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  1. A lot of people on runescape forums seem to be under the impression that the number 14 on the calender is acctually "TUE" or "TUES" indicating it will be released on Tuesday the 15th. Anyway who knows, as long as it is released on my holidays so i can come out of my 2 year retirement to get into the 130's :
  2. I have a quarter sleeve tribal tattoo on my right arm, goes across my shoulder a little as well.
  3. I have both but i couldnt choose one over the other. They all have the same value to me, they both remind me of old rsc times.
  4. I am in the exact same boat as you, over 4 years ago i got 3 black marks for scamming i think. I mean come on, i know i deserved them but i have not done it in over 4 years is that not proof enough i have learnt my lesson and we all grow up over time. I have sent in several queries to jagex about this but they have continued to send me an auto response. I just want to get rid of them because i dont want to get banned because jagex find my clan site or msn against the rules. :roll:
  5. Beau 88 started bout july 01 i beleive, wasnt into the game much so my levels where never anything special.[/img]
  6. It sucks that it happened but its unfair of you to call someone names just because they want to keep an item they found on the ground. So someone found an 8 million gp item on the ground, and you expect anyone to just give it back you? I would never give up something so expensive just because someone else made a mistake.
  7. being banned for saying 'fu' is kinda stupid anyway.. but 110 isnt too high so i wouldnt say that they are just listening to higher lvls.
  8. They should have figured a different way around the problem instead of screaming over members as well. Members rely on f2p for ess, infact hardly any members mine ess. This means that like 95% of our rune ess supply has gone. This will drive ess prices up enormously and in turn drive up the prices of death/law/natures. I have a heap of ess stacked up but thats not the point. They have still screwed alot of people over.
  9. They dont ban people for trying to raise prices
  10. Uhh i wouldnt have given the stuff back either, if you cant handle being at dags then dont go, you also go there with the risk of dying.
  11. Just hope you dont have to pay for jagex's mistakes
  12. Exactly, im P****ed off of having to be scared of asking my mate wat his "msm" is or telling some one wat my clan site is. Its completly out of control.
  13. made them look diff from o's 0 O diff^^ log in and check it out if u dont understand
  14. Holden Torana, 4.2Litre V8 Aussie Muscle. Race meh?
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