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  1. Tigra, Sony hasn't lost yet. They've been in this situation before with the Playstation 2. What happened then? Refresh my memory please. Ok... There might not be good games out yet because its a fairly new system. All the good games are due out later this year in Q4 and late summer.
  2. Either Grandma's Boy or Happy Gilmore.
  3. From what I'm reading now and user opinions, I might have to take a try at this one.
  4. Augsback

    Norma Jean

    "Organized Beyond Recognition" would probably be my favorite. There a good band with a unique name which is always interesting.
  5. You can do the same thing on the PS3.
  6. I really liked it. It was something different which I enjoyed a lot.
  7. I do. Never had the problem. You gotta give us more information here. Check out your rating. The higher the better. Computer > System Properties (Tab on top) or Control Panel > System
  8. Hasn't been confirmed yet.
  9. Augsback

    Arch Enemy!

    Yes. Anthems of Rebellion is my favorite CD by them.
  10. Only comes with HDMI 1.2. (No DD+, TrueHD, and only PCM output of 2 Channels rather then 5.1) No built in HD-DVD. Ehh nothing special here. As Mercifull put it, you buying it for the HDD really.
  11. The original Halo should be on the list. Not as an runner up.
  12. Ehh, not really. Maybe three times a week. I prefer reading then posting though.
  13. Entourage because it doesn't have commercials.
  14. March 20th - Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The
  15. I beat the game first then I use cheats.
  16. I agree, I tried getting that point across and got one huge flame war.
  17. This is the year of sequels.
  18. Overclocking 'your computer' is not something that would affect this. Only overclocking the graphics card. My bad, I should have said GPU or graphic card instead.
  19. Have you recently overclocked your computer?
  20. Augsback


    Janssen got suspended for three games thats why he wasn't on the ice. How about Brodeur getting his 40th win for the 6th time. No goalie comes close.
  21. Mario Kart 64. Free for all with 4 players was a blast! There's also Halo 1 Online. Where as my team went 37-1 on BG CTF. Tons of fun there.
  22. Looks pretty cool. Just give the PS3 time, thats all it needs.
  23. Hmm, kinda anxious to hear it.
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