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  1. thinking about the new spell -hes "frozen" and you unfreeze him and get a new spell.... please tell me this is my mind, and jagex hasnt lisened to all those ranting noobs (i know you know what i know what you know i mean- your read those nooby rants bout their deaths to ice spells)and ist bringing out an "un-freeze" spell *screams, runs around. there coming, the noobs are coming* :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes:
  2. [x] Became a Member Quests [x] Barrows Gloves [x] Ancient Spells Unlocked [x] Lunar Spells unlocked [ ] Been inside the Death Altar before [x] 100+ Tears in Tears of Guthix [ ] All Quests Completed Champion Challenges [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [imp] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Goblins] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [skeletons] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Zombies] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Giants] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Hobgoblins] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Ghouls] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Earth Warriors] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Jogres] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Demons] [ ] Defeated The Champion of Champions Mini-Games [ ] Pharoahs Sceptre from Pyramid Plunder [x] Guthan Spear from Barrows Minigame [ ] Phasmatys Flag from Trouble Brewing [ ] Fight Caves Completed [ ] 4000 Chompy kills [ ] Finished the Rogues Den Maze [ ] Any Void Knight Piece of Clothing/Guthix Mace [ ] Gold Castle Wars Armor Piece [ ] Robin Hood Hat from Treasure Trails [ ] Manta Ray from Trawler [ ] Sea Turtle from Trawler [ ] Maximum Mage Training Arena Points [Orangish Hat] [x] Completed Stronghold of Security [x] Won a game of Fight Pits with 20+ people [ ] Bones to Peaches Unlocked [x] Completed Mage Arena with at least one god spell Guilds [x] Mining Guild Access [x] Legends Guild Access [x] Fishing Guild Access [x] Champions Guild Access [x] Warriors Guild Access [x] Heroes Guild Access [x] Rangers Guild Access [x] Magic Guild Access [x] Cooking Guild Access [x] Crafting Guild Access [x] Prayer Guild Access [x] Rune Defender [ ] Perfect Score in Rangers Guild Minigame Monster Drops [x] Dragon Chain from Kalphite Queen/Dust Devils [ ] D2H from Chaos Elemental [ ] Dragon Axe from Dagganoth Kings [ ] Warrior Ring from Dagganoth Rex [ ] Beserker Ring from Dagganoth Rex [ ] Mud staff from Dagganoth Prime [ ] Seers Ring from Dagganoth Prime [ ] Seercull from Dagganoth Supreme [ ] Archers Ring from Dagganoth Supreme [ ] Dragon Shield Left Half Drop [ ] Abyssal Whip Drop from Abyssal Demons [x] Dragon Legs/Skirt from Metal Dragons Games Room [ ] 1500+ Rating in Runelink [ ] 1500+ Rating in Draughts [ ] 1500+ Rating in Runeversi [ ] 1500+ Rating in Runesquares Player-Owned Houses [ ] Sat on a demonic throne [ ] Got trapped in a Greater Magic Cage [ ] Used a Scrying Pool [ ] Mounted Fish from fishing [x] Mounted Head from any monster Moderators [x] Seen a Jagex Mod [x] Became A Player Moderator [ ] Been muted by a player mod Random Events [ ] Full Mime [ ] Full Camo [x] Full Zombie [ ] Full Lederhosen [x] Spirit Seed [x] Any Bird Egg Skill Related [ ] Top 10k in every skill [ ] 100+ Combat [ ] 126 Combat [ ] 200m xp in a skill [ ] 99 in one skill Seasonal Items, Retired or not [ ] Own/Owned a Party Hat [ ] Own a Scythe [ ] Own a Rubber Chicken [ ] Own a Yo-yo Miscellanious [x] Unlocked Dragonstone Chest in Taverly [ ] 180k Crystal Bows [ ] Burned a Fiyr Shade [ ] Obtained a Wiley/Lazy Cat [x] Finished the Lava Maze [ ] White Knight Master [1600 kills] [ ] Obtained Skull Sceptre [ ] Own a pair of bunny ears [x] Every Monkey Greegree [ ] 2.1B cash [ ] Own all three completed prayer books [x] All Musics Unlocked [ ] All Emotes Unlocked
  3. is it possible to do the event if u didnt bring a knife, can u get one at the event?
  4. first trip to barrows only junk :( (warspear)
  5. why german, dutch and french are far more popular on RS
  6. either- -zammy mjoilnor for gmaul -sara mjoilnor for black boater and ddp -rune full helm for glory(4) and ROW i like rich noobs :D
  7. i found-2140 results 1)my stats like 4x over 2)a runehead profile that says im lvl89 and a girl :ohnoes: (im 94 and male) 3)a ad for a helecopter toy 4)a brail book! :?: 5)a rocket newslater. looks cool lol 6)weird romeance story :oops: 7)runescape forams 8)something that sounds like shes a housewife come murderer/selfharmer :anxious: 9)hacking board :-w 10)car parts (2 pages and i got board -.- ) pictures 1)a pic of the moon................ groups errrrr-kill the world, the US army did 9/11, Osma is a god, bad taste batman............................( :uhh: help! :uhh: )
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