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  1. lilray88

    where is RSC??

    I haven't played in quite a while, and I could not find anywhere on the web to play RSC. What happened to it?!
  2. if I see someone as same lvl as me and there some1 else which is 10 lower lvls than me, yeah I'd pick on the lower one since it'd be much easier. reason: I want the loot, forget all that so called made up honor, rules, or respect, I want the loot.
  3. chivalry or whatever the hell it's called where u can ride on a creature.
  4. i KNOW there were no skill capes, what i'm saying is that IF there were skill capes, rate of people having it would be real low.
  5. Wrong about the 6 months, I didnt log in for 8 and I still could log in now.or.....maybe i got lucky cause i did log in before the 8 months and stopped for a while.
  6. exactly..and the rate of people having fletching, cooking, woodcutting, and fishing capes would be umm real real low. and remember this, you can't run so training cb is way harder.
  7. well i think that having revs or other monsters once in a while randomly raiding towns or cities would be fun. of course, it would endanger a lot of people and their items, but u have enough time to get it back.
  8. The reason for the gs being harder to buy now is because not many people can solo the gods...which makes the drops more rare, and lootshare= useless.Teams don't really bother them anymore because of it. Before the trade limit update...you would see quite a few teams hunting and you'd be able to buy the swords easier.
  9. ....happy reporters ftl?. in my opinion- reporting=snitching...this is a game, and they do this..what about in reality? Must got big mouths.. -I Agree With Me
  10. try dance with the kq, it wont care and still shoots u. and talking about dancing...i find that it's funny when u click for example, "talk to banker", from afar away, you'll do the moonwalk or the step-slide to get there. and don't forget the follow..lots of groovy moves u can do.
  11. lilray88


    then people can see what original pure is..no such thing as rune pure. and see real ownage of 3 hitters or a lvl 40+ 3 hitting 70s+,and also see how hard work getting skills up is-the rate of people having skill capes would be real low-even fletching, cooking, woodcutting.
  12. maybe try playing the game normally..like using magic that is supposed to be used in combat, tele when needed, alching when needed instead of clickings and standing in one spot getting to 99 mage. i know ppl wanna flame but thats old skool rs.
  13. I carry globe evrywhere cause where I go someones out there pelting people :ohnoes: ..
  14. LOL =D> =D> =D> Good one..u had me trippin :thumbsup:
  15. Shouldn't you be able to run a lil faster if you have higher agility? Or more energy percentage? I know your energy recharges faster and lasts longer if you have higher agility...and another idea is you should be able to sit, and when you do, your energy recharges a lil more faster, so does your health.
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