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  1. I can give one if you want :)
  2. This is pretty awesome, shows a lot of dedication. 8/10 for those stats and items, keep going!
  3. I smoke weed, a lot more than people think I do. I also got a 2370 on the SAT I's, but I didn't tell anyone other than my parents due to people not believing me. I also got into UC Berkeley but I said I didn't to keep others from hating on me, etc.
  4. l33thunt3r

    "kid, gtfo"

    The WoW community was decent, casual players were generally nice. However, the PvP community was brutal. I got so much [cabbage] for queue dodging, running Lock/Druid, it wasn't even funny. (Still got glad S2-4 :D) If you stick with the raiding scene, you should be fine in terms of interaction.
  5. Pretty sure 1/2 only apply to Raids, and you lost. Um, no. Rules 1 and 2 apply to anytime you speak of that place. I suggest you go look up the Rules of the Internet. And you also need to learn how to play the game, you also lost -.-. I know the Rules, and they apply to raids, honestly. You also lost the game. New[bleep] tbfh >.< [bleep]ing new[bleep].
  6. He didn't die of natural causes, he died of injuries sustained after falling off the roof pretending to be Santa, undoubtedly under the influence somehow. And the kicker is, he's supposed to be "straight edge". Hopefully they can stop making crappy mallcore music and pursue other careers.
  7. l33thunt3r

    No updates?

    This is like expecting every store to be open on Christmas Day, etc. Use your logic.
  8. The guy's having fun, at least adding input but saying something about submarines. On Topic: Seeing RuneScape with it's graphics the same caliber of DOOM (the original), big full-blown Mechs may not look so good. And how can an RPG be associated with Mechs? Leveling your chestplates?
  9. Gears Of War Halo 3 Bioshock GH3 Call Of Duty 4 Assassin's Creed
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