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  1. Almost a year ago by now since i left RS behind, checking up on friends once and awhile, currently loving WoW way more than RS was, but i want to know from all you tip.it'ers, what keeps you playing? i look back at inflation, how PKing was basically who got lucky/ate at the right times, a bunch of worthless quest updates, stuff like that, and i see games like WoW and it just makes me wonder. Don't get me wrong, i loved RS once you got high and you grinded for hours on end on the same thing (bandits with guthans, chopping yews, high alching constantly) it gets...dull, and all i started to like doing was Dag king trips, PKing, and merchanting, and with all the inflation, and alot of scammers and the community of alot on RS, i just gave up. Some updates make me want to come back, but i know i'd probably just grow dull, so i want to know what keeps you all still hooked, and how many have played since the good ol' RSC?
  2. going to dagganoth kings after a dry streak of 20 runs and getting a seercull, 2 zerker rings, and a dragon axe in the first 10 minutes.....then having a group of 126's run in and kill us playing RS for years and then noticing WoW is so much better
  3. went into wild when i was like 110 (had lame stats at the time) i lagged, guy bashes a double 34 and a 28 and i lost: whip full ahrims dharok plate + leg fury warrior ring runes barrows gloves 'couse met the dude later on, and he teled on me after i owned him :roll:
  4. You cant have them after the event, and anyway, it would just look i had a swollen glove :P infact, you can...you drop the balls and pickup after reward and...
  5. you can keep the cw armor, but the basilisk head will go away and you'll need to get a new one
  6. -when people come up to me and ask questions like "how much is ____?" or "how do you get ____?" so annoying how people think high levels know every aspect of the game, when i've been gone for months and really dont know much -if im on a pure, and people ask to DM, then ALWAYS try to run or teleport -after i make a post on forums, buying something i need fast, so i pay 50k or so more, and i end up getting PMs for the next 3 days of people trying to sell me it (once i posted i was buying a red boater, and got people asking to sell me a boater of all diffrent colors for 5 days and eventually i just turned chat to friends -when people steal my spot, and then comment on how im really old (like 80 :roll: ) and then state how they can own me, when they're 40 levels lower -when people call me "****an"
  7. i became a member shortly after i started RS (back in RSC) so there wasnt much diffrent to the bit i was already used to :P
  8. lol, never thought of that...i've always used it to ignore people...sadly its filled up 3 times :shock: so i doubt this would work well for me
  9. best i found was a little red blob in the duel area..no wait that was a santa :P \
  10. Personally, i like going with 1 of my friends and slashing Supreme down, ranging Prime down with my friend, then focusing on Rex the rest of the time.Only downside is i get hit a little more as theres only 2 of us to split spin damage. But its 50-50 drop, and can still stay there for quite a while.
  11. a nice drop from Rex, some dragon off Irons/Steels a kind player
  12. *sigh* oh how i wish deleting all the accounts would help, or anything...but before in classic RS was so much better, now I look at it and find myself wondering if it will ever be the same. Alas i know you can't change it back. They have put of summoning for awhile, but its not on my list of what i want, not untill i find that spark that got me interested in Rs in the first place. i think they should take a few months off from all this small updates and stuff, and focus on one, huge enhancement - kinda like the change from RS to the RS we (mostly) all use now. JAGeX can never make RS the same as it used to be, or even close, when they make all these small quests, that are fun for maybe 30 minutes or so.
  13. tech. its the best deal i DIDNT do, but i had a chance to sell a mages book (bought 3.8M when it came out) and had a dude willing to pay 5.5M and fury, as me and my friend were selling them 10M, yet i passed it up as fury was a hard-to-sell at the time, and ended up selling for 3.3M also nearly the 60M? (maybe more like 50M or so) of loans i've given out (of course i'm always too nice :wall: )
  14. rarest non-rare items are anger weapons (cant take those out though :x) else if not counting quest items...i'd say imp champion scroll
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