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  1. banned for not using a smilie, because... a smilie a day keeps the Dr. Jekel away!
  2. depends on the mile per gallon WDYHM... people that make your food at a fast food place that just touched several coins with thier glove things!!!! or.. umm the cheese on pass the cheese
  3. i play them a song :boohoo: :boohoo: they clap! =D> =D> and cheer! \ :thumbsup: =D> and then I steal the cheese (which looks like this :idea: ) and I eat it and jump off a cliff! then a bear eats me and he jumps off a cliff! then a balrog eats the bear and the balrog goes surfing in hawaii!! then he falls and sinks to the bottom of the ocean, where he dies!!! and a band of pirannas eat the balrog,... 1,000,000 pirannas! the cheese has been through 1,000,003 digestive systems!!! where is it now?? but first..... how did the grilled cheese become real cheese again!?!? is this like, the last piece of cheese on earth? is it made out of gold? why does everyone want this debris ridden, half eaten, 1,000,003 times digested piece of cheese!! dude, i sneezed on it!!! the cheese carries the bubonic plague!! 245050 pirannas die, all over the oceadn, i dont see how you will ever get the cheese back. just say goodbye, and go in search of something actually nutritious, like the cookie jar or something! lastly, yoda is a bird, I dont care what you say ooh ooh!! and lastly of the lastly part of my dumb long post is that THEBLAZIKENMASTER is a kitty! and cats eat mice!! and mice eat cheese!!! HE MIGHT HAVE EATEN SOME OF THE CHEESE! EAT HIM!
  4. gaah! flat!!!! (but when the ice melts, it is just plain disgusting) WDYHM? gluesticks or off brand crayons?
  5. i dont know what scat is, but it sounds gross so probably my hat cuz I can take it off faster. WDYHM? liars? :^o or tattlers :shame: BTW... I can't believe this thread got this far, I expected 3 or 4 posts lol
  6. level: -2 hp: 3 race: kattycat likes: abc tunafish during the day, i found an abyssal whip! I died.... and... Yoda is not a bird!
  7. i blow up the moon and the chese lands in a river, I dont want soggy cheese!!!! who wants soggy cheese!?!?? If you want it.. take it!!? Why does everybody want this cheese in the first place??!?! It's not even sharp cheddar!!!!!You know what? I am going to blow dry this thing and make grilled cheese to end this insanity!!! You should thank me!! Now I have the grilled cheese!!!!!!! Take it from me!!!!(I take a bite) Status of the grilled cheese: 1 bite taken, 23 bites left
  8. granted, but it goes back to how it originated, old men trying to be cool and pullling a muscle every time they do the wave (okay maybe i dont know what I am talking about)
  9. because thats the way saradomin made you
  10. well my daddy is first place in http://thisgame!! And if that link didnt work, then i bet someones daddy is able to tell me how to do it!
  11. dude I have seen that helmet of yours about a thousand times... 1.5/10 it gets boring after a while! The only reason I am not giving it a 0 is that I dont even have one!
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