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  1. When the crystals turn red when stomp throws a little rock at you you'll get hit 240 unless you have protect from missiles then the damage is halved.
  2. How do you do the switch rooms? The first time I managed to complete it I just did all of them before they reset, the second time that wouldn't work, do I have to do them in a certain order too? o_O
  3. I'm f2p at the moment so I can't participate. Does anyone want to take a screenie of the interface? :)
  4. If jagex wanted you to be able to click lots with 1 click they would have allowed you to hold down click for lots of clicks..
  5. Why don't jagex host RS on facebook? Farmville gets 30m players and it looks [cabbage]house. >_>
  6. Friend got "Wilderness" which is pretty cool. All the ones I want are taken so I won't change. :'(
  7. It's unconstitutional, Bwahaha I just had to say that. :twss: Hahaha :thumbsup: On topic: splitting up the Constitution skill from your actual Life Points has opened up a door for many future updates, like the Constitution boosting armor/potions already mentioned. New Slayer updates - awesome, though I doubt anyone will be using the option to have Kuradal assign Aquanites, lol. I like the update, but why couldn't they have added "HP boosting armour/potions" with the old HP system? :-?
  8. I'm not against this HP update but why couldn't they have just added some HP boosting armour how it was? :S
  9. I lol @ the 1000 days. Serves them right. Every single one of them. :D edit: correct amount of days >_>
  10. [X] Full Lumberjack [ ] 4000 Chompy Hat 840/4000 [ ] All of the Champion's Challenge 12/15 [X] Black Knight KC [X] All God Spells [X] Adze [X] All Songs [X] Full Kudos [X] Full Rogue Clothing [X] All Slayer Points Learning [X] Wizard Burial [X] Goblin Burial [X] Rogue Trader [ ] Fire Cape [ ] Unlock Bones to Peaches [X] Tarn's Lair [X] Vampyre Killcount [X] Scabarite Notebook [X] Barbarian Notebook [X] All God Books completed [X] Return the Unfinished Astral Rune [X] All Circus Rewards [X] Earned Rune Defender [X] Earned Ghostly Robes [X] Earned Shadow Sword [X] Piety Unlocked [X] Abyss Unlocked [X] All Balloon Routes Unlocked [X] Complete Barcrawl [X] Unlock Mogres [X] Defeat Bork [ ] Unlock all Eagle Routes [ ] All Slayer Trophies [ ] KBD Heads [ ] KQ Head [X] War Cheif Rank in Mobilising Armies [X] Full Void Ranger, Melee, and Mage [X] Void Mace [X] A full set of Naval Regalia [X] A full set of Runecrafting Robes [X] Earned full Agile Got a few to go :P
  11. In my opinion they'll crash for a few days then stay stable for a while.
  12. I'm not sure if you're still making this guide but I've got the best (imo) place to fight the vyrewatch http://i50.tinypic.com/ir7192.jpg Red dots = 110 Blue = 130 Pink = 120 130 can be trapped behind some bushes so it doesn't attack and 120 can be trapped behind trees so you only fight the easy level 110 (140's hit a tonne on me :P)
  13. Doing Pyramid plunder with holy symbol+prayer book, no need to run to alter every so often to recharge prayer? :P
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