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    A few question

    Cheers for the reply guys Edit: got normad on 2nd try. died first time due to using all my brews so i bought 4:1 brews to super restores and let my kyatt do most of the damage on the last phase while using my spare brews to heal.
  2. Over the last half a year Ive put all of my money into 75 con, 75 prayer and 84 herb (waiting for cash for 85) and I havent spent much time above ground and even less time making money. /excuses for not having any money. Few random questions now. 1) During busy times is there an alternative to frost dragons? I normally just skill/dg during those times. 2) Just checked up and it will cost me just over 150million using D.Bones or 195mill with frost dragon bones for turmoil. Is it worth spending ~100 hours at frosts and buying D.bones or straight up burying the frost bones? 3) I have a crapier, rigour, arcane steam, scroll of life and Scroll of cleansing. I'm planning on upgrading my zerker ring from t9 to t10 next (worth it before 100dg?). Any other rewards I should be aiming for? I don't boss or anything like that. 4) Going to try and defeat normad tonight. Would bringing a full tort of food/brews dismissing and summoning a kyatt work? Also melee or range? 5) If I am successful fire cape or soul wars cape for slayer tasks?
  3. T10 mage, T3 warrior, T10 warrior and T1 warrior Thanks Dgs
  4. A death is -12%? dont worry too much about dying once or twice, much better to die than spending time begging for food/altar. Also not being too worried about dying means you don't wait for other people to enter the gd. I say I average just over a death a floor
  5. If you don't own a shadow silk hood, you'll take much, much more damage during dungeons - especially from non-mage creatures. This results in defense being important. Its the 3rd bind that is expected to be offensive.
  6. Why were you told to sod off? if you were asking for large floors below floor 30 its understandable. You should still be able to do f30-34 with dgs.
  7. The sun burns my eyes. OT: I manage to log into the lobby and cant do anything from there.
  8. First off i would sell the dharoks, should get you another 6.8mill if sold at mid. Then buy 1,263 (7,373,394gp)dragon bones to add to the 236 d bones you already have. This should get you exactly 70 prayer for pity. This should leave you with 14.4mill. Invest it into summ and herb. If your going for herb try and train your dung up to 60ish for a Scroll of cleansing (20k tokens iirc). it will save you millions on the way to overloads When your slaying remember to pick up every charm as 68 summ for a bunny. Means that i dont have to use food on most the easier slayer tasks
  9. Kinda related to herb. make sure you have a scroll of efficiency. as the 10% extras really add up over time. Edit: scroll of cleansing
  10. it doesn't work as you can drop without losing any time. so you are effectively constantly fishing.
  11. And there was me thinking you had stopped trolling the Tif boards. Back OT: Im guessing it will be some pun again. Although A fake sailing skill would be fun.
  12. With regards to the ranked players sticking together. I don't blame them seeing as they can finish dungeons quicker and therefore get more xp. I believe that its a privilege not a given right to have someone ranked keying for you.
  13. He is going for 200m xp in all skills I believe so he has to get to it at some point. Didn't he mention earlier in the thread that he didn't care about getting 200mill in all skills(apart from att to cooking/fetching on the Hi scores), just trying to get 30/40 mill in all skills?
  14. Thanks Guys Got 84 dung and my crapier today. I started out just wanting a chaotic but now i think I'm hooked. Edit: 100 posts in 4 1/2 years of lurking :)
  15. Wonder what the stats on the Veteran cape will be. seeing as i would be able to wield it and i have no impressive stats and haven't completed many quests.
  16. U can get to the advansies before the entrance. they are lower levels but full of people. I'd still recommend 70 range for the full black D'hide. When I went I wore: Helmet: Armadyl Helm Amulet: Range ammulet Legs/skirt: Saradomin Chaps Body: Zamorok Body Shield: obby shield/granite shield/Prayer Book if praying range and or eagle eye Boot: dragon boots gloves/vambs: Black d'hide Cape slot : Ava's accumulator Bolts: Broad bolts Try getting 70 range at yaks with knives or something. With regards to the B2P tabs. At 80 def a bunny and ee keeped me at full health. And make sure you use range pots.
  17. Because there were about 3-4 gd's the entire dung. so the rest of had nothing to do
  18. TDC

    rum deal

    In the n.w part of the room. on the east side of the machine (cant remember whats it called)
  19. TDC


    If your worried about your energy levels. when there below 15% withdraw an energy pot. You can drink while running so you dont lose any time just 1 invent space. When i Used ZIM for 50-60 rc i was using a pot every 5-6 runs. Edit: Make sure you have a full bank before you start using the altar
  20. :shock: that looks shopped, I can tell by the pixels
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