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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but botters today don't use mouse recorders all too often. They use a program that detects colours, I think. Could be wrong, but yeah.
  2. Yes. (Also, almost 83 hunter after getting over 40m from hunting dragon implings at 81. Whoopee.)
  3. Hah, yeah. I got two ancient effigies in 3 black demon kills, three overall in the same task.
  4. Default or purchased items, whatever. Post 'em if you have 'em. ^^ Here's mine: Well, I liked it.
  5. Jagex really needs to confirm that the person who submitted the picture to the gallery is the actual artist. It took me no more than 20 seconds to find this: Players Gallery: [spoiler=Players Gallery] Original: [spoiler=Original] Please tell me why they would remove the signature, which is an alias, if they were the original owner?
  6. Most special weapons are under-priced because they are only used for that- specials. Dragon claws is an exception to this only because of how it's obtained and its role in pking, though. Since the dragon halberd is only used for its special [on monsters], it's not very expensive. =\
  7. You can, in fact, hit over a 60 in range void with a dragonfire bolt special. The only way to negate the effects of these bolts are by the use of an antifire potion or an anti-dragonfire shield.^^ Protection prayers protect from 100% of monster's hits unless stated otherwise, and it blocks 40% of hit in pvp unless using verac's armour or something.
  8. Even though Jagex designed it so that the activities which required risk (GWD) would give more income, skills are a great way to fall back on if you're not up to being potentially killed. =P
  9. "Dragon Warrior" by Omg D4n is actually by artist cleanminded; you can view her gallery here. Her picture was posted in 2008. Also, notice that the image from her deviantart account is 146.9 KB; the one on the runescape website is 25.4 KB. >.>
  10. No self-respecting girl would say yes to a Runescape relationship (unless it started outside of the game) - of course, there are exceptions, but this is usually the norm.
  11. This. Even if it does happen to get to 10k in a task, which is unlikely, it's easy for many higher leveled players to simply go catch implings for five minutes, kill a few green dragons, etc; it just isn't worth the time with all of the other ways to make money.
  12. Jagex always does something for a giant release of something; besides, they're just excited for the release and management of their new skill. It doesn't take away from the game experience, in my opinion.
  13. Vikings don't wear shields though. :<
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