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  1. Best song ever. To add a few: Anaal Nathrakh - Between P*** and S*** We Are Born Carcass: Corporal Jigsore Quandary Napalm Death: You Suffer lol (anyone who knows this song will know why I'm laughing) Between The Buried and Me: Colors (whole album) Mayhem: Pagan Fears My Dying Bride: Wreckage Of My Flesh Rotting Christ: Keras Kivernitos Cradle Of Filth: The Principal Of Evil Made Flesh to name but a few
  2. I make excellent profit without barrows items at 46 prayer, 56 mage (using slayer dart), 71 att, 74 str, 62 def and 50 range. I make my own pots which saves about 500 gp per potion.
  3. GE. I bought 1k cabbages in like 5 secs! (Who in their right mind would pick cabbages for ages, only to sell 1gp each...)
  4. I noticed yesterday whilst buying equipment back from when i died - full rune is 140k, dds is 25k, d skirt is 190k, ahrims staff is 50k (which might not be unusual, I'm completely ignorant of barrows prices), and rune boots are 40k! Has anyone else noticed anything that has gone massively down?
  5. I've got a feeling Contact! requires 85 combat.... just where you said something like you can do it at 80 combat...
  6. Good luck mate, It's a shame nobody has post on this yet, but your goals are just as hard as everybody else's (especially the 99 in everything 1 :) :D
  7. kill jellies... they drop a LOT of rune helms and level 3 clues
  8. Cave crawlers are good for herbs - i just got 7 ranarrs off a task of 146 and a ton of other herbs
  9. I've got a better way of doing it - I get 55 slayer (quite easy) and I've only got 53 mage and 40 range, but i only use about 10 doses each trip (and that's because I pray in the tunnel)
  10. my wooden shield from tutorial island
  11. i don't really make money... it just happens... but i don't spend or stake so it doesn't matter :) :) :) :)
  12. items that belong to me are more useful than anyone else's :twisted:
  13. 1115 total, 4607104 exp. THAT BETTER FOR YA!!!!????
  14. Try reading the DIY guide on the official forums and doing stuff like on there. I don't get fast exp, but I win cos I have more fun. :thumbsup:
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