'Selectively' appears in blue.
  3. Update [hide=#21 // July 15th 2010 // Recontinuation of Blog] #21 // July 15th 2010 // Recontinuation of Blog Recently I've finished college and I have until the end of September for my summer break. This meant I've had more free time on my hands and I've currently been playing RuneScape since the end of June (last stopped playing since the middle of March due to college). Although I have been playing again, I haven't been updating my blog. I actually wanted to stop continuing my blog but I felt that it is more fun having one. I also felt that having a blog made it easier to show myself to the community. I found being a part of a community is one of the most important aspects of playing RuneScape... without a community it's just boring in my opinion. Well, I'm guessing those who previous followed my blog are keen to know what I've been up to. I've been continuing with my goal to obtain all skills in level 80. I've managed to obtain 80 Smithing the other week (training on Mithril Platebodies with Stealing Creation hammers). I'd also like to point out that I've scrapped attempts at merchanting until I have a decent amount of cash in the bank. Currently I'm working on Mining. I've gone from 72 to 77 training on Iron ores (Pisctoris hunting area) with Stealing Creation pickaxes and since 77 I've been training at the Living Rock Caverns mining Concentrated coal deposits. I'll be continuing to update my blog and I'm soon to get 79 Mining![/hide]
  4. What was your previous RuneScape name that you are listed under on the highscores?: Magicplayak What is your current RuneScape display name?: Leoo What Tip.it highscore list(s) are you currently added to?: P2P
  5. When playing RuneScape, do you ever care or think about your rank on the hiscores? This could be your overall rank or a rank in a specific skill/activity. I do not play RuneScape for the ranks. I play gradually when means my rank gradually improves and I'm not fussed about my rank at all nor do I care about what other people think of my rank. Another example is people who train to 200m exp in a skill. I have respect for them to having such goals and achievements but the thought of myself training a skill to 200m exp for no use other than respect or giving yourself the sense of completing the game gives me a headach just thinking about all of those days playing just to get a good rank. I would never play the game more than I have to and I'd be happy to train my skills to 99 and 120 for Dungeoneering as there is a use to train at that level. I wouldn't continue to train the skill just for the ranks.
  6. Unless there was some kind of benefit of training a skill over it's level cap then I would never waste my time training a skill to 200m exp... I can just manage thinking about training all of my skills to 99. However, I couldn't possibly think of what these guys could be doing in real life other than playing RuneScape all day to obtain such large numbers of exp per day but their achievements are remarkable.
  7. Would anyone be able to give me a brief idea of the xp/h at different Dungeoneering levels? I'm currently 19 I don't know where to start! Also... is it slower to train than Slayer?
  8. Everyone is aware of the current situation with one of Jagex's latest RuneScape updates. The price of rock climbing boots in which players can now make profit from has raisen from 211gp to 45,000gp (although they are 75/80,000gp). Jagex has created instant millionaires! As Jagex hasn't decided to fix the 'mistake', RuneScape remains with all the sudden money that has been generated into the economy. The prices of nearly every single item will increase in price. For example, as the majority of players that have benefited from the update are mainly Pkers/combat based players, imagine all those players wanting to obtain 95 Prayer for Soul Split. This will increase the price of Dragon bones as the demand will be far greater than the supply. In other words, the ecomony will not be able to cater for all the money that has been pumped into the player's banks. However, will this mean that gathering skill such as Woodcutting and Fishing will become even more profitable? Although the prices will raise, will it be more easily to make money due to the upcoming changes? How do you feel about this update? Personally, I want to quit. Discuss your opinions and thoughts.
  9. I'm in need of an upgrade for my computer. A few weeks ago I noticed that the fan on my old graphics card (GeForce 5500) stopped working which caused my computer to overheat and switch off a lot. This means for now that I have to play SD. I was wondering if anyone could give me a name of a good cheapish graphic card to play games such as RuneScape, The Sims 2/3 etc Also, when I play RuneScape my computer temperature raises from 66 to around 85 C... I've cleaned my computer and my other fans seem to be working. Would there be any equipment I could buy to keep my computer cooler (a website stated that an intel computer is safe until around 95 C). But I don't believe that. Temperatures are based on CPU figures.
  10. Because we can. Who says we can't play at night when the day is over? Maybe some people have nothing to do and want to past the time. I bet you wouldn't say that to someone who is playing a console game... do you see where I'm going?
  11. Nice milestone... now get membership :)
  12. The summer is finally here which means more free time... and it's time for the third annual Summer Goals & Achievements topic. What are the goals and achievements you wish to accomplish over the summer? Remember to report back on the final week of the summer to let us know how you go on. My first goal is to finish off getting all my skills to 80 and I'm feeling to get 99 Fishing as well.
  13. I try to look for a player made guild for the specific skill I'm training. For example, Fletching. When I was training Fletching I went to the Yanille Guild in World 132 (not sure if it still exisits). There were a good few hundred training at the bank I found it more sociable and took my mind of the skill itself. I enjoyed Fletching generally because it was the first skill I trained to 99. Woodcutting was fun as it has always been one of the first skills to train as soon as I started playing RuneScape. I didn't enjoy Firemaking much as it requires too much attention which forced me to spend 12m on Magic logs just to speed up the process. Runecrafting is currently my most favourite and is probably the only skill that is useful all the way up to 99 (out of the 99s I have at the moment). I'm looking forward to begin training combat related skills over the summer. I'm quite behind and the whole concept of combat is going to feel new to me as I haven't trained directly at it for years!
  14. I'd max Herblore, Smithing, Construction, Prayer and possibly any skill that can be trained faster with the factor of money.
  15. Is it me, or is RuneScape increasing in the amount of players playing at anyone time? Last month, I could barely remember the figure going over 130,000 and the other day I saw a figure of around 166,000. Could this be because of the summer approaching giving the chance of people to play more often? EDIT: I'm referring to the era of 2009-2010. I'm aware how popular RuneScape was back in the days but it just seems that the figures are raising again.
  16. God knows how long since I've runecrated for money. Now with all the factors such as G.E and other updates such as infinite energy that changes the profits per hour... does anyone have a estimate/average of how much money I could making runecrafting Nature runes (at level 91+) using the Graahk training method?
  17. My friend said the graphics card may be loose (out of place). Could this be the issue?
  18. This can't be possible. 104 million exp? The thought of getting 99 in skills is bad enough. I do sometimes wonder if Jagex forgets that most of us have a life? Although the exp rate may become faster as your level raises, but it'll still take a long time. Just imagine you was getting 200,000 exp per hour...that's 600 hours of game play. Assuming that the maxium exp rate per hour is much lower than that...it's just impossible? That's nearly a month of playing RuneScape...24/7! EDIT: Wrong topic!
  19. RC gives 1/10th the xp of normal... so its pretty slow. However, it IS AFKable, so I like it a lot! Wasn't aware of that...I thought you'd get the exp stated in the KB in the Complexity sections.
  20. What I don't understand is how RuneScape was working fine months ago on HD mode (playing on fixed screen) but other since I've been trying to play RuneScape on my desktop computer, I'm able to play it fine for a few minutes but then the game freezes, turns to a grey screen and sometimes it turns of my monitor and restarts my computer, but this problem does not occur when I play on SD mode.
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