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    signed up to the gym. gunna start going tomorrow afternoon after work.
  2. Kinda sad that RS runs perfectly fine (minus network lag) on maxed settings, but the moment it goes into low-quality, the game essentially shits itself. Also, revenant walk animation casually sitting in-game and unreleased, mocking me. :<
  3. Maybe they'll clean up the White Knights models and the White weaponry to bring it in line with everything else. I can't see them doing anything Temple Knight related since they're not directly involved with the White Knight affairs.
  4. Tim


    Finally over this.... flu... thing I had. I'm signing up to the gym next week when I get paid and my friend from work is going to take me to help me figure out what I need to work on to lose weight. I've already cut out artificial sugar and cut down on natural sugars, as well as all junk food and I barely eat anything besides breakfast and a small dinner. I was going to sign up this week but I had to spend a bit on medicine.
  5. Tim


    I think I've got pneumonia. Ive been having breathing problems all afternoon/night. :\
  6. There's some weird men on dating/hookup sights, especially apps like Grindr. The crap I'd show here would make you facepalm with disappointment over humanity. Sadly the boards are PG15.
  7. $113 AU. Unlimited text and calls, 3.5GB of data. I use data more then anything else but there's no option for more data and less text/calls. Also Telstra, so .... goodbye affordability right there.
  8. " It's an elite skill, requiring level 80 in Divination, Smithing and Crafting just to start it off- -Due to these requirements we can ensure that everything is designed to be suited to and valued by high-level players." Why am I not surprised.
  9. Tim


    Psoriasis is a [bleep]. washed my hair 4 times just then, then re-conditioned it. The only 2 genetics dad gave me: young appearance and severe Psoriasis break-outs on the scalp.
  10. Could always say to text her. I'm the same as this girl you speak of; I HATE speaking on a phone, and usually I just contact peeps through Facebook or text.
  11. Wren't they planning on releasing a bunch of player-made cosmetics over last month and this month also? I remember them saying one for each combat triangle (corner) and we got melee last month. Have they ditched this at all? Also woo, double xp.
  12. Chapstick is your friend. Also movie dates? comooooon, that's so cliché. The only couple that go on dates to movies are teenagers and people wanting a root in public. (guilty of both)
  13. I just wear skinny jeans and singlet and I'll be guaranteed to end up in some guys bed. ....Though in saying that, the gay community here is so stupid and slutty, you'd be lucky to find an actual gay couple here who don't do open relationships.
  14. Probably the most unstable client they're using to be honest. :\
  15. Tim


    Had a health scare last night at bloody 2am, was stuck in hospital until 5am until one of the receptionist wenches said "It'll be another 2 hours as those people have priority", pointing to a baby with bogan-ass parents who were clearly on meth So I went home. gotta wait until Friday to see a GP and get checked. Otherwise; savings is amassing, bills paid, Ive got a big LAN at the uni this weekend so booze and games all weekend (and I'll probably be the token gay), saving to move into my own place hopefully before my 25th and I've started dieting better and I plan on joining up to the gym opposite work because I get 50% off.
  16. Tim


    swoon. Last few weeks: Friend tried to commit suicide, my mental health is fading fast living in this horrible asylum apartment, works been stressful due to understaffed + doing manager jobs because 2 of them are useless, I've started smoking again due to said stress, I'm broke because no one's buying my [bleep]ing car - thus preventing me from moving and on friday my barber basically mutilated my hair. Choice [bleep]ing past few weeks.
  17. Still waiting for another Rare Tokens TH event.
  18. What in the ever-loving hell am I even reading, going through these 6 pages...
  19. Tim


    Finally got off my butt and decided what I'm going to study. Im gunna do open foundation next year to get a rating and apply to study as a Secondary Teacher in Science and Technology.
  20. Tim


    Happy Scare-the-crap-out-of-your-pets Day Amiericans friends.
  21. I wish they'd stop slapping 3D textures onto 2D models, it just looks terrible. (Looking at you Pathfinder, Astromancer etc)
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