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  1. I can see you've come up a long way. Hope to hear more from you! :thumbsup:
  2. [yt]m44z-223UYE[/yt] Ja må du leva ja må du leva ja må du leva uti hundrade år Javisst ska du leva javisst ska du leva javisst ska du leva uti hundrade år! Happy Birthday, friend!
  3. It's "Vive la resistance!". Watch House M.D. and you'll understand.
  4. So it means that, for example, on July 20, the 5DA price is the average for all the prices between 15 and 20 of july?
  5. There's something I've never understood. What are the differences between the different Daily Average lines?
  6. I'm walking in the road between Barb Village and Falador: Guy: Hey Guy: Stop Me: Yes? Guy: I buy ur hood 1k (I was wearing the Grim Reaper hood and monk robes, I was bored : ) Me: Even if I wanted to sell it I couldn't do it Me: It's non tradeable Guy: Tak me Me: Eh? Me: Take you where? Guy: To get the hood Me: You can't get one of these anymore Guy: Yes u can Me: It's discontinued Guy: 2k Me: I said i can't sell it Guy: Yes u can 3k Me: I can't sell it!!!! Me: Even if you offered 100 million gp I couldn't sell it!!!! After that the guy runs away.... How many times do you have to explain someone that you can't sell a holiday item?
  7. Good luck, that IS a hard goal. Add me if you want to chat :D
  8. Nice story, although I don't see it's moral.
  9. Here lies Agszza. Matter of fact you should be here, but...
  10. And now goodbye to TET Christmas Drop Party :boohoo: Unless they do it in the al-kharid palace like last year
  11. Basement of Varrock West Bank: 3 coins Kitchen in the Blue Moon Inn: A pot
  12. Careful man is worth twice... you did well, I would have done the same.
  13. I wish I was a friend of Zezima :twisted:
  14. It's a shame that someone from Argentina like me leaves. I hope your break gets you in a good mood. Add me if you want a little spanish chat \ Nos vemos, portẻ̮̱̉o!
  15. I am shocked. My best friend became a member. This is obviously a big step for you, being able to access more quests, minigames, and having your own house, which I'm sad to say I'll never be able to enter :cry: But, don't worry, because there will always be a little time for your friends (thats what those monthly $5 can't pay :wink: ). Now go, go past that gate leading to Taverly, and explore that gigantic world that's waiting for you! You friend, Austin
  16. "try to find out how to level defence"
  17. In my opinion, there is, if not, no difference in the way of having success in RS and in RL. The keys are: patience, determination, discipline, good-education and behaviour and lots of luck.
  18. Melee: Rune Scimitar Range: Maple Longbow Magic: Earth staff
  19. I had 13 years when I met RS, and I thought it was a login name and that you chose your name later, so...
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